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Zyprexa: Link to Suicide

Zyprexa is used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia and acute bipolar mania. However, Zyprexa has been linked to serious side effects. Reported Zyprexa side effects include an increased risk of suicide, diabetes and stroke. The alleged link between Zyprexa and suicide has been the focus of lawsuits filed against Eli Lilly, maker of Zyprexa.


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Zyprexa and Suicide

In five pre-marketing clinical trials conducted by Eli Lilly involving 2,500 patients, 12 patients committed suicide, making Zyprexa the drug with the highest suicide rate of any other antipsychotic in clinical history, according to Dr. David Healy, a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Wales. Healy also claims that Lilly "suppressed data on suicidal acts on Zyprexa from these trials. The data are not available in the scientific literature, nor from FOI [Freedom of Information Act] requests to the FDA, nor from enquiries to the company." The number of suicidal acts reported has yet to be confirmed.

SuicidalIn a controlled trial published in JAMA, Zyprexa and haloperidol were compared in the treatment of people who have schizophrenia. Researchers concluded, "Olanzapine (Zyprexa) does not demonstrate advantages compared with haloperidol (in combination with prophylactic benztropine) in compliance, symptoms, extrapyramidal symptoms, or overall quality of life, and its benefits in reducing akathisia [a movement disorder characterized by a feeling of needing to be in constant motion] and improving cognition must be balanced with the problems of weight gain and higher cost."

According to an article at (June 12, 2009), internal documents from Eli Lilly revealed the company's plan to make Zyprexa "the number one selling psychotropic in history." Lawsuits filed by insurers and pension funds, which are attempting to recover money spent on Zyprexa allege that Lilly overstated Zyprexa's effectiveness.

Lilly also reportedly had company officials write medical journal articles but put doctors' names on the articles, hired scientists to write favorable articles and complained to journal editors when publication of articles was delayed.

Zyprexa Suicide Legal Help

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Long-Acting Zyprexa Gets Limited Ok by FDA
Washington, DC: The FDA decided Wednesday that the injectable form of Zyprexa, a drug manufactured by Eli Lilly & Co. was safe to use for some patients with Schizophrenia. This decision was made by the panel, which is comprised of outside medical experts, states that there are restrictions that come along with this approval by the FDA regarding the use of the long-acting drug due to past issues with Eli Lilly & Co. regarding the link between over prescribing of the medication for disorders not approved by the FDA and an increased risk of suicide.[READ MORE]

Zyprexa: Eli Lilly could be Tagged with $1 Billion Dollar Fine
Zyprexa: Eli Lilly could be Tagged with $1 Billion Dollar Fine Philadelphia, PA: A four-year investigation into the marketing practices o [READ MORE]

Zyprexa Suicide: Children at Risk
Zyprexa Suicide: Children at Risk Fayetteville, TN: When Sarah D. was only a child she was put on Zyprexa to help control the mood swings associated with her bipolar disorder. Beth (Sarah's mother) says that they tried several drugs, but from around age eight to age fourteen, Sarah took Zyprexa. According to both Beth and Sarah, it was only a matter of months after her prescription began before Sarah started cutting herself.[READ MORE]


Posted by
I encourage anyone taking any antipsychotic drug to review studies on recovery from psychosis without antipsychotic drugs. Zypraxa actually can does cause hallucinations/psychosis so why is this drug being used to treat persons suffering from schizophrenia? There are many many research articles that speak to full recovery or increased recovery for individuals who did not use antipsychotics or who took them briefly but instead chose cognitive behavioral therapy or talk therapy, the support of family and community, nutrition and exercise to recover. Studies have shown that initially Zypraxa shows improvement for patients from positive symptoms however at the 2 1/2 year mark patients who didn't use antipsychotics showed much more improvement and higher cognitive functioning than the drug compliant group. So much research needs to be done and the pharmaceutical companies need to be stopped and held accountable for the madness! They are earning billions and give psychiatrist kick backs for signing on and prescribing and endorsing their faulty research. But the proof is so contrary to their published findings. Email your state representatives and demand improvements in mental health care and alternative treatments to the madness of western psychiatry

Posted by
Ghada Abouras
My neighbor son Mohammad who is schezophrenic was put on a Zyprexa generic WITHIN a few days HIS SYMPTOMS deteriorated and then jumped from the 7th floor to his death.his family left in shock and had no idea about the FDA black box warning about increased suicide risk.

