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Settlements - Media/Telecom

  • Paris Hilton Undisclosed settlement in $10 million defamation lawsuit. (Aug-23-07)
  • WebSource Media, BizSitePro, Eversites, Telsource Solutions, and Telsource International $1.2 million settlement in consumer fraud lawsuit. (Aug-17-07)
  • Jerome Armstrong $29,000 in fines and penalties in stock touting lawsuit. (Aug-11-07)
  • Consumer Digital Services LLC $1.3 million settlement in deceptive trade practices and consumer fraud lawsuit. (Jun-27-07)
  • Daily Mail, Associated Newspapers $6,000 settlement awarded to Keira Knightley to resolve celebrity libel claim. (May-28-07)
  • Universal Express $50 million from auction to be distributed among various charities. (May-22-07)
  • Turner Broadcasting System Over $2 million paid out in guerrilla ad campaign, bomb scare suit. (May-18-07)
  • Donald Trump $100,000 contribution to end flag flying woes for high end club owner. (Apr-25-07)
  • Paramount Pictures, the Los Angeles Time,s and Allied Advertising $75,000 settlement to resolve negligent advertising and bomb hoax charges. (Apr-19-07)
  • Qwest Communications $270 million to be spent on customer credit and improvements. (Apr-19-07)
  • Email Discount Network Over $1 million in restitution for unauthorized phone charges levied on 270,000 customers. (Apr-16-07)
  • BearingPoint $90 million settlement for computer related billing problems. (Apr-2-07)
  • Tekelec $5 million in credits awarded to Bouygues Telecom for a service interruption. (Mar-12-07)
  • Univision Communications Inc. $24 million fine for educational children's programming violations. (Mar-5-07)
  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment Consumers reimbursed for privacy infringement. (Feb-7-07)
  • TJ Web Productions Marketer of online porn pays out $465,000 on federal crackdown. (Feb-2-07)
  • Entercom Communications $4.25 million payola settlement. (Dec-28-06)
  • CBS Radio Inc. $2 million payment for accepting gifts and payola for air time. (Oct-23-06)
  • Telecom $3.3 million returned to customers for double billing flaws. (Oct-12-06)
  • Mantra Films $2.1 million fine for failing to document the ages of female performers in "Girls Gone Wild" films. (Sep-13-06)
  • EchoStar Communications $100 million settlement paid to affiliate associations to protect distant network channel subscribers. (Aug-28-06)
  • Popular Leasing USA $15.3 million debt relief and refunds provided to matrix box leasers. (Aug-28-06)
  • Franchise Pictures and Sidonian Holdings $3 million settlement for fraud awarded to Intertainment. (Aug-21-06)
  • $6.6 million settlement for sending junk faxes. (Aug-20-06)
  • US LEC $3 million settlement awarded to Qwest for billing and interstate access charges. (Aug-14-06)
  • Qwest Communications $265 million telecommunications settlement awarded to the State of New Mexico. (Jul-31-06)
  • Family Television Studios and Paradigm Media Group $75,000 settlement awarded to Michael Douglas. (Jul-11-06)
  • Talk America $150,000 telecommunications settlement awarded, of which $50,000 will be distributed to the state and $100,000 in free phone cards, including $25,000 to the Women's Resource Center of Grand Rapids, MI. (Jun-26-06)
  • EMI Group A broadcast law settlement of $3.75 million reached to resolve accusations after investigation by the NY attorney general (Jun-16-06)
  • Associated Newspapers Ltd. $188,000 libel settlement awarded to Sir Elton John for publishing a story with false information. (May-24-06)
  • Inc. $428,000 settlement for sending junk advertisements. (May-19-06)
  • Basic Research $3 million settlement for misleading advertising of weight loss products. (May-11-06)
  • Universal Music Group $12 million pay for play settlement. (May-11-06)
  • Warner Bros. Television Productions Gender harassment suit dismissed. (May-8-06)
  • Jumpstart Technologies $900,000 fine for violating anti spam laws. (Mar-27-06)
  • Time Inc. $8.8 million settlement in cash and refunds for automatically charging and billing readers for renewals. (Mar-23-06)
  • Comcast $1 million settlement awarded to Massachusetts customers for unfair business practices in marketing and advertising. (Mar-22-06)
  • Qwest Communications International Inc. $5.5 million settlement for implementing an unjust 7 cent surcharge to customers. (Feb-28-06)
  • Newport Creative Communications $400,000 settlement for making misleading claims in direct-mail solicitations. (Jan-30-06)
  • ChoicePoint Inc. $15 million settlement for failing to adequately protect consumers' personal information. (Jan-26-06)
  • DIRECTV $5 million settlement for failing to offer local TV channels and providing unreadable contracts. (Dec-13-05)
  • MGN Limited and Northern & Shell PLC Undisclosed settlement awarded to pop star Robbie Williams after alleging he was gay. (Dec-7-05)
  • Warner Music Group Corp. $5 million settlement alleging payoffs for radio airplay of artists awarded to the state of New York. (Nov-29-05)
  • Dr. Renato Calabria Sharon Stone filed a defamation suit against the doctor who has agreed to perform reconstructive surgery on children born with facial deformities. (Nov-18-05)
  • Telsim Mobil $500 million settlement awarded to Motorola who alleged fraud against the Turkish cellular phone operator. (Nov-1-05)
  • Intermix Media $750,000 in penalties for profits allegedly made through the distribution of spyware. (Oct-27-05)
  • Sports Illustrated $20 million defamation of character filed by former Washington State football coach for false allegations published in the magazine. (Oct-18-05)
  • Paddock Publications Undisclosed settlement for using the wrong man's photo in the Chicago Daily Herald as a person arrested in a drug bust. (Oct-11-05)
  • Rod Stewart A Las Vegas jury verdict found the British rocker must repay a $2 million advance plus interest for a cancelled concert at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. (Sep-8-05)
  • Anheuser-Busch Cos. $120 million cash settlement awarded to the family of the late Roger Maris for breach of contract and defamation of character. (Sep-1-05)
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