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If you have a legal problem in Arkansas, you can file your class action, personal injury, unpaid overtime, defective product, insurance fraud, dangerous drug etc., complaints, for a free case evaluation by a Arkansas lawyer.

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Not-Ready-for-Market Herbicide Kills Farmers’ Crops
Not-Ready-for-Market Herbicide Kills Farmers’ Crops St. Louis, MO A group of seven farmers are the lead plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit that claims “corporate greed” and “a rush to market” by some of the world’s biggest makers and promoters of agricultural chemicals caused farm crops to wither and die costing farm operators millions of dollars in lost revenue and possibly forcing them to switch all their seed stock to herbicide resistant Monsanto seed in the coming years whether they want to or not READ MORE

Something Fishy Allegedly Going on with Atrium C-QUR Mesh
Something Fishy Allegedly Going on with Atrium C-QUR Mesh Concord, NH: A lesser-known hernia mesh that is beginning to attain some traction in legal circles is Atrium C-QUR Hernia Mesh, a product approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006. Akin to other mesh products made by competing manufacturers for hernia repair, plaintiffs are filing lawsuits alleging complications READ MORE

Donning & Doffing Plaintiffs Allege Hours of Unpaid Work per Week
Donning & Doffing Plaintiffs Allege Hours of Unpaid Work per Week Los Angeles, CA: A class action wage and hour donning and doffing lawsuit in Arkansas is not unlike similar lawsuits which have originated in California (Silva v. See’s Candy Shops Inc., Case No. D068136 in the Fourth Appellate District, Division One, in the Court of Appeal of the State of California) alleging employees have not been paid for all time spent working, and specifically time spent climbing into, and shedding uniforms and other related safety gear at the behest of the employer READ MORE


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