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Yasmin Lawsuit Update with Attorney Jason T. Brown

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Jersey City, NJAs an attorney, Jason T. Brown is still taking Yasmin cases from women who have been injured as a result of Yasmin birth control. As a consumer rights advocate, he is troubled that this product is still on the market and still in women’s bodies.

Attorney Brown started Yasmin litigation about seven years ago. He closely examined the new generations of birth control pills and soon represented several hundred clients who had injuries from NuvaRing, Yasmin, Yaz, Ocella and Beyaz.

Brown and his law firm believes that Bayer Pharmaceuticals and other companies that use the drospirenone hormone in their birth control products “dropped the ball” by not adequately warning the consumer about the real risks involved. He asks some provocative questions that Yasmin victims want the answers to; questions such as why would the FDA even let this product exist? And with advances in technology and medicine, why are drugs getting riskier rather than safer?

“There isn’t even a real cost benefit to Yasmin,” Brown adds. “In fact, Yasmin is often more expensive than other birth control pills so the consumer can’t even weigh the benefits of this product costing less than its competitors. So there is absolutely no reason why the FDA hasn’t withdrawn this product.”

Brown adds that the FDA is well aware of Yasmin problems, as evidenced by its Adverse Events report issued in May 2012. “This report forced Bayer to change its label to more directly tell the consumer they double the risk of earlier generation birth control pills, but the agency wouldn’t go so far as to totally protect women and take Yasmin and other fourth-generation birth control pills off the market.”

Why hasn’t the FDA taken a tougher stand on these birth control pills? Brown believes it is because there is a disconnect between the pharmaceutical companies and the medical community, the latter only hearing pharmaceutical propaganda via representatives giving away free samples and perks, such as lavish dinners and swanky vacations.

“Another reason is that the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the FDA is incestuous,” Brown quips. “A lot of former FDA employees have secured lucrative jobs within these pharma companies. And one more reason: If you read the FDA filings, they complain abut being overworked and understaffed so we shouldn’t look to them to police these companies.”

Alone we stand?

“Doctors may ask these sales reps about litigation but I can imagine the answer: that plaintiffs’ attorneys are being greedy,” says Brown. “But when someone suffers a Yasmin pulmonary embolism, their life is fundamentally altered forever. It becomes a serious issue for the rest of their lives: They will be considered high risk for blood clots; it will be dangerous to travel and to have surgeries; and they could experience complications in childbirth.”

Video: What Causes Pulmonary Embolism? Attorney Jason Brown Explains

It is very complicated bringing a child to term. These women, god bless them, have to inject themselves in the belly with Lovenox every day to carry a baby full term. Furthermore, if a pulmonary embolism is not found, it can shut down the lungs and lead to death. The same goes with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) anywhere in the body, and that can cause stroke and worse.

“I am handling a recent case that settled with Bayer that involved a young lady whose life plan changed,” says Brown. “Instead of a large family, she must settle for one child because she couldn’t deal with injections in the belly every day. She had two miscarriages before this child was born and feels too sad to deal with possibly more miscarriages. As well, it is mentally and physically a challenge bringing a baby to term after suffering a pulmonary embolism.”

Yasmin Settlements

“There really has been a delineation with the settlement of these cases, mainly because the science is different when it comes to the artery and the vein,” explains Brown. “All strokes are very serious events but Bayer has only resolved the non-arterial or venous strokes. Another kind of non-arterial stroke, venous thrombosis, will also be settled. The negotiations about arterial events are ongoing and none have been settled to my knowledge.”

Brown says that anyone can still file a Yasmin case but Bayer will not resolve those cases after its label change of May 2012. Theoretically, your injury should have occurred before or on the label change date. However, some attorneys are arguing that if your pills were purchased in a 90-day batch there should be a wider horizon: Say you received pills on May 1, 2012; you should qualify for a claim if your injury occurred at the end of July 2012.

Gallbladder cases were settled about a year ago. If you had counsel as of a certain cut-off date, you were entitled to partake in the gallbladder settlement. Brown says he doesn’t know any attorney in the country taking any more gallbladder cases.

“Some lawyers like me are still taking cases from women who have been injured by Yasmin,” adds Brown. “I believe this drug should be banned, but Bayer’s defense is that they have disclosed everything and the FDA approved the new disclosures. We are working on protecting women from further injuries by permanently taking these fourth-generation birth control pills off the market.”

Attorney Jason T. Brown heads the JTB Law Group. He is a former Legal Advisor and Special Agent with the FBI, and a distinguished trial attorney with millions of dollars of recoveries for his clients.


Yasmin Birth Control Legal Help

If you or a loved one have suffered losses in this case, please click the link below and your complaint will be sent to a drugs & medical lawyer who may evaluate your Yasmin Birth Control claim at no cost or obligation.


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From what i am reading is that all these claims have been made in 2012 and had to of had problems by cut off year 2013. Why when people are still having problems with this drug. Its still a issue as i see it. Well i was on a different pill for years and nothing happened to my body.A year after being off i asked for the same one and my doctor said no she put me on Yazmine/Ocella and said it was the best one for acne and lower menstrual bleeding. Sadly i trusted her and this drug. I knew nothing about it. We are in 2016 and i was recently prescribed Yazmine/Ocella. I never seen anything online or on T.V. about the lawsuit until i started googling to see what i can do about my life and this drug. Our lives matter and are shortened now.I have been using it for 4 months and my body started breaking down slowly. I ended up in the hospital, i have a blood clot in the leg and in the lung. I now have PE/DVT and so far everyday i have had problems with breathing and chest pains. Sadly i been in the hospital everyday for the last week. I am on bed rest because of the clot with a heating pad and blood thinner everyday of my life. Any little bump or scratch i bleed and bruise very easy now. I have to be careful with every little movement.Sad part is now i am at a higher risk of getting blood clots because of some birth control that i was given for heavy menstrual issues and adult acne. This is just plain crazy that this drug is still on the market and needs to be removed. With all of this going on i am really shocked that my doctor or any doctor would put you on this with the knowledge of what has been happening with this drug. I don't know but i think that the company should still have to pay for what this drug has done to us. I worry everyday if i am going to wake up from my sleep or have a heart attack or stop breathing. I have young kids and i along with every other woman who experienced this should not have to go through this..

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Hello, I suffered a PE while on Yaz back in 2009- I did file a claim with a attorneys- and won a smaller reward settlement- however after reading your article, I wasn't rewarded the same amount that most cases won. I was wondering if there's a way to make another claim against them for the full amount, if that's still possible.

Thank you.

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Hello, my name is Julenne and I'm from México.
Recently my best friend came to me with a canadian article about several deaths due to the Yasmin pill.
The thing is that my friend and I took for some time the Yasmin Pill. And we both experienced not nice things in the term we were trying it.
Myself as soon I noticed something was not ok I realized I had to stop taking it, it was very fortunate that I didn't took it so long but I can say my sex life and emotional life wasn't the same.
So I would love to take these incidents into the web platform called "Causes" and I would love your support.

Thank you.

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The young woman who did the commercials for Yaz and Yasmine who claimed to be a "med student", is she included in the law suits?


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