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Lawsuits - Drugs/Medical

  • Parches de Malla para Reparación de Hernia Composix de Kugel (Mar-14-07)
  • Asistencia Legal por Suturas Panacryl Acción colectiva por infección de Suturas Panacryl, falta de absorción, granulomas y otros problemas quirúrgicos. (Mar-13-07)
  • Parche Ortho Evra Coágulos en Sangre, Accidentes Cerebrovasculares e Infartos. (Mar-12-07)
  • Torcetrapib alleging unacceptably high death rate in clinical trials. (Dec-3-06)
  • Anthem Inc. medical billing (Sep-5-06)
  • Neurontin (suicide) alleging a high incidence of suicide attempts while taking Neurontin. (Jun-7-06)
  • Tequin allegedly causing fatal hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. (May-11-06)
  • Enteryx Recall acid reflux treatment recalled after several patient injuries during the implant procedure. (Apr-14-06)
  • Silicone Breast Implant Risks study allegedly finds heath problems linked to platinum metals found in silicone breast implants (Apr-10-06)
  • Genotropin alleging Pfizer promoted off-label uses of their Growth Hormone Drug. (Mar-27-06)
  • Ritalin for alleged risk of heart attack and stroke. (Feb-8-06)
  • Vapotherm Humidifiers Recall for allegedly containing deadly air-borne bacteria (Feb-3-06)
  • Cardura allegedly causing death from overdose or low blood pressure. (Jan-30-06)
  • Gentamycin alleging it damages hearing and kidneys. (Nov-29-05)
  • Silica dust allegedly causing silicosis, lung cancer and tuberculosis. (Nov-28-05)
  • Cylert allegedly associated with kidney damage or failure. (Oct-25-05)
  • Cancer Causing Agents alleging exposure to agents in the environment caused cancer. (Sep-27-05)
  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation alleging Colleague Volumetric Infusion Pumps cause injury or death. (Sep-12-05)
  • Soy Milk allegedly causing leukemia in infants. (Jul-20-05)
  • Avonex allegedly causing liver damage. (Jun-29-05)
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery alleging inexperienced doctors have an unexceptable rate of complications and death in patients. (Jan-22-05)
  • Vioxx Recall alleging cardiovascular or kidney or liver damage may have been caused by the recalled drug Vioxx. (Dec-7-04)
  • Lead alleging cataracts may have been caused by exposure to lead. (Dec-7-04)
  • Albuterol alleging cardiovascular damage may have been caused by Albuterol. (Nov-28-04)
  • Arava alleging that taking Arava may have caused liver damage or infection in patients. (Nov-28-04)
  • Tasmar alleging that taking Tasmar may have caused liver damage, liver failure, or death. (Nov-26-04)
  • Influenza Vaccine alleging neurological or autoimune system damages which may have been caused by administration of Influenza Vaccine. (Nov-25-04)
  • Lindane for allegedly causing neurological damage including seizures, tremors, convulsions or even death. (Nov-24-04)
  • Premphase alleging cardiovascular or neurological side effects including blood clots, heart disease, cancer and death. (Nov-24-04)
  • Novantrone alleging that Novantrone may cause heart disease or acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). (Nov-24-04)
  • Lymerix alleging the vaccine caused arthralgia, myalgia, pain headaches, fever or other symptoms of lime disease. (Nov-23-04)
  • Squalene alleging serious side effects from anthrax vaccines that contain squalene. (Nov-19-04)
  • Pressure Treated Wood arsenic used in pressure treated wood may allegedly cause lung, bladder, skin, kidney and prostate cancer, cancer in the nasal passages, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and possibly death. (Nov-18-04)
  • Spironolactone alleging potassium buildup causing hospitalizations and death. (Aug-4-04)
  • Lariam for allegedly having serious side effects, incuding suicide, hallucinations, paranoid delusions and severe depression. (Jan-1-03)
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