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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates state and federal law. In the workplace, sexual harassment can take three forms: quid pro quo, hostile work environment and sexual favoritism harassment.


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leftQuid pro quo cases are classified when a supervisor requests sexual favors in return for some tangible job benefit, such as a promotion, or threatens a tangible job loss, such as termination, if the employee does not capitulate to the sexual advances.

Hostile environment cases involve severe and pervasive sexual work environments, including offensive physical touching, vulgar language, pornographic displays, sexual conduct in the workplace, etc. either by managers or co-workers. Hostile environment sexual harassment often affects large groups of employees. Even employees who are not themselves targeted for sexual touching or advances can assert hostile work environment claims based on their being forced to work in an environment that, as a whole, is offensive to them and to others.

Sexual favoritism is a form of sexual harassment and discrimination that is illegal in California. It occurs when a manager or supervisor is in a sexual relationship with another employee and the manager/supervisor shows favoritism toward that employee such as by promoting them ahead of other, more qualified, candidates. This sends a signal that the way to advance is by having sex with the boss.

If you have missed out on advancement or another benefit because it went to someone who was having a sexual relationship with the boss, while you were more qualified, better educated, or more experienced, you may have a claim for sexual favoritism.


Sexual harassment in any State is unwelcome conduct that can occur in a variety of circumstances, the harasser can be the victim's supervisor, a supervisor in another department, a co-worker, a non-employee or a client. The victim does not have to be the opposite sex and the victim does not have to be the person harassed but simply one person or one of multiple persons affected by the offensive conduct.

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment, particularly where there are multiple victims and/or witnesses and your complaints to the company have fallen on deaf ears, you may have a pattern or practice hostile work environment claim.

Previously, only someone who was a direct victim of sexual harassment could sue. However, the California Supreme Court recently decided that when sexual favoritism is frequent and obvious it may create a "hostile workplace" and be grounds for a lawsuit.

Sexual Harassment Legal Help

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Workplace Sexual Harassment and Retaliation – Attorney Weighs In
Workplace Sexual Harassment and Retaliation – Attorney Weighs In
September 17, 2020
A sexual harassment and retaliation settlement was in the spotlight, this past July. It involved more than 25 construction workers who were subjected to physical assaults and other types of harassment, and some workers were retaliated against after complaining to supervisors. “It’s so important that these women supported and corroborated each other,” says attorney Vincent White.  “It is never okay for someone to harass you at work.” READ MORE

Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying–Both California Labor Law Violations--Results in $2.6M Verdict
Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying–Both California Labor Law Violations--Results in $2.6M Verdict
April 24, 2018
Santa Cruz, CA: A Santa Cruz County Superior Court jury, after a one-month trial, awarded $2.6 million to a truck driver who was sexually harassed. Of that amount, Beverly Fabrics was ordered to pay $1.1 million punitive damages for sexual harassment, gender discrimination, retaliation and failure to prevent harassment, discrimination and retaliation, according to court documents. Cole Hudson filed the California labor lawsuit after several years of harassment and bullying—with sexual innuendos— by a fellow truck driver. READ MORE

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Gender Harassment in One of the World’s Most Respected Police Forces
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It’s not the demands of the job, but their fellow male officers that have pushed dozens, if not hundreds, of women in Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to the breaking point says lawyer Alexander Zaitzeff, who represents dozens of female Mounties in a massive class-action gender discrimination suit against the iconic Canadian police force, whose red scarlet tunic is recognized around the world. READ MORE




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I have been recently let go of a position because my boss did not like that I found a boyfriend. I was in a relationship with my boss 9 months ago, very briefly, and continued to work for him. For 9 months I have been telling him this was not working out on a personal basis. I have hundreds of texts from him harrassing me in the past 9 months. Maybe closer to 1000. I tried going to my wireless provider to get copies of those texts but I am told they have to be court ordered.

Recently he went into my small hometown drilling bartenders if I had a new boyfriend or not and when he had information that I did and found out where he lived, he dropped my working days down to 2. He is a very smart, rich man that is covering his tracks by telling me that my position is not justified and there is not work for me to do. But he also told the secretary that he now knows I have a boyfriend and HE can go pay my bills. He is very wealthy but I have more than enough in the way of texts to prove discrimination/harrassment/sexual misconduct all of the above.

Also, he had me listed as a self employed contractor but I am told that they have to then provide expenses such as gas, mileage, etc?? He treated me as an employee. I was told when to be there, when to leave, exactly what job I was supp'd to do. There was nothing about being self-employed about it.

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i have been working for wegmans food markets in rochester ny for 4 years. i have had to call the police because a supervisor threw a book at me cutting my wrist. there after i was threatened by management "let this be a warning dont call the police again".

osha was contacted after wegmans management waited over 30 minutes to call 911 after two employees had heart attacks at there warehouse in rochester ny.

wegmans food markets potrays itself as a caring company but that is a big lie. it is a inhumane company that threatens it employees harasses it employees who speak out.

the dates of the sick acts were in may. one victim waited so long for an ambulance that his foot had to be amputated.

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My name is Aftab and I am working with Merlin international in North Sudan as safety coordinator on an internationl assignement. since the day of my arrival I have been subject to unfair treatment and was being marginalized form the main stream.

the treatment meted to me by the country director and her blue eyed staff was considerably intimidating and harrasing. I rose my concerns and griviences aginst the country dirctor and hse immediately reacted and suspended me form my duties with out following any HR policies.

She confisctaed all the communication mode from me and called me to Kartoum. She did not consult any country management mmber for this decision and started meetings with me to discuss the issue. She after having serval meetings with me decided to reinstate me and allowed me to travel to my original place of duty south Darfur.

Out of the blue yesterday I was handed over a letter stateting that i was needed to attend a disciplinary hearing meeting. This was absolutely contrary to the decision she made on the April, 14, 2008 during our last meeting. the intresting part is that she is the one i raised my concerns against and she is now deciding my destiny without following any procedures and contrary to the griviences procedure.

I have been witnessing extrem inhuman treatment during this hsort period of my employement. She is now seems to be gathering evidences against me and is on the verge of firing me unfairly. I would like to sue the organization for being ufair with me and spoiling my carreer. I have the written evidences of my stance.

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On January 30, 2008, a manager at my company, in a meeting in front of several other managers and several co-workers, stated to me, "Well, you don't think we just hired you for your brains, do you?" I responded immediately by facing him and calmly stating, "That's inappropriate."


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