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Thank you for the link. I loved the article. Best of luck with your writing, though you obviously don't need it!"
-- Veronica (2019-01-17)

"Hi Jane,

Nice writeup on the Ortega v. JB Hunt matter."
-- Hunter M (2018-11-09)

Thank You so much for the article. Very well written. Showing it to everyone!"
-- Rick (2018-10-26)

"Great job Jane!!!!!! I love it! Thank you for helping me tell our story!"
-- Lori (2018-02-03)

"Thank you! From the bottom of my heart. We did some good I know we did. Take care,

Your friend,"
-- Marisa Martinez (2017-11-13)

"Nice piece!! So, here are some changes to my quotes and answers to your questions:........
........Thanks again for writing this. It’s amazing."
-- Scott Edward Cole, Esq. (2017-06-29)

"thank you - excellent!"
-- Jason Brown (2017-02-26)

"I would like to thank you for writing and posting our story on your website.

The story that Jane Mundy wrote rightly captures and covers the underlying issue. Jane did an exceptional work and I would like thank you & Jane for job well done!

As the story points out, our nations veterans are at the end of chain of events described in the story. I would also like to extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of our veterans as well.

Thanks a million!"
-- David Vatan (2016-05-20)

"Hi Jane,

I greatly appreciate your work & I enjoyed reading it!

You have done by far a greater job that the initial reporter in covering all important points surrounding our matter.

Job well done!

Thank you Jane, so much!"
-- David J (2016-05-16)

"Great post.thank u very much.dont worry about trump tower,mr. Trump has reached his pinicle of popularity..."
-- Anonymous (2016-03-25)

"Family and I just read the story. Great article. Thank you again!"
-- Judy Ly (2016-03-22)

""Unum is also my LTD insurer. Lawyers and Settlements frequently posts articles by Linda N. who is a Disability consultant. I hired Linda to manage my claim due to her articles on this website. She saved my claim from problems numerous times. Thank you to Lawyers and Settlements !!!!""
-- anonymous (2015-07-31)

"Jane, thank you again for doing the article. I don't think things will
change until more people know about this problem and speak up. With your
permission I'd like to forward this link to various news agencies along with
a little blurb regarding the mesh and some history about the FDA approving
these devices (without any testing), based on the original mesh design. As
you know the original mesh was pulled by the manufacture around 1998.
Don't know how I'm going to do this, but I'll find away.
Thank you!!!!!!
-- Kay (2015-05-27)

"Very well written.

Warning to Women with Mirena IUD
2015-03-26 08:00 by Jane Mundy"
-- Kathy (2015-03-30)

"Good Morning/Afternoon

Jane, it was a sincere pleasure speaking with you. You made my call very relaxed as well as comfortable speaking about this ordeal. It is and had been so embarrasing, even to speak about it.

Again I thank you for that,

Blessings to you"
-- Sandie K (2015-01-29)

"Re: your depakote interview

Thank you. U did a nice job."
-- Tamar (2014-10-22)

"Hi, Jane!
Thank you for great job!
Please, inform me how possible to find an attorney on my son's case?
Best regards,"
-- Albina (2014-07-26)

"Thank you for posting the story. We hope others will benefit from reading about our experience."
-- Greg and Mattie. (2014-07-20)

"Hi Jane! Your piece was wonderful and i thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! I did have one question. am i supposed to speak with an attorney from that firm? in other words do i call them or do i wait to be contacted? Sorry about the confusion. Again thank you so much!!!!!!!"
-- Bill McDonough (2014-02-18)

"Wow Jane, you are an amazing writer!!! Your essay is exactly what I experienced in that inferno with the "King of Bullies". Thanks very much for your interest and support! I really appreciate it! This type of behavior needs to STOP!"
-- Mario Moreno (2014-01-22)

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