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  • Colin Montgomerie 15 million pound divorce settlement awarded to the Scottish golfer's former wife. (Feb-2-06)
  • Birmingham City 330,000 pound settlement awarded to a teacher who was traumatized by an intruder. (Feb-2-06)
  • Shorenstein Co. et al. $75 million settlement after cleaning scaffolding blew off a building, fell 42 floors and killed four women. (Feb-1-06)
  • Albertsons and S & J Security $310,000 settlement awarded to four teenagers who were held for hours by security guards and forced to drink vodka. (Jan-31-06)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police $950,000 settlement awarded to a female RCMP constable who was harassed and fired after taking maternity leave. (Jan-30-06)
  • Dean Barton Scherer and Arnold Machinery $2 million wrongful death settlement awarded to a widow whose husband died in a car accident. (Jan-30-06)
  • NStar Gas Co. et al. $17.2 million settlement awarded to the parents whose two pre-school daughters were killed in a gas explosion. (Jan-30-06)
  • Newport Creative Communications $400,000 settlement for making misleading claims in direct-mail solicitations. (Jan-30-06)
  • Rivergate Farms, Teton West and Inline Steel Erectors Inc. $1.1 million settlement awarded to a refrigerator technician who fractured his skull after falling into an unmarked access hole. (Jan-30-06)
  • City of Chicago Proposed $9 million settlement to be awarded to an innocent man who spent 11 1/2 years in prison. (Jan-27-06)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. $4.2 million antitrust settlement awarded to Xechem. (Jan-26-06)
  • MediaTek $85 million patent infringement settlement awarded to Zoran. (Jan-26-06)
  • D.C. Government $12 million settlement for holding inmates in jail past their release date and subjecting inmates to unreasonable strip searches. (Jan-26-06)
  • French Meadow Bakery re-labeling 30,000 loaves of bread after mislabeling them as being wheat free. (Jan-26-06)
  • ChoicePoint Inc. $15 million settlement for failing to adequately protect consumers' personal information. (Jan-26-06)
  • Ameriquest Mortgage Co. $325 million settlement for devious mortgage leading practices. (Jan-24-06)
  • United States $20.5 million settlement awarded to Tronox to aid the cost of cleaning up its historical perchlorate operations. (Jan-24-06)
  • Financial Times $300,000 GBP libel settlement after publishing a broker's business methods. (Jan-24-06)
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation $500,000 settlement awarded to a whistleblower claiming consultants over billed the department in exchange for expensive sports outings. (Jan-24-06)
  • City of Los Angeles $1.1 million settlement awarded to the family of Notorious B.I.G. for intentionally withholding evidence. (Jan-23-06)
  • University of South Carolina $101,000 settlement awarded to a former athletic coordinator for breach of contract. (Jan-23-06)
  • The Sporting News $7.2 million settlement for promoting illegal Internet and telephone gambling in print, on its Web site and on its radio stations. (Jan-23-06)
  • Austrian Government $150 million in artwork will be returned to their rightful owner after Nazis stole five Klimt paintings during 1939 lootings. (Jan-23-06)
  • Pinellas County School District $1.2 million settlement after a third grader was dropped off on the wrong side of a busy street and killed while trying to cross it. (Jan-20-06)
  • City of Grandview $3 million personal injury settlement awarded to a teenager hit in a police chase. (Jan-19-06)
  • City of Newport $175,000 personal injury settlement awarded to a female police detective after she was attacked by the police captain. (Jan-19-06)
  • Marion County $950,000 settlement after police shot a man to death who had broken into his own apartment. (Jan-19-06)
  • CN Rail $18.6 million settlement for causing a wildfire that burned 116,000 hectares of forest. (Jan-17-06)
  • Kansas City $300,000 settlement after a water main broke causing icy conditions that led to a fatal car accident. (Jan-17-06)
  • BP Products North America Inc. $315,000 fine paid to the state of New Jersey for raising gas prices over the 2005 Labor Day long weekend. (Jan-17-06)
  • Nova Knits Inc. $500,000 settlement awarded to garment workers after being laid off without notice or severance pay. (Jan-17-06)
  • State of Iowa and Dr. William Campbell $480,000 settlement awarded to a female staff member who was attacked by a mentally retarded client. (Jan-16-06)
  • Village of Maywood $750,000 settlement awarded to an inmate who was beaten by his cell mate for 20 minutes without any help from jail guards. (Jan-16-06)
  • University of Connecticut $2.5 million settlement for mismanaging grants awarded to the school for research. (Jan-13-06)
  • Jamaican Government $4.75 million settlement for the controversial death of a taxi driver. (Jan-13-06)
  • Thomas Bucknum of Biogen Idec Inc. $3 million settlement for insider trading. (Jan-13-06)
  • Domtar $12.5 million antitrust fine for antitrust violations regarding carbonless paper. (Jan-10-06)
  • AIMCO $3 million settlement awarded to the city of San Francisco for building and health violations. (Jan-10-06)
  • SmarTire Systems Inc. $250,000 settlement plus 2 million shares awarded to Bristol. (Jan-10-06)
  • BearingPoint Inc. et al $15 million settlement for over billing government customers for travel expenses. (Jan-10-06)
  • Teledyne Continental Motors, Vibratech Inc., Stevens Aviation, and RAM Aircraft $26 million wrongful death settlement after a husband and wife were killed in a plane crash when their Cessna's engine failed. (Jan-10-06)
  • Creek County $100,000 personal injury settlement awarded to an African American inmate who was negligently placed in a cell with several white inmates who proceeded to brutally beat him. (Jan-10-06)
  • Louisa County School Board Undisclosed settlement after a school bus driver fell asleep while driving and caused a fatal accident. (Jan-10-06)
  • City of Miami Beach $1.5 million settlement after a police SUV drove over two sun tanners and killed one of them. (Jan-9-06)
  • ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. $41 million settlement for falsifying thousands of loan documents. (Jan-9-06)
  • Will-Work, Inc. $260,000 settlement awarded to 34 employees for failure to make contributions to the employees' pension, health, and annuity funds. (Jan-9-06)
  • Global Medical Systems and its Dr. Jarris $750,000 wrongful death settlement awarded to a widow whose husband died aboard a fishing vessel from treatable diabetes complications. (Jan-9-06)
  • Exel Inc. $145,000 racial discrimination settlement awarded to a former employee. (Jan-4-06)
  • City of Oakland $210,000 personal injury settlement awarded to a protester who was hit in the face with a bag of lead. (Jan-4-06)
  • Mount Sinai Fire District $150,000 wrongful death settlement awarded to the family of a volunteer firefighter. (Jan-4-06)
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