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Just downloaded article and liked it - however, I wish I hadn't used the word **@*ed. I hardly ever curse. Other than that I am pleased. My husband, who in a previous life, worked as a reporter for a small town newspaper, really liked the article.

Thank you.

-- Pam (2009-10-23)

"Thanks, it is right on target. I appreciate your article.

-- Carrie (2009-10-05)

"Hi Jane, I read the article, it was great. thanks for telling my story."
-- Sherrie Hubbard (2009-08-22)

"Hi Jane,

I want to thank you for writing about Mike and Cipro. Perhaps the story can help someone. I hope so. I'm sure someone working for Bayer has read the story by now. Thank you for not letting them forget what they've done to him.

-- Connie Aud (2009-08-02)

"Jane, I would like to thank you for the article you wrote and time you took to talk to me. ( I like it)

I will keep you updated on my situation.

-- Rene (2009-07-22)

"Hello Heidi - Gosh - Your article had been excellent and explained in
basic terms that I think a lot of readers will relate to. I know I read
all the testimonials to find out what other people are experiencing and
that is a big help for me to determine what I will do with certain
products. I am very glad to have spoken with you and Thank You for
having contacted me"
-- Mike (2009-07-15)

"nice interview,
we did print it"
-- John (2009-06-15)

"I read the article and it works fine. Thanks for covering my plight."
-- Greg (2009-05-31)

"I have read your articles. They are great and very informative. Keep up the good work."
-- anonymous (2009-05-26)

"To: Jane Mundy
Subject: Re: food poisoning interview

-- anonymous (2009-05-19)

"Dear Jane.

Thank you so very much. You really did justice to my story. My wife says Thank You as well.
-- Kevin (2009-05-13)

"Hi Jane,

Thanks for the email and information.....You did very well to get all of what
I was saying....I wish things could have been different. but they aren't and
you can't go back.....You did a nice job on the piece and I hope you get
some response from it and maybe it can help somebody else...
You can Google Jack Whisenhunt and read the report that CBS did on him
and the VA Hospital less than a month before he passed away.....

Thanks Again"
-- Catherine Whisenhunt (2009-04-29)

"I would like to say thank you for an excellent job well done .PLEASE
continue to send my email alerts."
-- anonymous (2009-04-26)

"Dear Evelyn,
That's one heck of a good column!"
-- David Cohen Professor, School of Social Work, Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work (2009-04-21)

"I would like to thankyou for such a good article on your website title "one
mother, three children with birth defects""
-- anonymous (2009-04-20)

"Hi Jane,

I think you did a great job on the (Nissan) article!

Also, I read with interest your article regarding overtime pay for IT workers. My son works in IT in Florida, is on call all the time, including nights and weekends, and does not get overtime pay because he is salaried. I will share the articles with him.

Best Regards,"
-- Janet W (2009-04-18)

"Hi Jane!! I just read the article!! My 1st ever interview for anything and its BEAUTIFUL!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. May God bless you for all of your help in helping me!! Thanks again. You know how to reach me if I am needed again!! Thanks a lot"
-- Kimyetta Evans (2009-04-12)

"Thank you for the article, you pretty much covered everything we talked
about. I appreciate someone taking time to listen to those of us who
suffered even though death was involved. Now if I could just get a lawyer to
represent me.

Please feel free to provide my name and number to any lawyer who may inquire
about your article, I would love to find someone to help me.

-- Sandi I (2009-03-21)

"Thank you so much! You are a godsend!!!!"
-- Laura Knight (2009-03-11)

"Thanks for your time and interest Jane, it meant a lot to me as it seemed that there were numerous Duragesic stories out there were from "first/timer users". I hope my story can shed some light on the facts that the risks are very high, even to a former seasoned high dose med/opiate user such as myself. It is so easy for me to see how deadly this med can be to all the "joe averages" out there w/minimal med/opiate/interaction and prior overdose experience and especially for those who live alone and don't have any oversight to monitor them. I notice in reading your current page that it seem many people just lay down, go to sleep and end up dead. Doctors out there spend a lot of time telling patients all throughout their life's that a certain med may take time for them to adapt to, SO they trust their Dr., Try and believe in the Duragesic and stick w/the old "ride it out syndrome". Sadly w/this med - it kills them. WITHOUT a doubt I am more than certain that w/out my prior med history I could of very well been in the same boat if I hadn't been wise enough to pull the patch off early. Please always feel free to consult w/me if I can help you or others in this matter. Sincerely;"
-- Roger W Lincoln (2009-03-10)

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