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"I really appreciate your assistance... your message is definitely timely. Thanks."
-- ML

"I want to thank you for your input. I need all the help I can get. Thanks."

"Thank you for your reply. We really appreciate it. Your suggestion is excellent. We are going to send the documents to today. If you have any more suggestions, we will welcome them. Thanks again."
-- LD

"Thanks so much for number 1 having answered my e-mail so quickly and number 2 having a desire to help people in my situation. You're a Godsent. Please give me some time to contact the other people this happened to as they're all in the state of Texas and I now reside in Florida. I will be working on this ASAP. I have tremendous proof this incident happened and I will not give up my cause for justice."
-- DM

"Thank you for your consideration in helping a fellow that needs all the help he can get! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS."
-- BH

"Thank you so much for the information!"
-- MEM

"Thank you so much for your support! I will bring this up at our next staff meeting and we'll be in touch in the new year."
-- LAU

"Thanks for the referral. I saw that a class action suit is currently being compiled citing the exact complaints that I have, so I registered myself to be included in the suit. I appreciate your taking the time out to send me to that site. The site seems to be useful and well-organized, and I hope that some justice may now be done as a result."
-- ED

"We want to thank you so much for the web site regarding complaints. We have had a very long struggle with the legal system as well as with this automobile manufacture. But, with help from caring Americans, such as yourself, we will eventually get simple justice."
-- J

"Thanks for your kind info, but I beat you to it. I joined a class action suit with some lawyer's out of Texas, against Toshiba, and we won. I received over a thousand dollar's and some Toshiba coupons, which I traded off to keep from doing any more business with Toshiba. Thanks again for the info on the class action website, I will definitely bookmark it for future reference."
-- Ron

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