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"Hi Jane,

Tthank you for listening to me and writing about our case. I hope very much that some attorneys will help us to resolve it. I'm hoping to collect all documents by the end of next week and pass it to the lawyers.

Safe travel to you!

Please, stay in touch.

-- Vladimir (2012-05-03)

"Hi Jane:

Thank you for the article about my shoulder, thanks for all the time & effort
you put into it. I'm hoping by getting this out there, that something comes
of it. I'm hoping that their is some light at the end of the tunnel, someday,
and that I will be able to have use of my arm again.......
I was also writing you to see how this works, if an attorney is interested in
my story, how will he get a hold of me, I am guessing through you, could
you maybe e-mail me with this information, when you get a chance..
Thanks again Jane, talk to you soon."
-- Patti Ury (2012-04-17)


I read the article. Thank you for capturing the honesty and my own personal story as unbiased reporter. If it can't help me in my lifetime, maybe, it will help someone else."
-- Debora (2012-02-21)

"I was soooo frustrated that I could find it that I finally after much search found it under Jane Mundy...It is a nice article and you told the truth. Thank you."
-- Marilyn R. Meier-O'Brien (2012-01-24)

"Thank you for continuing your coverage of Flouroquinolone Toxicity. The victims are numerous and the symptoms and damage is horrific. The financial devastation from the damage caused by these drugs is unimagineable. I am very involved with many groups and I can tell you I don't know anyone who has not been financially devastated by the medical costs related to the damage caused by these drugs, The emotional and physical damage is just as unfortunate. Thank you."
-- E.W. (2012-01-24)

"Hi Jane,
It was stories like yours and recent news about FDA's decision about labeling on Yasmin products, that prompted my call to Kogan and Associates. I took Yasmin for about 10 months in 2005 and experienced 3 DVTs as a result. I don't think that there is adequate data out there from women who found themselves in similar situations. I feel that I need to be "counted" as one of the women who were negatively affected by this drug, so that the FDA has more data in which to base their decisions about the overall safety of this drug. I believe that this drug is dangerous and that women need to speak up and stand up so that other women can make the best informed decisions and weigh the risks associated with Yasmin."
-- anonymous (2011-12-20)

"Great publication. I don't miss it. That's the only site in the world that lets you know what's happening. It's like an expose on the bad boys, which is needed. The fact that people are being challenged for their actions, is important. You guys report on what they're doing. I read it all the time and find out who the bad guys are. It's an important site"
-- Robert Hall (2011-09-13)

"Awesome and thank you.The main message has been said and to me, the most important is for people/children to stay away from this death town.The Tree bark issue is another Govt let down at a cost of millions and many lives that use this forest and trees and yet pay the price of deadly exposure to something that kills you.As you can see Jane,many years of blowing the whistle and deaf ears and ignorance in return...all for the health and safety of those we leave behind.If you have a fax, I can send you letters of responds to this concern from those who did nothing to recall or find out where this deadly bark is.I know alot went to playgrounds and those children today are being exposed and no one seems to care or do anything about this.Please contact me on the tree issue and anything else you need to know...about the town left to die from the air that kills.God Bless and again...thank you very much for getting the truth out to those who have a need to know about something that kills your entire it has killed mine."
-- Mike Crill (2011-08-12)

"Hi Jane:...Thanks for the write up. Very well written....I hope it does some good to other sufferers. No fast cure but get to a Dr, as fast as possible to start some type of treatment..I am not completely over it yet, I am sure I am stuck with it for a few more weeks..Coughing subsided quite a bit, but still get the itches..I have thought about litigation, but as one explained to me, "a very tough case unless you kick the bucket and then the attornies will make all the money. Maybe you can get an extra silk sheet in the box". Pleasure speaking with, and if we ever get to Canada again, would love to meet you and show you (ug) my welts...I may never work as a stripper again. All the very best and best of success..Regards,,"
-- Jack (2011-08-03)

"Great Writeup,

-- Pal (2011-07-31)

"Thankyou for taking the time to hear my story it was a pleasure talking to someone who understands how corrupt Unum is"
-- Denise (2011-07-28)

"You did an excellent job, and I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of my mother's story. Of course, I cried as I read it. I know what was happening a year ago at this very moment. The one-year anniversary......

Thanks again and please let me know if you pick up an assignment in Colorado. I would love to meet up with you."
-- anonymous (2011-07-27)

"This is Al Parke-Jane, I enjoyed your writings-clear and distinct-
flows well- -you did capture the essence of our conversation. Thanks"
-- Al Parke (2011-07-26)

"Wow, what a difference! Looks really good...nothing to change that I see on the first read. Thank you! I think you did a great job. All the best,"
-- Lana (2011-07-22)

"Thank you. I love the article."
-- Linda (2011-06-08)

"Thanks!! Nice working with you...I like the article! Check out my
website now...a few updates to it today but much more to come. Have a nice
weekend! yours truly,"
-- Lana (2011-05-23)


Thank you for sharing the article with me. I enjoyed speaking with you and I'm sorry I was at work.

Thanks Again,"
-- Rob Rogers (2011-04-16)

"Your chosen career, as journalists, seems to be focused on helping others. To this end, it seems that you are 100% thorough, dedicated and caring. If only the FDA, Drug companies, government officials, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, etc. were as thorough and responsible, the people who have trustingly taken drugs allowed to be prescribed to the unsuspecting public, would not be harmed and suffering as I am now.

Thank you again for your call this afternoon, commiserating with me and letting me know that there are others and that perhaps something can be done about this travesty that has befallen myself and others. Hopefully, your work will prevent this happening again in the future to others.

Sincerely and with appreciation,"
-- Marcia Crossley-Cohen (2011-04-05)

"thank you Jane, for getting my story out...very nicely put. So when do you think i should hear something from the attorneys who are reviewing my case?"
-- Mary (2011-03-25)

"Right on the buttton. Good job.
-- ronald (2011-03-25)

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