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"Great web site, keep up the good work."
-- V. Sampson, CA (2006-07-01)

"Hi Jane, hope you are doing well. That was a fantastic story that you wrote about me and vioxx. You outdid yourself girl! i proud of you; and thank you. if my lawyer should happen to reject me; i'm sure that some of the lawyers that read the story will contact me. One already has. Thanks."
-- Linda (2006-06-29)

"Hi Jane, ...I really enjoyed the interview ... you asked good questions, and the whole thing was really fun. I hope you all can stimulate enough interest in the harmful effects of Neurontin to initiate a Class Action lawsuit... I believe there's a need. I was lucky... lucky to have found the information that perhaps saved my life -- or at the very least, saved me from months of needless emotional torment. Torment, anguish, despair... there are not words that are adequate to describe what I went through, and I deeply believe that these dangerous potential side effects should be made public, for there are lives at stake."
-- Julie B. (2006-06-06)

"Hi Jane, Thank you so much for a beautifully written article. You did a fantastic job! I hope the article has a great impact on all who read it. Much success to you."
-- Stephanie (2006-05-31)

"I love what you guys do....I get and read your news letter every times it comes out!!"
-- Ryan (2006-05-24)

"Jane: Great work. You're an awesome journalist!"
-- Bahram (2006-03-13)

"I just found and read your article on Tom and the St. Vincent fiasco. Thank you for writing it. You did a good job. I also followed your links and saw all the things that you are into. My goodness, you're a busy woman. Loved the pic of you and your dogs. I wanted to you to know that Tommy would have been (is?) tickled that you wrote the article, being a foodie. Even though he was a big tough biker, and heavy equipment mechanic, and all around tough guy, he was a real foodie, too. He subscribed to all kinds of food mags (along with all the biker ones) and watched Rachel Ray regularly. He was quite a guy. Again, thanks for the article and for taking the time to listen. I appreciate it."
-- J. Finley (2006-02-27)

"I just wanted to thank you for referring me to Robert Edwards, Wilcox and Wilcox. Thank you so much."
-- J. Beeler, AZ (2006-02-22)

"Jane, it was so nice to meet you on the phone and to talk with you!! Thank you very much for all the good work that you do. You are helping so many people. Let me know what happens with your State Farm story. I'd love to see it."
-- Karlene (2006-02-16)

"Thank you for posting Evie Pringles article on the important issue of vaccine safety. Unfortunately, it is going to take hard-ball legal battles and legislative bans to prevent injury to many unsuspecting families. She is a great advocate for health."
-- Anonymous (2006-02-03)

"This is the most user friendly site on the net it seems that your site cares about your case thank you so much for your site."
-- S. van Ausdal, UT (2006-01-30)

"I've posted my objective here is to thank you for giving people a place to go who think they're alone after being taken advantage of or retaliated against, a place where they can come together and discuss these injustices and hopefully find a resolution that will send a message. I'm not sure I can be helped, but whether or not I can, at least people will be aware of the problems I've had and the companies responsible for my distress. Being able to tell such a large audience of people what happened to me somehow helps me to feel vindicated to an extent...there may not be a solution for me, but possibly for someone else. Thank you for providing this invaluable service to those of us lost and with no voice in the corporate world. You're a godsend. "
-- S. Barton, VA (2006-01-11)

"Hey, I think I emailed you before to let you know that I got my vouchers from Microsoft but I didnt tell that I turned my vouchers in with the appropriate paperwork and I got checks totaling $900. The checks cleared and I couldnt thank you guys enough--in fact it made our Christmas great. And all I had to do was to pay attention to the site. Thank you, again."
-- SW in Arkansas (2006-01-05)

"Credit Card Abuse: I was happy to see the recommendations that were made to congress concerning this "legal" form of loan sharking. I watch your site all the time and have recommended it to many others. Thank you for giving the little guys a voice! Keep up the good fight! "
-- L. Shelton, SC (2005-10-14)

" I have suffered for the past 4 years on a routine basis with "reckless disregard," the most e-greigous discrimination, unwillingness, and malicious, cruel treatment by Bank of America, and utter Ignorance, and ongoiing routine practices of non-compliance, and blatant refusal by anyone "employed" by the bank, to provide customer service, and account resolutions... Thanks to your site, and reading the forum posts, I saw I was not "alone." With the lawsuit lost by Bank of A this past 2/04, Re: their illegal practices of defrauding peole with SSI accounts, by deducting "huge overdraft fees," stealing "critical funds" from people on so limited incomes, disabled, elderly, unable to "stop the practice." After many, many e-mails to the bank... and, only $24.00 to live on for the month, (after they stole another $132.00 from me) to my utter amazement, the bank credited my account for a whopping $429.00!!!! Thank God for everyone here who relays this crucial info on to others. Saved me. I could go back 4 years on the fees, but, I got the fees from 11/04 to now. I just kept sending them the same emails, and, kept it up, til they fixed it!!! I I referred to the exact lawsuit case, name, date, etc, and pending actions with Dept of Justice... so, it pays to "Sock it to them! Thanks again... saved for another month..."
-- J. A. Kincanon, OR (2005-09-20)

"I wanted to thank you for putting together such an informative newsletter. We have actually modified some of our policies and procedures based on information obtained from the cases summarized in your newsletter and I appreciate the quick and concise review of these important cases. I hope you will pass this on to everyone involved in the newsletter! Your time and efforts are appreciated!"
-- C.A.J., Associate General Counsel (2005-09-16)

"I just received my Microsoft vouchers and I wanted to say thanks because without this site I would have never known about the possibility of receiving vouchers from Microsoft for products that I use today. Thanks again so much."
-- S. in Arkansas (2005-08-05)

"Go for the jugular, guys. I have had more problems with USF over the years than I can name. I have a master's from USF, and my daughter will soon complete her BA, and I regret that we sent her there. It is the world's worst bureaucracy. No one wants to give you an answer, no one wants to solve your problems or answer your questions, and no one seems to be interested at all in the consumer. It takes half a lifetime to get through--the courses are good, the professors are often brilliant and inspiring, but the people in the offices, behind the counters and at the desks, are terrible with the public. I wish you luck in ANY lawsuit against that school. I will never set foot on campus again. The alumni office knows not to call me or send me solicitations."
-- LJ (2005-08-03)

"I think what you are doing is wonderful. It is a good thing that people are being held responsible for the hurt they cause. I wish there was some way to hold someone responsible for celiac disease. I believe the FDA should be held accountable. They are the ones who say what is safe and they don't tell the bad things that can happen from consuming some foods. Keep up the good work.

I really enjoy getting your newsletters and the resources I've discovered through your website on several occasions. Keep up the good work!"
-- KTM

"Thank you very much. I was able to receive compensation for my defective equipment, due largely to the existence of sites like yours. But I will book mark the site anyhow!"
-- LH

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