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  • Morgan Stanley $17.4 million settlement awarded to former president after he was ousted from his position. (Nov-29-05)
  • Kominsky & Kubacki Medical Associates $2.4 million medical malpractice and wrongful death settlement awarded after cardiovascular warning signs were allegedly ignored. (Nov-28-05)
  • Merrill Lynch & Co. $2 million gender discrimination settlement awarded to a female employee who is now retired. (Nov-28-05)
  • Electronic Data Systems Corp. $121.8 million settlement awarded to Britain's HM Revenue & Customs for compensation related to a faulty tax credit system. (Nov-28-05)
  • Praxis Housing Initiative $790,000 settlement for setting up profitable housing units using not-for-profit start up and operating expenses. (Nov-28-05)
  • Columbus Paper Company Inc. $5.98 million settlement after a trucker on cold and flu medications caused a fatal accident. (Nov-24-05)
  • Western Farm Service $775,000 settlement awarded to Arvin residents poisoned by a soil fumigant dispersed at Kirschenmann Farms. (Nov-23-05)
  • Roberts Hawaii and Trans Hawaiian Services $800,000 settlement awarded to Aloha Airlines after not being paid for packaged tours. (Nov-23-05)
  • Liebherr-America $4 million racial discrimination settlement awarded to African American employees. (Nov-22-05)
  • Giant Industries $850,000 environmental settlement for violations of the Clean Air Act. (Nov-22-05)
  • Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. $3 million settlement for miscalculating students and collecting state funding. (Nov-22-05)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation $100,000 settlement for arresting an environmentalist without probable cause and holding him in jail for four days. (Nov-22-05)
  • Robert Blake Jury ordered $30 million settlement to be paid to the four children of the actor's slain wife. (Nov-21-05)
  • Justin King $800,000 settlement for injuring two people and killing another person while driving intoxicated. (Nov-21-05)
  • City of Hannibal et al. $125,000 settlement awarded to construction workers who were paid less than prevailing wage while building the River Bend Shopping Center. (Nov-21-05)
  • Redding Medical Center $18 million settlement awarded to patients who received unnecessary cardiac catheterizations and bypass surgeries prior to 2002. (Nov-18-05)
  • City of Chicopee $2.45 million wrongful conviction and imprisonment settlement awarded to a man who spent 14 years in jail for allegedly raping a college student. (Nov-18-05)
  • Atlanta Police Department $350,000 settlement awarded to a woman pulled from her car and thrown onto the pavement by a police officer. (Nov-18-05)
  • Dr. Renato Calabria Sharon Stone filed a defamation suit against the doctor who has agreed to perform reconstructive surgery on children born with facial deformities. (Nov-18-05)
  • Columbus Construction Corp. Estimated $4 million settlement awarded to Donald Trump after being overcharged for work at his National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor. (Nov-16-05)
  • Bellevue School District and Newport Heights Elementary School Principal $190,500 settlement awarded to a second grade girl who was harassed at her elementary school by other male pupils. (Nov-16-05)
  • Riggs National Corp. of PNC Financial Services Group Inc. $3.8 million settlement awarded to shareholders after the bank pleaded guilty to hiding money for foreign leaders. (Nov-16-05)
  • RLLW Inc. $695,000 settlement for allegedly charging customers an energy surcharge and not paying workers' compensation insurance. (Nov-16-05)
  • BUPA Leicester Hospital 1.32 million settlement for permanent brain damage after a routine sinusitis operation. (Nov-15-05)
  • Bank of New York $38 million in fines for fraud and money laundering. (Nov-15-05)
  • Oceanport School District $117,500 settlement awarded to a former student after his rights to free speech were violated. (Nov-14-05)
  • Port of Tacoma $12.5 million settlement awarded to Weyerhaeuser for breach of contract regarding their wood chip factory on the Blair Waterway. (Nov-14-05)
  • Grokster Ltd. $50 million settlement for violating copyright laws by enabling users to make free copies of copyrighted songs, movies, and games. (Nov-14-05)
  • City of New Bern $2 million settlement awarded to the youngest brother who survived an electrocution boating accident after his two older brothers died. (Nov-13-05)
  • Microsoft $30 million settlement awarded to Daum Communications who claimed MSN Messenger and Windows Media Player was tied to Windows operating system. (Nov-13-05)
  • Cincinnati Insurance Class action thrown out claiming the company improperly reduced payments for treatment of patients under workers' compensation policies. (Nov-11-05)
  • Crenshaw Lumber Co. Inc. et al. $22.6 million awarded to a family after their custom built home caused developmental problems in their infant son. (Nov-10-05)
  • Deere & Company $300,000 settlement awarded to three children after their father was killed in a construction site accident. (Nov-10-05)
  • El Morro Mobile Home Residents $650,000 in legal fees must be paid by 400 mobile home residents who refused to leave after their leases ended. (Nov-10-05)
  • Kent School District $500,000 personal injury settlement after an elementary boy lost the vision in his left eye from an elastic exercising device. (Nov-9-05)
  • Bob Collins $410,000 settlement awarded to the family of a student pilot who was killed in a mid air collision with another plane. (Nov-9-05)
  • Britney Spears Copyright infringement lawsuit over the song "Sometimes" has been dismissed. (Nov-9-05)
  • Insurer Royal & Sun Alliance $11 million settlement awarded to Wilmington Trust regarding disputed coverage at the Student Finance Corporation. (Nov-9-05)
  • Cambridge Company $250,000 settlement awarded to a paraplegic engineer who was wrongfully fired. (Nov-9-05)
  • Polk County School Board $300,000 settlement awarded to the former assistant principal for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Nov-8-05)
  • City of Allen Park $2.9 million awarded to four city employees after being harassed by the former chief of police. (Nov-8-05)
  • City of El Paso $500,000 employee age discrimination awarded to a former city attorney. (Nov-8-05)
  • King Pharmaceuticals Inc. $124 million whistleblower settlement for incorrectly reporting prices to the U.S. government. (Nov-7-05)
  • Fluor Corp. $12.5 million out of court settlement regarding the handling of U.S. government contracts (Nov-7-05)
  • Birse £3.2 million settlement awarded to Citibank for breach of contract related to a new data facility in London, England. (Nov-7-05)
  • City of Boston $200,000 worker's compensation settlement paid to a meter maid who suffered first degree burns after an irate motorist threw hot coffee in her face. (Nov-7-05)
  • Thesaurus Fine Arts $350,000 fine and agreement to reimburse customers who purchased fake Chinese antiquities. (Nov-7-05)
  • Kerr-McGee Chemical Worldwide, Western Nuclear Corporation, and Fremont Lumber $7.9 million to be spent on cleaning up two abandoned uranium mines within the Fremont National Forest in Southern Oregon. (Nov-6-05)
  • Kroger Co. $7 million settlement for multiple violations of the Controlled Substances Act. (Nov-6-05)
  • Medirate Professional Pharmacy Inc. $450,000 settlement for lack of security after 300,000 doses of several controlled substances went missing from the pharmacy. (Nov-6-05)
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