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  • Mishawaka School District $131,675 settlement for alleged child molestation. (Apr-24-06)
  • Ciminelli Services Corp. and RBS Excavating $2.3 million wrongful death settlement after a demolition laborer was killed on site. (Apr-24-06)
  • City of Wilkes-Barre $35,000 awarded to a Fire Chief who was allegedly demoted for political reasons. (Apr-24-06)
  • San Francisco International Airport Zimbabwe woman gets settlement for immigration official misconduct. (Apr-24-06)
  • GlaxoSmithKline $3.5 million awarded in multistate pharmaceutical antitrust settlement. (Apr-23-06)
  • Dydo Auto Sales Violator of Vermont Consumer Fraud Act to pay $90,000 in state settlement. (Apr-23-06)
  • Delaware County Female deputy receives $150, 000 in a wrongful dismissal gender discrimination settlement. (Apr-23-06)
  • City of Venice, CA $370,000 awarded in a wrongful prison death suit. (Apr-23-06)
  • Melrose Place Apartments Former tenants of the apartment complex receive $3 million settlement. (Apr-23-06)
  • Merck & Co. $32 million verdict awarded after a man died while taking Vioxx. (Apr-21-06)
  • Union Securities Ltd. $1.6 million settlement for failing to properly supervise employees in a number of situations involving improper trading activities. (Apr-20-06)
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington $965,000 settlement awarded to man who was allegedly molested by a priest. (Apr-20-06)
  • Edward Jones $75 million payment for encouraging clients to purchase certain mutual funds without disclosing that it received compensation from those funds. (Apr-19-06)
  • Microsoft Corp. Several class actions dismissed for allegedly overcharging customers for PC operating systems. (Apr-19-06)
  • Massachusetts Casualty Insurance Company David Jay of Ohio wins $6 million bad faith case against his disability insurer. (Apr-19-06)
  • Dollar General Corp. $1.2 million insider trading and accounting fraud settlement. (Apr-18-06)
  • Qualcomm Inc. and Flarion Technologies Inc. $1.8 million settlement for violating pre-merger waiting period requirements. (Apr-18-06)
  • City of Espanola, NM $221,000 settlement awarded to the family of a third grade boy who was handcuffed and taken to jail by police for misbehaving at school. (Apr-18-06)
  • EchoStar Communications Corp. $74 million patent infringement settlement awarded to TiVo. (Apr-18-06)
  • Michelex Corp. $2.4 million settlement awarded to Wells Fargo over a lending dispute. (Apr-18-06)
  • Tyco International Ltd. $50 million settlement for improper accounting practices. (Apr-17-06)
  • Accor North America Inc. Undisclosed monetary settlement reached in a motel negligence and personal injury case. (Apr-17-06)
  • City of Los Angeles Noted $1.5 million settlement after a 13-year-old boy was shot to death by a police officer. (Apr-14-06)
  • Tucson Unified School District $3.5 million settlement awarded to a high school basketball star who was left disabled after being trampled by fans. (Apr-14-06)
  • Evanston Northwestern Healthcare $5 million medical malpractice settlement awarded after induced labor left a baby boy with Cerebral Palsy. (Apr-14-06)
  • Amega Sales Inc. $564,000 judgment for improperly keeping customer down payments and misrepresenting customers' ability to obtain financing. (Apr-14-06)
  • HealthHelp Inc. $450,000 settlement for allegedly telling employee not to hire people of a specific race or religious background. (Apr-13-06)
  • Qwest Communications $400,000 settlement awarded to Hispanic employees alleging racial discrimination. (Apr-13-06)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Undisclosed settlement awarded to the parents of a student who committed suicide. (Apr-13-06)
  • Gateway Inc. Undisclosed settlement for patent infringement awarded to an engineer. (Apr-13-06)
  • Gary Dowell and Terry Favilla $225,000 in insider trading settlement to be paid to the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Apr-13-06)
  • Merck & Co. $13.5 million settlement in compensatory and punitive damages awarded to a man who suffered a heart attack after taking Vioxx. (Apr-12-06)
  •, Inc. $190,000 settlement for misrepresenting the necessity of its security software. (Apr-12-06)
  • Dr. James Smith $340,000 medical malpractice settlement after a gall bladder surgery was performed prematurely and lead to the death of a basketball coach. (Apr-11-06)
  • San Jose City $36.5 million settlement awarded to Santa Clara County over fairground development. (Apr-11-06)
  • City Streets and Jake Aaron Strickland $1.2 million wrongful death settlement awarded after a husband and father was killed by a convicted drunk driver. (Apr-10-06)
  • Internal Revenue Service $315 million tax refund settlement awarded to Safeway. (Apr-10-06)
  • Cedars Bar and Grill $135,000 settlement after a couple died in a motorcycle accident after drinking at the bar. (Apr-10-06)
  • UBS AG $86 million settlement related to a 1996 copper trading scandal. (Apr-7-06)
  • EDAW $3 million settlement for allegedly constructing defective fountains. (Apr-7-06)
  • Citigroup Inc. $13.5 million settlement awarded to the University of California for WorldCom fraud. (Apr-7-06)
  • AK Steel Corp. $1.2 million in fines and $10 million worth of clean up projects to remove PCB contamination. (Apr-6-06)
  • Kickapoo Traditional Tribe $2.6 million settlement regarding a casino deal dispute. (Apr-6-06)
  • CenterPoint Energy $13.5 million settlement for violating the Minnesota Cold Weather Rule by turning off heat to low income customers. (Apr-4-06)
  • Schering Plough KK $8 million settlement awarded to SciClone for a clinical trial dispute. (Apr-4-06)
  • Dravo Corporation, Desco Corporation and Marshalltown Instruments, Inc. $7.3 million to be paid to the federal Hazardous Substances Superfund to clean up contaminated groundwater. (Apr-4-06)
  • U.S. Mint $9 million settlement awarded to female employees for gender harassment. (Apr-4-06)
  • Brite Lite Electrical Co. $1.8 million wrongful death settlement after an electrician fell from a cherry picker truck. (Apr-4-06)
  • King Pharmaceuticals Inc. $124 million paid to state and federal governments for incorrect pricing of generic drugs. (Apr-3-06)
  • Wi-LAN Inc. $1.8 million settlement for breach of agreement. (Mar-31-06)
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