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  • LandAmerica Financial Corp. $4.5 million settlement for illegally rebating title insurance. (Mar-6-06)
  • Gateway Inc. $47 million patent infringement settlement awarded to Hewlett-Packard. (Mar-6-06)
  • Research In Motion Ltd. $612.5 million settlement awarded to NTP Inc. regarding a BlackBerry patent dispute. (Mar-6-06)
  • Kelley Lynch $9.5 million court ordered judgment awarded to Leonard Cohen. (Mar-3-06)
  • Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals et al. $5 million settlement for automatically billing consumers for additional diet supplements after signing up for a 30 day free trial. (Mar-3-06)
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters $1.3 million settlement awarded to a former CEO for wrongful termination. (Mar-2-06)
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Co. $6 million to be spent on system reliability improvements after a facility fire left thousands of San Francisco customers without power. (Mar-2-06)
  • Tutor-Saliba $19 million settlement awarded to the city of San Francisco for allegedly over billing for work performed at the International Airport. (Mar-1-06)
  • Admanco Inc. $590,000 settlement awarded to former employees after being laid off without adequate notice. (Mar-1-06)
  • Newman University $182,500 gender discrimination settlement awarded to a female former employee. (Mar-1-06)
  • Ceres, Soares Dairy and Luis T. Bento Dairy $185,000 settlement awarded to workers for unpaid overtime and compensation for rest and meal breaks. (Feb-28-06)
  • Qwest Communications International Inc. $5.5 million settlement for implementing an unjust 7 cent surcharge to customers. (Feb-28-06)
  • Amir Hussein $2.6 million whistleblower settlement for over billing Medicare. (Feb-27-06)
  • Convergys Corp. $350,000 settlement awarded to employees for pre-shift work. (Feb-27-06)
  • Monsanto Co. $100 million settlement for infringing upon a Bovine Somatotropin patent. (Feb-27-06)
  • Louisville Metro Government $1.5 million settlement after an 11-year-old boy suffered brain damage while bicycling at the city's Extreme Park. (Feb-24-06)
  • Nutraquest Inc. et al. $34 million settlement awarded to consumers who took diet pills with Ephedra. (Feb-23-06)
  • Elpida Memory Inc. $84 million antitrust fine for international price fixing of DRAM. (Feb-23-06)
  • Chicago Transit Authority $5 million settlement awarded to a university student run over by a bus. (Feb-23-06)
  • John F. Ames $100,000 wrongful death settlement after a 74-year-old man was shot by his neighbor. (Feb-22-06)
  • PG&E, Davey Tree Surgery Co. and Western Environmental Consultants Inc. $5.9 million settlement after a fire burned 47 homes on Yankee Hill. (Feb-22-06)
  • Tenet Healthcare Corp. $7 million settlement for over billing Medicare and Medicaid. (Feb-22-06)
  • Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Divorce settlement divides properties and assets. (Feb-21-06)
  • Gallatin County $145,000 wrongful discharge settlement awarded to a Human Resources Department employee. (Feb-21-06)
  • Uniwest, J.T. Riley Inc. and Strober Haddonfield Group $17.5 million settlement after two workers fell down an elevator shaft, killing one and leaving the other with brain damage. (Feb-20-06)
  • Waters Corp. $6 million patent infringement settlement awarded to Agilent Technologies. (Feb-17-06)
  • HVB $29.6 million in fines for helping KPMG provide fraudulent tax shelters. (Feb-17-06)
  • Florida Department of Children and Families $900,000 settlement awarded to an eight year old boy who was placed in an abusive foster home. (Feb-17-06)
  • Manitowoc County $400,000 to dismiss a wrongful conviction case. (Feb-16-06)
  • Unidynamics/Phoenix Inc. and Crane Co. $2 million settlement for hazardous waste cleanup awarded to the city of Goodyear. (Feb-16-06)
  • Canadian Federal Government $417,780 settlement awarded to the former president of the Royal Canadian Mint for forced resignation. (Feb-16-06)
  • Pillowtex $13.5 million settlement awarded to former employees who suddenly lost their jobs after the company went bankrupt and closed its doors. (Feb-16-06)
  • State of Hawaii $3.15 million trust set up for a boy left comatose by his abusive mother. (Feb-15-06)
  • Remy Inc. $5.25 million settlement awarded to former employees who were laid off due to the plant closure. (Feb-15-06)
  • Advanced Contracting Corp. $495,876 settlement awarded to demolition laborers for unpaid overtime. (Feb-13-06)
  • William A. Day $94,000 fine for insider trading of Oratec Interventions Inc. shares. (Feb-13-06)
  • Schlumberger Technology Corp. $22 million settlement to help cleanup PCBs released into a local river and lake. (Feb-13-06)
  • Chicago Roman Catholic Archdiocese $125,000 settlement awarded to a women who was allegedly abused by three priests in 1971. (Feb-13-06)
  • CSX Transportation $2 million settlement awarded to the city of Baltimore for cleanup costs related to a freight train derailment. (Feb-13-06)
  • Alaska State $310,000 wrongful death settlement after a man was shot to death in his car while stopped at a pullout. (Feb-10-06)
  • Washington State $250,000 police misconduct awarded to an African American women who was pulled over without probable cause. (Feb-10-06)
  • City of Chicago $1.75 million proposed settlement awarded to a boy who was shot in the head and left brain damaged by a police officer. (Feb-10-06)
  • E2 Nightclub Tentative $1.5 million settlement after a bar fight left 21 people dead and 95 injured. (Feb-9-06)
  • Audubon String Quartet $500,000 settlement awarded to a former violinist for wrongful dismissal. (Feb-9-06)
  • Operations Management International, Inc. $2 million fine and $8 million in upgrades after violating chlorine discharge permits. (Feb-9-06)
  • City of Pittsburgh Jury awarded $3.7 million after a women was killed while trying to cross the street using a city crosswalk. (Feb-9-06)
  • Wayne County $75,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to an employee who was fired after reporting billing alterations. (Feb-9-06)
  • Honda of Santa Monica $1.37 million settlement for overcharging consumers for an anti-theft product. (Feb-7-06)
  • Santa Clara County $990,000 settlement awarded to Hells Angels members after an unreasonable police raid. (Feb-7-06)
  • St. George's Hospital 1 million pound settlement awarded to a widow whose young husband died after his malignant melanoma went undiagnosed. (Feb-7-06)
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