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"Thanks Heidi. [Your Avandia article] is a well written piece and really tells my story."
-- Dave J. (2009-03-06)

"Thank You so much for this VERY TRUE reading..

Wow you got everything word for word so I will send this to my hired lawyer that has taken on my case.

Thank You and I hope that we get a lot of readers so we can get the word out on this product. [Shoulder Pain Pumps]

Thank You,"
-- Julie P (2009-03-04)

"thank you,'ve said exactly what I felt (and continue to
feel)about Requip.

-- Chris Magee (2009-02-09)

"Thank you Jane for publishing my case. Hope I get justice!


-- Sagun Tandel (2009-02-03)

Great article on Requip gambling. I have heard of 'driving someone to drink' but, those restless leg advertisements with warnings about compulsive gambling had me scratching my scalp. Your article finally explains how this bizarre side-effect can be drug induced; very well done! This is a great service to those who have suffered humiliation and financial distress from a very real chemical imbalance caused by a prescribed medication: It is not a matter to be dismissed with thoughtless social taboos. You translated into plain English what most medical professional cannot; as a result, the average person begins to understand some very sobering issues and how we all might fall victim. I think I will just continue to bear the occasional midnight leg cramp.

Regards Linda in California"
-- Linda in California (2009-01-28)

"Go to and you will see a certified overtime wage lawsuit
for FEMA Inspectors. You are the ones that got me interested in this and
helped me out. Kudos to you and your site.
Thank you"
-- Chad Beckwith Smith (2009-01-24)

"Thanks for the link to the article, Jane. I am going to forward it to my husband so he can read it : )

Take care, and thank you for your help and compassion. It was so nice meeting you.

-- Shanan S (2009-01-20)

Just read your wonderful article on, "Car Accidents; Don't Settle For Less". I had no idea that seemingly minor injuries can surface so much later and become so disabling. Good interview; I am glad this lady found legal help and without a day to spare! There are surprisingly important facts to keep in mind, thanks for keeping us informed.

Best regards,"
-- L.Milligan (2008-12-14)


Very nicely done article. In the Conseco vein, I was on a regulator conference call today on the subject of Conseco and the situation is becoming worse, and quickly so. I might want to write a third article once I get all the facts. I'll keep you posted.

-- Martin McBirney (2008-12-10)

"Wow. great job. I am as manic as all that...and more. I will keep you posted on the progress of the Sidewalk Equity bill.

Aloha Kanaka! georgtte"
-- Georgette A Yaindl (2008-12-10)

"Hi Gordon,
I enjoyed your article, "Closing the American Dream". I especially appreciated your analysis of the Bankruptcy Reform Laws and how this has come back to bite the sub-prime loan sharks. Nancy Pelosi called this "reform" another form of indentured servitude; I agree. At least there is some measure of justice when unmitigated greed consumes the sinner. A very informative report; thanks!"
-- Julie S. (2008-11-23)

"Your article on the 'Anti-Depressant Pushers' was great! The research behind your report is very impressive. You must have worked hard on this one as it is crammed with solid facts, names, undisclosed profits of frightening sums and clear motives for these doctors to justify a betrayal of their Hippocratic oath (Do no harm).

I have some experience as a patient due to the onset of an anxiety disorder that causes panic attacks: Even good doctors promote anti-depressants. After trying several brands, I refused to try another because they make me feel unpleasantly strange. (One pill even had a silly face on it!). I am fortunate that a very small dosage of a generic tranquilizer will stop a panic attack without feeling high, no unpleasant side effects and no increased dosage after 10 years. When I questioned the doctor about prescibing anti-depressants, for anxiety, I was told that it was preferred because they are not addictive; this I do not accept. I have read many reports about patients trying to discontinue its use who testify to suffering severe withdrawal symptoms.

Until reading your article, I had no idea that a "reputable" doctor could possibly be profit motivated: Your superb work was a real eye-opener!

Congratulations on a fabulous article and a sincere thanks for your hard work!

-- Kate in California (2008-11-23)

"Thank you so much for having this help available to all... it is such a blessing!"
-- Anonymous (2008-11-02)

"Hi Heidi,

I liked your article on Elder financial abuse. It is so distressing when con-artists pick on the most vulnerable and I am relieved that the roofers in your article were prosectuted.

My 85 year father gets those highly questionable and high pressure sales calls directed at the elderly. He has a great way of dealing with it. First he listens quietly to the long sales pitch, pretends he is very slow and, when they are finished he asks them to repeat it. They become so frustrated that they hang up on him!

Thanks for the article Heidi and keep up the good work."
-- L. Milligan (2008-10-31)

"Hey Gordon,
Just read your article, "Fall of the House of (Credit) Cards". Great article, great title and wicked ending. I enjoyed that one!"
-- L. Milligan (2008-10-15)

"Lucy, Thank you for letting me know that the story was up on the site. Great Job and thanks again. Hopefully something positive will come out of this."
-- Julie (2008-10-14)

"Hi Gordon,
Thanks for your article, "The Wachovia Watch". I think this is a very important case where everyone benefits (except Citigroup) with a far better (non-fed) buyout by Wells Fargo. Congress has promised, "never again". If this has any meaning, they need to act as quickly as they did for Wall Street to regulate the, "big three" buy-out frenzy. I see Citi, Chase and Bank of America abusing bailout funds to gain monopoly control then later demand more taxpayer bailout money in the ensuing, "too big to fail" doctrine."
-- V. Bolin (2008-10-04)

"Hi Heidi,

I just read the article from our interview. Thanks for telling my story: "dazed and confused" was the perfect title.

There are some really great articles on the site this week. Since the Wall Street meltdown, I anxiously follow the stock fraud cases. This is disgraceful and congress' phones are jammed with angry calls. I feel a bit sorry for the poor working stiff that has to take the calls.

Thanks again and best regards,"
-- Karen S. (2008-09-25)

You did an excellent job. I can get the names of 2 others messed with by Ameriprise if you ever want them. Great job!"
-- Martie D. (2008-07-24)

"Hello Gordon,
I enjoy reading your articles for Lawyers and Settlements. You are a talented individual."
-- J. Sallette (2008-06-18)

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