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  • New Line Cinema Undisclosed settlement for unpaid royalties awarded to the producer of "Lord of the Rings" (Sep-6-05)
  • HealthEssentials Solutions $1.85 million settlement for allegedly committing health care fraud against its own home health operations. (Sep-5-05)
  • Queensland Government $475,000 settlement awarded to the former chief magistrate Di Fingleton for wrongful imprisonment. (Sep-5-05)
  • Evanston-Skokie School District 65 $250,000 settlement awarded to a former teacher for violating her free speech rights. (Sep-5-05)
  • Eisenhower Medical Center $8 million settlement for fraudulently over billing Medicare during the 1990s and manipulating costs to gain greater reimbursement. (Sep-1-05)
  • Anheuser-Busch Cos. $120 million cash settlement awarded to the family of the late Roger Maris for breach of contract and defamation of character. (Sep-1-05)
  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment Undisclosed patent infringement settlement awarded to Namco America for using its Pac-Man video game sounds in a Lil' Flip song. (Sep-1-05)
  • Squaw Valley Ski Corp. $900,000 environmental settlement for allegedly polluting Squaw Creek during construction at the ski resort. (Aug-30-05)
  • Akashi City, Japan 88 million yen ($790,000USD) wrongful death settlement awarded to the family of a five year old girl who was buried in sand after a man made beach caved in beneath her. (Aug-30-05)
  • America Online Inc. $1.25 million in penalties and a promise to reform its customer services practices for continuing to bill customers after they cancelled their Internet service. (Aug-30-05)
  • KPMG $456 million fine paid to the federal government regarding the sale of questionable tax shelters from 1996 to 2002. (Aug-30-05)
  • Fast Payday Loans $5.6 million settlement in restitution and debt forgiveness awarded to Florida residents for forcing them to purchase travel club memberships in order to obtain title loans. (Aug-30-05)
  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority $45 million cash settlement awarded to Argonaut Insurance Co. for unpaid deductibles and expenses. (Aug-29-05)
  • McDonald's $8.5 million will be spent on educating the public about the fast food restaurant's use of Trans Fats and their association to cholesterol and heart disease. (Aug-29-05)
  • Safety Systems $2 million wrongful death settlement awarded to the family of a man killed in a car accident while working on the H-1 freeway. (Aug-29-05)
  • U.S. Navy and Hunt Building Co. $2 million wrongful death settlement awarded to the family of a five year old girl who drowned in a Navy housing complex retention pond. (Aug-29-05)
  • Schlegel Builders Inc. and Deck & Sons $1.55 million workers compensation settlement awarded to a construction soil inspector whose leg was severed in a bulldozer accident. (Aug-29-05)
  • University of Illinois $2.5 million settlement awarded to former chief of transplant surgery Dr. Raymond Pollak after he blew the whistle on improper diagnoses. (Aug-23-05)
  • Bancroft NeuroHealth $100,000 settlement for employee age and racial discrimination. (Aug-23-05)
  • Los Angeles Police Department Rejected an $18 million settlement bid made by the family of murdered rapper Notorious BIG. (Aug-23-05)
  • Versa Products and G&L Products $700,000 wrongful death settlement awarded to the widow of a man who fell from a Versaladder after it collapsed. (Aug-22-05)
  • Russell Crowe $10.8 million out of court settlement awarded to Mercer Hotel porter Nestor Estrada after a phone was thrown at his face. (Aug-22-05)
  • Reliant Energy Inc. $525 million settlement awarded to five California companies related to the energy crisis in 2000 - 2001. (Aug-22-05)
  • English Basketball £45,000 patent infringement settlement awarded to a freelance photographer for unauthorized use of his photo images. (Aug-22-05)
  • Marilynn Alsdorf $6.5 million given to the grandson of a Jewish woman whose Picasso painting was stolen by Nazis during World War II. (Aug-22-05)
  • Johannes Mare R100,000 personal injury settlement awarded to a man who was attacked by two Boerboel dogs. (Aug-22-05)
  • Merck & Co. $253.4 million verdict awarded to a widow whose husband died while taking the painkiller Vioxx. (Aug-19-05)
  • $40 million settlement awarded to Soverain Software for patent infringement. (Aug-18-05)
  • Clifton Inn Three confidential settlements awarded to two widowing husbands and an injured woman after the 2003 fire. (Aug-18-05)
  • Douglas County Jail $225,000 settlement awarded to an inmate for failing to provide medical attention for his appendicitis. (Aug-18-05)
  • Radio Station Hot 97 $240,000 settlement for producing and airing a slapping contest from April 2004 to January 2005. (Aug-18-05)
  • State Farm Insurance $20 million settlement for the wrongful termination of five insurance agents who criticized the company's treatment of policyholders. (Aug-15-05)
  • KB Home $2 million civil penalty for violating the terms of a 1979 consent order with the Federal Trade Commission. (Aug-15-05)
  • Dedham City $525,000 settlement awarded to P.J. Stella Construction Co. to cover excessive funds spent on building the new middle school. (Aug-15-05)
  • District of Columbia $1.1 million settlement for the wrongful imprisonment of a mentally impaired man. (Aug-12-05)
  • Chicago Botanic Garden $95,000 wrongful termination and disability discrimination settlement awarded to an employee with multiple sclerosis. (Aug-12-05)
  • HSBC Holdings $164 million pay package and a three year contract awarded to 23,000 United Kingdom clerical staff members. (Aug-12-05)
  • Waste Management Inc. $20 million settlement for accounting fraud. (Aug-12-05)
  • Harvard University $30 million settlement for illegally making money by helping Russia privatize hundreds of companies. (Aug-11-05)
  • Atlantic Richfield Co. et al. $100 million settlement to remove the Milltown dam and reservoir. (Aug-11-05)
  • San Joaquin General Hospital $325,000 medical malpractice settlement for allegedly neglecting a stab wound that lead to an arm amputation. (Aug-11-05)
  • State Farm Insurance $50,000 insurance settlement awarded to the family of a wrongfully killed pedestrian. (Aug-11-05)
  • Sunday Mirror Substantial settlement awarded to supermodel Kate Moss for defamation of character. (Aug-11-05)
  • Comprehensive Addiction Programs, Inc. $3.2 million verdict for negligence in repairing an electrical outlet that left a nurse with brain damage. (Aug-11-05)
  • Universal Engineering A former boiler repairman with mesothelioma has been awarded a $10 million settlement. (Aug-11-05)
  • Equitas Limited $33 million settlement awarded to Crane Co. to cover asbestos insurance claims. (Aug-9-05)
  • Mr. and Ms. Webb $2.85 million settlement awarded to the estate of Kentucky Central Life Insurance Co. (Aug-9-05)
  • Hertz $8,500 racial discrimination settlement awarded to an African American employee. (Aug-9-05)
  • Fort Lauderdale City $175,000 wrongful death settlement after a lady accidentally drove her Chevy off the fifth floor of the City Park Mall parking garage. (Aug-8-05)
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland $56 million in individual settlements awarded to 56 people who claimed priest abuse. (Aug-8-05)
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