Posted by
Family member fell to the ground suffering a traumatic brain injury (three bleeds in the brain) after being on Zyprexa for six days.

Posted by
My son attempted suicide with an overdose of Zyprexa in October of 1999. He died on Christmas Eve 1999 from an overdose of multiple medications, including Zyprexa. I had asked his doctors to review the effects his meds were having on him as he became more suicidal.

Posted by
Deteriorating mental conditions and depression while on this drug for the last 7 years. I have had no improvements while on this drug and have felt suicidal often.

Posted by
Finding oneself at a point where death is a reasonable alternative is in itself traumatic. I had serious problems before I took the drug. I trusted it to help me and it only made my life worse from tardive dyskinesia to depression that has worsened and guilt about something I did when I wasn't even myself.

Posted by
My brother left behind a wife, 2 small children and a loving family! We are all very hurt by losing him and feel the Dr should have been more aware of his conditions before prescribing this drug to my brother and not informing family members of these side effects!

Posted by
I began cutting myself while taking zyprexa and have permanent scarring on my arms and shoulders. I attempted suicide shortly after starting zyprexa. I was unable to finish high school because of hostile behavior while taking zyprexa (hostile behavior has gone away since stopping zyprexa). All behaviors have stopped after getting off of the medication.

Posted by
He was depressed and in therapy for over 9 months. MD changed antidepressant to Zyprexa over a month ago. He had just went shopping, stocked up on personal items, he was always depressed but then sudden suicide blindsided us all. Even his therapist was surprised because he had "made plans for the future".

Posted by
I have tried to commit suicide over the years while on Zyprexa and have gastro-intestinal problems (chronic diarrhea) and elevated blood sugar levels and gained 50 pounds over the years.

Posted by
I took Zyprexa for several years while being treated for depression/bipolar disorder & PTSD. During that time I made several serious suicide attempts and now have permanent physical damage which has resulted in my being permanently disabled. I was regularly hospitalized while taking Zyprexa as well, but have done much better on other medications (and before taking it.) During that time I was comatose several times and regularly hospitalized both in ICU for suicide attempts/ surgery/ wound care and then for follow-up mental health treatment.

Posted by
I was prescribed Zyprexa for a year and a half when I was between the ages of 14 and 16. I had a serious suicide attempt during this time in which I was hospitalized for a drug overdose. I also gained 134 pounds while taking Zyprexa which caused permanant scarring, stretch marks, as well as psychological damage from constant riducule/hazing as a result of the subsequent weight gain. Since I have stopped taking the medication I am down to 175 pounds but I still live with the physical, religeous, and psychological damage that resulted in taking Zyprexa.

Posted by
I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder depressed type since 7/2000, and have been on Zyprexa anti-psychotic therapy almost continuously. I have had suicidal thoughts continuously the past 21/2 years, have attempted suicide on three occasions, and constantly wish I were dead. Under psychiatric care, my illness has steadily worsened even with my treatment with Zyprexa (I have hallucinations daily and my illness has not responded well to any medication or treatment) My horrifying suicidal expreriences have caused great trauma to me and my family. My disease has ruined my life, career and future, and Zyprexa may be partly to blame.

In addition to being diagnosed schizoaffective, my prognosis has been predicted as very poor (by my psychiatrist), and my mental function is so poor I have been appointed a legal guardian.

please help me if you can

thank you


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