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"Thanks Jane, maybe I'll get someone to help me. Living like this its crazy. Again thanks for getting the word out, maybe it will help someone or stop them from taking finasteride."
-- Lamar (2013-08-16)


I thought your article on me was great. Thanks for putting my story out there. If there is any other way I can get involved in stopping us from being used as guinea pigs, I'm all in. Again thanks, maybe my story can help with awareness for others, with medical issues and their options. One last question do you know a good attorney to challenge Nexium on my issue? Thank you,"
-- Scott (2013-08-01)

"Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for your story on my Fosamax HORROR.

Thank you for listening, thank you for putting my story out there, thank you for understanding, thank you thank you.

God Bless,"
-- Phyllis (2013-06-30)

"Thanks Jane,

Read your article. If we had the time I would have probably changed one or two things to make them a bit more accurate. However, they do not really affect the gist of the article. I enjoyed reading it and bet that many others will too!"
-- Steve (2013-06-25)

"Jane - I could not have said it better if I wrote it myself. . Thank you! !"
-- Christopher Tompkins (2013-06-21)

"That was a very well written article and accurate. Thanks! Hopefully those on Januvia will see it..."
-- Michelle (2013-05-14)

"Thank You very kindly, excellent article, it's what I am going to use as script in my trial, on may 1st 2013. Wish me luck. Best regards"
-- Miklos L (2013-04-17)

"Subject: RE: your Adderall interview

The article was lovely...thank you so much. I am very grateful and hope that this helps someone realize the risks inherent in taking this drug."
-- Cheryl (2013-02-06)

"Outstanding! You did and covered all the momentous points out of an hour long conversation, your an outstanding reporter. I cant thank you enough. I will give you a buzz once I have gone through the next round of nonsense."
-- Tim Haight (2013-02-06)

"Thank you very much Jane. Loved the story - just wish it wasn't me! You
did a very nice job, you brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face -
the sign of a very good writer. Thanks again."
-- Steve (2013-01-09)

"Thanks a lot, Jane. You are a really good reporter. You took the best parts of the information and highlighted it without showing me as angry at being injured and still going forward to make a difference for patients. I really appreciate it. Hope you are enjoying whatever part of the world you are in! :) Your job sounds amazing. Best,"
-- Lana (2012-10-30)

"Hi Jane:
This is a wonderful piece. I believe you really captured what I wanted to
-- Jacquelyn Tobin (2012-10-18)

"Hi Jane

What an excellent article!!

Asbestosis Victim and Former Asbestos Remover Comes Clean

2012-09-27 10:30 by Jane Mundy"
-- Neal (2012-10-05)

"Message: Thank you. You did me a great service with your article on DUI and how the breathalyzer can be wrong in your 2008 article. Probable cause evidence was manipulated and fabricated throughout the field sobriety test and the police lied continuously throughout the investigation and subsequent legal action fighting vigorously to be absolved from blame. It's amazing how the entire legal system is twisted to allow the State Police to circumvent all or your constitutional rights with (arguable probable cause) and with immunity. Your article in 2008 inspired me to seek legal consul and I did in fact bring legal action against the Connecticut State Police. The case was allowed to proceed through summary judgement for malicious prosecution and a compromise was strongly suggested by the presiding Federal Judge. A resolution was reached through the Federal Magistrate whereby the State of Connecticut agrees to pay the Plaintiff a monetary sum. I can give you more detail with case #s and Judge's names if needed Thanks again."
-- Scott (2012-10-04)

"LOVE this website!! Did an interview with Jane Mundy regarding a LT disability claim with Unum in which I believe I was wrongfully denied on. I would have never known or would have never had the chance to reopen this claim if it weren't for this website. Keep up the good work!! Thanks guys!!"
-- Cindy Davey (2012-08-02)

"Sorry I didn't get a picture to you. Thank you, it's kind of cool having
someone interested in what I have gone through with the VA and the Army."
-- Kevin (2012-07-18)

"Thank you, Jane for the opportunity to voice my objection to USPS management violating Labor law as well as their own rules and regulations, time and again with impunity. I do appreciate your time and effort in posting my story on your website.
Take care,"
-- Perry (2012-05-31)

"thanks for the link....nice article (and acurately reported)."
-- Bill (2012-05-29)

"I am hooked on your site; I love reading your interviews and have emailed your link to many of my friends. It has so much information about other bad faith claims and topics like recalled drugs and more"
-- Anonymous (2012-05-22)

"Hey all,

In researching an article about Bjork Shiley, I came across an article used by what looks like a text book (or at least is used in a course manual) at Brown University. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see Lawyers and Settlements listed as a source for the final quote in the article. It's from one of Evelyn's old articles. Thought you might enjoy that."
-- Heidi (2012-05-15)

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