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  • Sullivan & Cromwell $25.5 million legal malpractice settlement awarded to Ventas Inc. (Nov-5-05)
  • Dow, DuPont Dow Elastomers, and E.I. du Pont Nemours $2.9 million class action settlement for conspiring to fix prices of Neoprene. (Nov-3-05)
  • Mike Zafirovski $11.5 million settlement for separation pay repaid to Motorola. (Nov-2-05)
  • Telsim Mobil $500 million settlement awarded to Motorola who alleged fraud against the Turkish cellular phone operator. (Nov-1-05)
  • FedEx Freight East $500,000 racial discrimination settlement awarded to African American's who were allegedly denied promotions. (Nov-1-05)
  • Boston Market Corp. $150,000 gender harassment settlement awarded to a former employee with learning disabilities. (Nov-1-05)
  • Microsoft Corp. $761 million antitrust settlement awarded to RealNetworks after Microsoft bundled Windows Media Player within the Windows operating system. (Oct-29-05)
  • State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company $40 million settlement awarded to tens of thousands of car owners who purchased vehicles the company should have designated a 'total loss'. (Oct-29-05)
  • Morris Medical Center, Morris Hospital, and Dr. John Roth $5 million medical malpractice settlement after a baby was born with severe asphyxia and later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. (Oct-28-05)
  • City of Walnut Creek $1.1 million settlement awarded to six former employees who alleged managerial harassment. (Oct-27-05)
  • Buscone Management $126,000 settlement for firing an employee after she disputed the calculations of her pension benefits. (Oct-27-05)
  • Intermix Media $750,000 in penalties for profits allegedly made through the distribution of spyware. (Oct-27-05)
  • Rochester City $900,000 personal injury settlement awarded to a man who was accidentally shot in the back by a police officer. (Oct-26-05)
  • Correctional Services Corp. Jury awarded a $40 million wrongful death verdict to a boy who died while serving time at the boot camp; the details of the final settlement were not released. (Oct-26-05)
  • West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources $850,000 settlement for negligently letting a mentally disabled mother take her five year old son home in the middle of winter with no heat that lead to his death by hypothermia. (Oct-25-05)
  • St. Paul City $115,000 personal injury settlement for the unlawful beating by two police officers on New Years Eve. (Oct-25-05)
  • Lucite International, Inc. $19.1 million to be spent on installing new pollution controls to eliminate environmental hazards after violating several provisions of the Clean Air Act. (Oct-24-05)
  • William Lyon Homes $1.5 million settlement awarded to homeowners after their poorly constructed homes leaked water and cracked concrete. (Oct-24-05)
  • Bloomington and Rosemount School Districts $682,000 age discrimination settlement awarded to retired teachers. (Oct-24-05)
  • Trinity Outdoor, Phoenix Structures and Services, and Sun Capital Partners $12 million wrongful death settlement awarded to the parents of two brothers who were killed on the job after a billboard fell on them. (Oct-23-05)
  • Serono $704 million settlement for the promotion of Serostim for a diagnosis that was not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (Oct-23-05)
  • Shell Oil Co. $10.75 million to be spent on installing new sensors and employee training improvements for environmental heath violations. (Oct-23-05)
  • Balfour Beatty Construction et al. $24.75 million whistleblower settlement for inflating claims on Amtrak projects and overcharging for the installation of an overhead system used to deliver electricity to locomotives. (Oct-22-05)
  • Gwinnett County Public Schools $175,000 settlement awarded to a bus driver after she was demoted for trying to recruit others into the United School Employees Association union. (Oct-22-05)
  • West Marine $400,000 settlement for using scanners that systematically overcharged customers. (Oct-22-05)
  • Exxon Mobil Corp. $589.4 million to be spent on community environmental projects and installing pollution reduction equipment for violations of the Clean Air Act. (Oct-20-05)
  • Advanced Energy $3 million and $4.2 million settlements awarded to MKS Instruments for patent infringement of gas generators. (Oct-20-05)
  • Tri-State Environmental $25,000 environmental fine for violating asbestos removal control laws. (Oct-20-05)
  • Oak Forest Hospital $35 million medical malpractice settlement for improperly inserting a breathing tube that left a mother with severe brain damage. (Oct-18-05)
  • Ford Motor Co. $30.4 million wrongful death settlement after the roof of an F-150 collapsed in a roll over auto accident. (Oct-18-05)
  • Sports Illustrated $20 million defamation of character filed by former Washington State football coach for false allegations published in the magazine. (Oct-18-05)
  • Methodist Healthcare $5 million settlement for undiagnosed hereditary heart condition that left a woman unable to speak. (Oct-18-05)
  • Lincoln County $252,000 paid to a former Social Service director for forced resignation and severance pay. (Oct-18-05)
  • Clackamas County $1.5 million settlement awarded to a police sergeant who was shot in the face while on duty. (Oct-17-05)
  • State of New Jersey $12.5 million settlement awarded to four boys who were being deprived of food from their adoptive parents. (Oct-17-05)
  • Provenco $622,000 settlement awarded to the Securities Commission for insider trading. (Oct-17-05)
  • Columbia Hotels Inc. $175,000 gender harassment settlement awarded to a former female employee. (Oct-17-05)
  • State of California $11 million settlement awarded to First Union Real Estate for a flood at Peachtree Mall. (Oct-17-05)
  • Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire $240 million settlement awarded to Ford Motor Co. for defective Firestone tires. (Oct-15-05)
  • Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. $300 million fine for price fixing conspiracy of dynamic random access memory. (Oct-15-05)
  • Spokane City and Sarah Wolverton $540,000 personal injury settlement awarded to a pedestrian hit while crossing a crosswalk. (Oct-14-05)
  • Wells Fargo $1 million settlement for unfair business practices arising out of overdraft protection program. (Oct-14-05)
  • Beverly Enterprises Inc. $1.5 million settlement for elder abuse and neglect at twelve Arkansas nursing homes. (Oct-12-05)
  • UnumProvident Corp. $8 million fine for misinterpreting job classification, improperly overruling doctors' opinions, and knowingly using incorrect insurance definitions to avoid paying benefits. (Oct-11-05)
  • Edward Rose & Associates et al. $1 million settlement and retrofit 49 apartment complexes for discriminating against persons with disabilities. (Oct-11-05)
  • City of Chicago $1.75 million settlement awarded for police harassment. (Oct-11-05)
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield $160 million insurance settlement awarded to physicians for lowered reimbursement rates. (Oct-11-05)
  • Paddock Publications Undisclosed settlement for using the wrong man's photo in the Chicago Daily Herald as a person arrested in a drug bust. (Oct-11-05)
  • American National $1.33 million insurance claim settlement awarded to a car accident victim. (Oct-6-05)
  • William Roddie £2 million divorce settlement and their £525,000 matrimonial home awarded to Angela Roddie. (Oct-6-05)
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