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Consumer Advocate Blames both Manufacturer and FDA for Dragging their Heels

November 23, 2017. By Gordon Gibb.
Consumer Advocate Blames both Manufacturer and FDA for Dragging their Heels Washington, DC: Public Citizen is an internationally-recognized consumer advocacy group founded by perhaps the original consumer advocate, Ralph Nader. He’s the guy who railed over the safety of cars, and advocated for seat belts. And today, the organization he founded holds, amongst other things, the feet of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to the fire over safety and efficacy. Whenever an endoscope lawsuit, for example, appears on a court docket you have to know that Public Citizen is watching in the wings. They have even launched lawsuits themselves, taking both manufacturers and the federal regulator to task.
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Toddler Loses Leg and all her Fingers in Pressure Cooker Explosion

November 22, 2017. By Anne Wallace.
Toddler Loses Leg and all her Fingers in Pressure Cooker Explosion Miami, FL Two-year old Samantha Gonzalez was grievously burned in 2015, when her grandmother’s Tristar “As Seen on TV” pressure cooker malfunctioned. The damage will last as long as Samantha lives. Exploding pressure cooker injuries have been the source of many lawsuits. But this is not the kind of case that leads to a tidy legal resolution. Like life, it’s messy.
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Monsanto Still Fighting California’s Carcinogen Listing for Glyphosate in Roundup

November 21, 2017. By Gordon Gibb.
Monsanto Still Fighting California’s Carcinogen Listing for Glyphosate in Roundup Fresno, CA: The manufacturer of Monsanto Roundup is not taking any assertion, accurate or otherwise that Roundup causes cancer, lying down. To that end, Monsanto Co. has joined forces with other agricultural industry groups in a lawsuit aimed squarely at the State of California and the identification by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) that a key ingredient in Roundup is known to cause cancer.
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