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Settlements - Media/Telecom

  • Sprint Settles ETF Class Action for $17.5 Million (Aug-11-09)
  • AT&T Reaches Preliminary $65 Million Settlement with Missouri Cities (Jun-29-09)
  • AT&T Class Action Jury Awards $17M to California Residents (Nov-21-08)
  • Timberland Unsolicited Text Messages Cost Company $7 Million (Sep-15-08)
  • Sprint Nextel Early Termination Fees Ruled Illegal in California (Aug-1-08)
  • NOS Communications settles class action lawsuit regarding deceptive marketing practices (Jul-1-08)
  • Phone Bill Reduction Qwest agrees to $16 million settlement in overcharging lawsuit. (May-1-08)
  • Public Safety Radio M/A-COM Inc. to pay $4 million settlement in overcharging lawsuit. (Apr-30-08)
  • Chicago Media Ownership Hollinger Inc. to pay $1 million settlement in stock structure lawsuit. (Mar-26-08)
  • Press Apology Newspapers pay undisclosed settlement in libel lawsuit. (Mar-19-08)
  • Collect Calls Phone billing companies pay $1.9 million settlement in unauthorized charges lawsuit. (Mar-17-08)
  • Circulation Boost Journal Sentinel to pay undisclosed settlement in advertising lawsuits. (Mar-17-08)
  • Past Due Telecom Italia to pay $7.1 million settlement in accounts receivable lawsuit. (Mar-12-08)
  • Overtime Pay Santa Barbara News-Press pays $140,000 settlement in overtime suit. (Mar-10-08)
  • Feature Film Piracy Chinese company settles piracy suit with Hollywood studios. (Mar-8-08)
  • Oscar Winner Sues Production Company Ascendant pays Kevin Costner undisclosed amount in settlement. (Mar-6-08)
  • Telecom Settlement Ericsson settles $30 million lawsuit. (Mar-5-08)
  • Yellow Pages Directory Billing agrees $400,000 deceptive marketing settlement. (Mar-4-08)
  • Cell Phone Services AT&T Mobility may have to pay $10 million to Florida customers after charging for third-party services. (Mar-3-08)
  • Newspaper Publisher Star Tribune must pay St. Paul Pioneer Press a $3.8 million trade secrets act violations settlement. (Feb-20-08)
  • Damaged Billboards Lamar Advertising pays $35,000 settlement after violating permit laws. (Feb-7-08)
  • Automated Calls Voice Mail Broadcasting Corp. pays $180,000 FTC settlement for telemarketing violations. (Jan-31-08)
  • Tanning Salon Defamation WDIO-TV pays undisclosed settlement after reporting false information about a business owner. (Jan-23-08)
  • Educational Infomercials Whitney Information Network refunds $1 million to customers for false and misleading advertising. (Jan-13-08)
  • Auction Defamation David Clabuesch pays Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. undisclosed settlement after posting defamatory signs. (Jan-10-08)
  • Undisclosed Charges PeoplePC fined $20,000 for deceptive marketing practices. (Jan-8-08)
  • Telemarketing Timeshare Equity Marketing Corp. pays $95,000 settlement for deceptive advertising. (Dec-25-07)
  • Lord of the Rings New Line Cinema reportedly paid Peter Jackson a $40 million settlement for accounting fraud. (Dec-24-07)
  • Inflated Circulation Tribune Co. pays $15 million settlement for marketing fraud. (Dec-23-07)
  • Phone Records CEO Group pays $25,000 FTC fine for selling phone records to third parties. (Dec-21-07)
  • Galaxy Communications $1 million settlement reached in burned woman's emotional distress suit. (Dec-7-07)
  • Email Advertising Adteractive pays $650,000 civil penalty for advertising spam fraud. (Dec-1-07)
  • Unsolicited Marketing Ameriquest Mortgage Co. and ADT Security Services pay $8 million FTC fine for telemarketing Do Not Call recipients. (Nov-13-07)
  • Auto Promotion Fraud Bill Heard Chevrolet pays $400,000 Florida State fine for misleading advertising. (Nov-12-07)
  • Speech Defamation Great Lakes Dredge & Dock agrees to settlement after recording and disseminating an attorney's speech. (Nov-11-07)
  • Free Ringtones Azoogle pays $1 million settlement for internet marketing and advertising fraud. (Nov-10-07)
  • Legacy Litigation Progressive Gaming International Corp. agrees to pay $20 million settlement after ten years. (Nov-7-07)
  • Screenplay Dispute Spyglass Entertainment Group and Hollywood Pictures Corp. pay Jerry Lewis undisclosed settlement for a remake of "The Errand Boy" that was never made. (Oct-24-07)
  • Unlimited Internet Verizon Wireless pays $150,000 fine and $1 million in reimbursements for deceptive marketing. (Oct-24-07)
  • Typosquatter Man ordered to pay FTC $164,000 fine for registering domains that are misspellings of legitimate brands. (Oct-17-07)
  • Facebook Child Protection Online social networking company agrees to safety probe settlement. (Oct-16-07)
  • Libel Columnist Kane County Chronicle pays libel settlement to chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court. (Oct-15-07)
  • Stolen Phones AT&T pays California state fine for unlawfully charging customers for unauthorized calls. (Oct-11-07)
  • Sports Marketing Agency Reggie Bush pays marketing agency settlement for breach of contract. (Oct-11-07)
  • Illegal Music Downloading Woman pays $220,000 settlement for downloading and sharing 24 songs. (Oct-7-07)
  • Jack Kerouac Biography Author returns $200,000 deposit after failing to meet deadline. (Oct-1-07)
  • Cell Phones Taxes Sprint Nextel Corp. pays $2.375 million settlement to Springfield, MA for license gross receipt taxes. (Sep-30-07)
  • Dance Lord Defamation Lord of the Dance star settles defamation lawsuit. (Sep-28-07)
  • Lord of the Rings Accounting New Line Cinema pays Peter Jackson $125,000 in royalties. (Sep-26-07)
  • Verizon Wireless $30 million settlement in mobile operator tax lawsuit. (Sep-6-07)
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