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  • Ohio State $662,000 wrongful conviction settlement awarded to a man who spent five years in prison for allegedly raping a fellow university student in her dorm room. (Oct-6-05)
  • Mercy Hospital $11 million medical malpractice and wrongful death settlement awarded to the parents of a four year old boy. (Oct-5-05)
  • Global Horizons $230,000 settlement for unfair immigrant worker treatment in the state of Washington. (Oct-5-05)
  • NHL Players Association $70,000 forced retirement settlement awarded to former hockey player Rod Ray. (Oct-5-05)
  • University of California, San Francisco $92,500 fine for over 60 violations of the Animal Welfare Act. (Oct-4-05)
  • Carmike Cinemas Inc. $765,000 settlement for harassing ten teenage male employees. (Oct-4-05)
  • Somerset County Social Services $50,000 settlement awarded to the father of a two year old girl who was fatally abused by her mother and current boyfriend. (Oct-4-05)
  • Big O Tire $10 million settlement for negligence in repairing a tire that became loose on the freeway and caused an accident. (Oct-2-05)
  • Curtis Parrish $13.5 million personal injury settlement awarded to a young girl who was struck by a van while walking home and left with permanent brain injuries. (Oct-2-05)
  • Arkansas School Board Association $2.3 million insurance settlement paid out to Hope High School to rebuild classrooms and a media center that were destroyed by an arsonist. (Oct-2-05)
  • Edgewater Police Department $100,000 settlement awarded to a women who was strip searched and subsequently charged with drug possession. (Oct-2-05)
  • Chi-Chi's Restaurant $6.25 million settlement awarded to a man to needed a liver transplant after contracting hepatitis A from the restaurant. (Sep-30-05)
  • Prison Health Services $350,000 settlement awarded to the family of an inmate who overdosed on antidepressant medication. (Sep-29-05)
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson $22.3 million settlement pool set up for five Catholic priest abuse victims. (Sep-29-05)
  • Sourcecorp Inc. $30 million settlement from former owners to current owners regarding an internal investigation and financial restatement. (Sep-29-05)
  • Leslie Reynolds & Co Ltd. €9.5 million tax fraud settlement for under declaring income tax from engineering component distribution. (Sep-29-05)
  • Medical Transportation Management Inc. $2.4 million settlement for violating antitrust laws and Medicaid fraud. (Sep-29-05)
  • Monterey County, California $80,000 gender discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit settled. (Sep-27-05)
  • City of East St. Louis $100,000 sexual harassment settlement against East St. Louis police officers. (Sep-27-05)
  • Motiva Enterprises LLC $23 million settlement which involved environmental and civil penalties. (Sep-27-05)
  • Pacific Mortgage Exchange, Inc. $50,000 intellectual property lawsuit won for copyright infringement and breach of contract. (Sep-27-05)
  • San Joaquin County Juvenile Detention Center $146,000 settlement for employee sexual harassment case. (Sep-27-05)
  • San Joaquin General Hospital patient at a San Joaquin County hospital wins $50,000 medical malpractice lawsuit. (Sep-27-05)
  • Dr. Paul Hamburg $750,000 settlement against professor and doctor charged with sexual abuse toward patient. (Sep-27-05)
  • GlaxoSmithKline $150 million settlement regarding cancer drug antitrust. (Sep-21-05)
  • Chicago City $6.2 million civil settlement awarded to a wrongfully accused boy for the brutal murder of an 11 year old girl. (Sep-20-05)
  • Escondido City and JRMC Real Estate $450,000 environmental settlement for sediment runoff from the new Escondido Research and Technology Center. (Sep-20-05)
  • Allegheny County $154,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to a caseworker who claimed she was terminated after resisting a demand to whitewash a state report. (Sep-20-05)
  • Office Depot, Inc. $4.75 million whistleblower settlement for selling products from China and Taiwan to U.S. government agencies that do not have reciprocal trade agreements. (Sep-19-05)
  • Waddell & Reed $11 million settlement in restitution awarded to 150 consumers whose variable annuities were switched without their best interest. (Sep-19-05)
  • Plano Molding Company Undisclosed settlement awarded to Rubbermaid for patent infringement on plastic shelving products. (Sep-19-05)
  • Xcel Energy Inc. $7.3 million settlement awarded to several Californian electrical companies. (Sep-17-05)
  • City of Tacoma, WA $12 million settlement awarded to the family of a woman who was killed by her police chief husband. (Sep-16-05)
  • Grant County Detention Center $1.4 million personal injury and negligence settlement awarded to an 18 year old victim who was raped while serving jail time for fleeing from police officers after being pulled over for a traffic violation. (Sep-13-05)
  • Oracle Corp. $100 million donated to charities after the CEO sold $900 million in shares before stocks dropped drastically in 2001. (Sep-13-05)
  • Point Reyes National Seashore Rangers $50,000 settlement awarded to teenage brother and sister who were pepper sprayed by park rangers. (Sep-13-05)
  • Howard Pritchard £32,000 out of court settlement for extensive restorative and remedial dentistry after a dentist failed to detect decay. (Sep-13-05)
  • Northwestern University $16 million wrongful death settlement awarded to the family of a 22 year old football player who died during practice. (Sep-12-05)
  • Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $155.75 million proposed settlement regarding patent infringement of Mircette oral contraceptive. (Sep-12-05)
  • Water Mill Restaurant, Fox Hollow, Chateau Briand, and Westbury Manor $1 million settlement for allegedly failing to pay current and former workers minimum wage and overtime. (Sep-12-05)
  • Union Foundry Co. $4.25 million in federal fines for OSHA safety violations after the death of an employee. (Sep-11-05)
  • Breeze-Eastern $1.1 million whistleblower settlement for falsifying certifications about work quality. (Sep-11-05)
  • Southern Inn Motel $40,000 settlement for segregating black customers into a different section of the inn and refusing to allow them use of the swimming pool. (Sep-11-05)
  • Dillard's $2.8 million wrongful death settlement awarded to the family of a man accidentally killed by the security guard after shoplifting. (Sep-10-05)
  • Rod Stewart A Las Vegas jury verdict found the British rocker must repay a $2 million advance plus interest for a cancelled concert at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. (Sep-8-05)
  • San Francisco City San Francisco jury awarded $27 million to the Dominguez family for the wrongful death of their four year old daughter. (Sep-6-05)
  • Cheesecake Factory $4.5 million settlement awarded to California employees for denying breaks and abusive management practices. (Sep-6-05)
  • Illinois National Insurance Co. $50 million insurance coverage settlement awarded to Sunoco for their own MTBE personal injury lawsuits. (Sep-6-05)
  • Visiphor Corp. $400,000 settlement awarded to OSI Systems of a long standing dispute. (Sep-6-05)
  • Mutual Benefits Corp. $10 million settlement awarded to investors for the fraudulent purchase of life insurance policies. (Sep-6-05)
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