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"Julia, Thanks for the link. You did an excellent job on showing the dangers of all ATV's. I'm sure it will be posted on our website this week. Thanks again for helping to get the word out to others. If I can assist you again in the future please let me know."
-- Concerned Families for ATV Safety (2007-12-17)

"Looking for information and found it at this great site."
-- Anonymous (2007-12-08)

"Hi Jane, Great article."
-- M. Ferrari, OH (2007-11-03)

"Great source of info you are. Keep up your good work."
-- Anonymous (2007-10-30)

"Thank you. The article is accurate and well-written. Ironically, it was published on the 3 year anniversary of the day Laura was killed. Maybe it will do some good, but I have my doubts."
-- T. Lynam (2007-10-17)

"Hi Donna, Hi Jane, I want you to know that I am so greatful to have spoken with you the other day ... I'm crying again as I type ! This is so painful and scary and i was just not getting any answers. I am so so thankful to my husband for putting this in motion with Jane and to Jane for hooking us up .... jeeze there's a puddle forming on my lap ... who would have known that there is so much freaking water in the body for all these tears !!!!! Since wednesday i have been in so much pain .... Donna, when they did your scappings did they use that nasty little spring type contraption to keep your eye open and scalpels? I can still feel the cuts on my eye! The first dr used a big needle and held my eye openm with his finger .... i could have let him scrape all day ... there was no pain and no aftermath. The dr told me today ... well yesterday now .... that i still have ak ... he is setting up an appt with an infectious disease dr at McMaster Hsp next week and they are trying to get another prescription filled for me this weekend to step up the treatment. I can't really see the screen. I have my darkest sunglasses on.. but I have spent the last thirty to forty minutes reading thru some of the articles .... its a really good thing that i knew how to type prior to this occurring !!!! I must go for now, i'm spent for tonight..... take good care of yourselves ... I'll be in touch again when I can...Jane, I'll see what I can do about a photo of my eye.... but it ain't pretty! Im sending you both a great big hug ... thanks for coming into my life!"
-- Michelle (2007-08-24)

"Jane. you are amazing, geting my story down so accurately. thanks. I felt better just having a chance to tell it and be heard. I hope it helps someone else. [READ VEGGIE BOOTY]"
-- M. Hennessey (2007-08-23)

"Thank you for this newsletter. Before I read it each month, I used to have a very negative opinion of lawsuits and attorneys. Now, just from reading, my opinion has changed greatly. I see the benefits that you bring to your clients. "
-- T.Tolbert, CA (2007-08-09)

"Re: your Avandia interview. Thank you for helping make a difference.
Best wishes."
-- Neil (2007-07-31)

"Thank you Jane. I contacted Anne - it was good to talk to someone who feels and understands the impact this [Zelnorm] has had."
-- Trudy (2007-07-27)

"Thank you for your article. It is great to see it print on the website. I'll keep you apprised of my claim status from the class action lawsuit re-review."
-- J.W., IN (2007-07-19)

"I want to thank you Jane and anyone else who makes this site and newsletter possible! Your regular e-mails have always furnished me with great insite into issues that sometimes the media will write about briefly and a lot of other issues that they don't even make us aware of in the press. Please keep your info coming on AVANDIA. Your the new information about significant bone mineral density in women and now the possibility of it in men (study published in Diabetes Care) will only strenthen a case for all us women who have mineral loss from taking AVANDIA. I strongly believe AVANDIA IS the reason I am now one step from full blown osteoporosis since taking it. Keep up the good work and pressure on Glasgow Kline-Smith by keeping people informed!"
-- Dee (2007-07-18)

"Hey Jane, Good to hear from you, you guys are doing great things and helping families all around the country fight GSK [GlaxoSmithKline]"
-- Anonymous (2007-06-28)

"Thanks for the link to my Zelnorm interview. The article is well written. "
-- Trudy (2007-06-22)

"Thank you for the compliment and your dedication to my case. It's always nice to know that when things aren't looking very well for your future someone is always willing to put forth an efort to comfort them. I want to thank you for being part of the reason why i look forward to my life. Even with the simple gesture of listening to my story, taking an interest an has the desire in helping me let others be informed of the effects makes my day. I wish everyone could hear about these effects. I thank you much for all your time. I hope your day is the best!"
-- Jennifer (2007-06-21)

"I must tell you that lawyers and settlements is one of my favorites. I usually delete any newsletters that come my way but never lawyers and settlements. Keep up the great service. I love your site."
-- Angela W. (2007-06-18)

"Jane, Just wanted to say it was a pleasure speaking with you and I hope to meet you one day. You are awesome lady! Love and White Light "
-- Chris (2007-05-24)

"Wow, you did a wonderful story. Thanks so much for your concern and sensitivity in this case. I hope that through this other moms will be aware of the hidden dangers in taking Paxil and that those already suffering will find the help they need to be compensated for the neglegence of the makers! "
-- W&J Tinsley, NC (2007-04-14)

"What a wonderful article, Thanks Jane."
-- Terry, Penryn, CA (2007-04-13)

"Dear Jane, I read your articles all time on the Ortho Evra Patch. I am not one of the lucky ones. I lost my one and only daughter Lynda on 2/11/06.

She started to get sick in Sept 05 with chest pains. She went twice to the doctors whom said upper respitory infection. She kept having minor problems but never thought it was the patch. She had serious headaches and we rushed to the hospital 1/28/06. They found 2 bleeds on the brain, flew her to another hospital with an ICU and Neoro Surgeon. I felt so hopeless watching my 24 year old daughter be intibated to be transported. They found 2 major and 8 little strokes which did so much damage they said she would never be the same. After 10 days of daily MRI'S and watching her in the coma they had to put her in, the blood clots traveled through her heart twice, collasped her lung. Within two more days they told us there was nothing they could do they wanted me to sign a DNR. How would they like to sit, hold their only daughter's hand and watch her slip away? This patch has to come off the market. I'm not sure why I'm writing to you... I guess to warn others. My life will never be the same and this is just not fair to take away my best friend. Thank You."
-- Eryn's Mom, April (2007-03-18)

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