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  • Sexual abuse alleged abuse by a Priest. (Jul-2-21)
  • Illegal "Charge Backs" to Commissioned Employees (Feb-4-04)
  • Overtime, CA [en Español] California, you may be entitled to overtime wages (May-9-22)
  • Variable Annuity alleging market timing and other improper practices. (May-7-15)
  • Permax [en Español] for alleged serious heart valve damage. (Feb-27-14)
  • Gentamycin alleging it damages hearing and kidneys. (Nov-29-05)
  • Coumadin (Warfarin) allegedly causing side effects including birth defects and brain.. (Jun-17-15)
  • Seroquel [en Español] for allegedly contributing to diabetes. (Feb-27-14)
  • Benzene Lawsuit against products that pose a benzene cancer risk. (Sep-14-20)
  • Cell Phone Companies alleging overcharging and hidden fees. (Dec-6-03)
  • Overtime for California Programmers [en Español] alleging that some companies try to avoid paying.. (Mar-16-21)
  • Cypher Coronary Stents for allegedly causing blood clots (Mar-9-17)
  • Neurontin (suicide) alleging a high incidence of suicide attempts while taking Neuro.. (Jun-7-06)
  • Paxil Suicide for allegedly inducing violence and suicide, especially in children an.. (Jan-30-16)
  • Bextra [en Español] for alleged side effects including heart attack, stomach ulcers and liver dam.. (Apr-7-10)
  • Enbrel for alleged side effects including serious blood problems, allergic reactions.. (Oct-26-09)
  • Ralphs Supermarket, CA (Great Escape) allegedly cancelling "The Great Escape" promot.. (Oct-28-03)
  • Personal Injury causing bodily harm. (Jan-14-10)
  • Power Windows for allegedly closing on children and choking or killing them. (Oct-4-03)
  • Reglan for alleged side effects such as Tardive Dyskinesia. (Mar-17-20)
  • Cipro antibiotic allegedly linked with the risk of neuropathy and tendon rupture. (Nov-12-14)
  • 15-Passenger Vans alleging their high center of gravity makes them inherently unsafe.. (Aug-20-10)
  • Risperdal side effects [en Español] include Risperdal gynecomastia (male breast growth), tardive .. (Aug-5-16)
  • Nursing Homes Many state agencies have reported incidents of negligent care of nursi.. (Feb-16-21)
  • Asbestos Mesothelioma [en Español] Studies have shown that asbestos particles in the air can caus.. (Mar-17-20)
  • Lead Poisoning Lawsuit alleging that serious damage is done to children who have inj.. (Jun-15-17)
  • Unum Insurance for allegedly denying long-term disability claims. (Oct-14-20)
  • Railroad Workers concerning the growing number of work-related injuries in the railr.. (Mar-17-10)
  • Accutane for allegedly causing severe side effects including birth defects, damage t.. (Oct-16-14)
  • Lipitor Plaintiffs allege they developed Type 2 diabetes due to the use of the drug. (Sep-22-14)
  • Neurtontin alleging the manufacturer improperly marketed the drug for uses not appro.. (Oct-12-19)
  • Jayson Williams A settlement has been reached between New Jersey Nets star Ja.. (Sep-21-09)
  • Anthem Inc. medical billing (Sep-5-06)
  • Lariam for allegedly having serious side effects, incuding suicide, hallucinations,.. (Jan-1-03)
  • Birth Control Lawsuits, Legal News and Information alleging women were not adequatel.. (Aug-15-18)
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