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  • Utah Power Up to $32 million in savings for overcharging Utah customers. (Mar-31-06)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Government Newfoundland will compensate employees $24 million for past discriminatory practices. (Mar-31-06)
  • PPL Corp. $125 million to be spent on reducing thermal water pollution. (Mar-30-06)
  • AGA Medical Corp. $30 million patent infringement settlement awarded to NMT Medical regarding Amplatzer devices. (Mar-30-06)
  • Monongalia General Hospital $17 million medical malpractice settlement awarded to the family of a baby left with cerebral palsy. (Mar-30-06)
  • Rolling Hills Memorial Park $480,000 personal injury settlement awarded to an elderly man who tripped on a sprinkler head and required a knee replacement. (Mar-30-06)
  • City of Philadelphia, Tabor Children's Services and Defender Association of Philadelphia $5.35 million awarded to a young girl who contracted HIV after being physically assaulted by her city approved caregiver. (Mar-29-06)
  • GlaxoSmithKline $14 million settlement for creating and holding a monopoly of the anti-depressant drug Paxil. (Mar-29-06)
  • Wayne County $225,000 settlement awarded to a man who spent 17 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. (Mar-29-06)
  • New York City $8.9 million settlement awarded to a young man who lost both of his legs in the Staten Island ferry crash. (Mar-27-06)
  • Maricopa County $9 million settlement awarded following a young man's death after being forced into a restraint chair by detention officers. (Mar-27-06)
  • Jumpstart Technologies $900,000 fine for violating anti spam laws. (Mar-27-06)
  • City of San Diego $1.9 million settlement for revenues lost after reconfiguring the football stadium to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Mar-24-06)
  • Time Inc. $8.8 million settlement in cash and refunds for automatically charging and billing readers for renewals. (Mar-23-06)
  • John Michael Armitage $2 million settlement for the wrongful death of a Knoxville attorney shot and killed 20 years ago. (Mar-23-06)
  • Cork University Hospital 4.65 million settlement awarded to a boy left with catastrophic injuries after surgery. (Mar-23-06)
  • Commercial Coating Services $1 million racial abuse settlement awarded to an African American former employee. (Mar-23-06)
  • Port of Oakland $2 million to be spent on cleaner trucks to reduce emissions. (Mar-22-06)
  • City of Cincinnati $6.5 million settlement after a man died while in police custody. (Mar-22-06)
  • Beebe Medical Center $1 million settlement for violating the federal False Claims Act. (Mar-22-06)
  • Comcast $1 million settlement awarded to Massachusetts customers for unfair business practices in marketing and advertising. (Mar-22-06)
  • University of Tennessee $300,000 personal injury settlement awarded to a student who was attacked in an unlit area on campus. (Mar-21-06)
  • San Diego County and Kristin Rossum $106 million in actual and punitive damages awarded to the family of a poisoned husband. (Mar-21-06)
  • City of Cleveland $650,000 settlement awarded to African American firefighters alleging a promotion test was racially unfair. (Mar-20-06)
  • Lake County $500,000 wrongful termination settlement awarded to an employee who was fired after he refused to submit to a psychological examination. (Mar-20-06)
  • US Government $300,000 settlement awarded to a man wrongfully detained after the 9-11 attacks. (Mar-20-06)
  • PPG Industries Inc. $60 million settlement for conspiring with other glassmakers to overcharge for flat glass products. (Mar-20-06)
  • Balcor Co. $845,000 settlement awarded to 20 tenants alleging misuse of maintenance fund money. (Mar-17-06)
  • Pinellas County $350,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to a former assistant administrator who was fired after probing into mismanagement. (Mar-17-06)
  • Bear Stearns $250 million settlement for illegal mutual fund trading. (Mar-17-06)
  • Encounters International $434,000 settlement awarded to a mail order bride for spousal abuse. (Mar-17-06)
  • C. Peter Houtenbos $750,000 settlement awarded to a former flight attendant after being attacked by a passenger. (Mar-16-06)
  • Mill Pond Rest Home $750,000 negligence settlement after a resident fell down a flight of stairs and broke her neck leading to her death. (Mar-16-06)
  • Providence St. Joseph Medical Center Undisclosed wrongful death settlement awarded to the family of actor John Ritter. (Mar-16-06)
  • Federated Department Stores Inc. $725,000 settlement for printing misleading advertising and sales promotions. (Mar-15-06)
  • Dow Jones & Co. $202 million contract dispute settlement. (Mar-14-06)
  • Peter Robbins $6 million settlement awarded to the family of a boy who was left with severe brain damage after a car accident. (Mar-13-06)
  • Firefly Five Inc. $850,000 settlement awarded after a drunken patron caused a car accident that killed two girls. (Mar-13-06)
  • Datran Media Corp. $1.1 million e-mail acquisition and spamming settlement. (Mar-13-06)
  • City of Boston $3.2 million settlement for wrongful imprisonment awarded to a man who spent more than 10 years in jail. (Mar-10-06)
  • Jimmy Pflueger $7.5 million settlement for violating clean water laws after a massive mudslide killed coral reefs. (Mar-10-06)
  • Thayer Learning Center $1.05 million wrongful death settlement after a teenager died from a spider bite at the boot camp. (Mar-10-06)
  • Yucatan Resorts Inc., Yucatan Resorts, Resort Holdings International Cancun, Resort Holding International Panama and Michael E. Kelly $20 million settlement for breach of contract involving Yucatan Resort investments. (Mar-10-06)
  • Pima County and the town of Marana $291,000 personal injury settlement awarded to a teenager involved in a high speed police chase accident. (Mar-10-06)
  • System Transport Services of Spokane, WA $15.6 million settlement awarded to a family whose 6 year old son was killed in a car accident when a flatbed semi ran into their car on the side of the road. (Mar-9-06)
  • Pleasant Care Corp. $1.3 million settlement for elder abuse and criminal negligence. (Mar-9-06)
  • The Union Bar undisclosed settlement after a young man died after being attacked by another young man who was served alcohol from the bar. (Mar-7-06)
  • Passaic County Judge Randolph Subryan $300,000 settlement awarded to a female judicial clerk alleging gender harassment. (Mar-7-06)
  • Rod Stewart: Update $3.1 million settlement for breach of contract after canceling a concert and keeping the advanced payment. (Mar-7-06)
  • Waste Management $1.75 million in civil penalties for environmental violations. (Mar-6-06)
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