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If you have a legal problem in New Hampshire, you can file your class action, personal injury, unpaid overtime, defective product, insurance fraud, dangerous drug etc., complaints, for a free case evaluation by a New Hampshire lawyer.

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Plaintiff Claims C-Qur Mesh Biologically Incompatible with Human Tissue
Plaintiff Claims C-Qur Mesh Biologically Incompatible with Human Tissue Concord, NH: He may have the same name as the long-dead soul singer, but James Brown does not feel good about the C-Qur abdominal mesh used for a hernia repair and the plaintiff, through his surgical mesh lawsuit, has plenty to say about it READ MORE

Something Fishy Allegedly Going on with Atrium C-QUR Mesh
Something Fishy Allegedly Going on with Atrium C-QUR Mesh Concord, NH: A lesser-known hernia mesh that is beginning to attain some traction in legal circles is Atrium C-QUR Hernia Mesh, a product approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006. Akin to other mesh products made by competing manufacturers for hernia repair, plaintiffs are filing lawsuits alleging complications READ MORE

A Tangle of Hernia Mesh Complaints
A Tangle of Hernia Mesh Complaints Miami, FL: Knowing you have surgical abdominal mesh in your body that has been recalled is unnerving, to say the least. Even worse, and for many people, suffering pain and infection long after the mesh has been withdrawn or recalled from the market means mesh removal surgery followed by a possible hernia mesh lawsuit READ MORE

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