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Jane Mundy

Jane MundyJane Mundy As the senior legal correspondent for Online Legal Media since 2004, Jane has interviewed over a thousand people—including plaintiffs and attorneys— about many issues for the company, from bad pharmaceuticals to labor law. She is also an award-winning freelance writer for a variety of international and national magazines and newspapers, including Scientific American, Readers Digest, the Globe & Mail and the National Post.

Jane has also written two Ocean Wise Cookbooks about sustainable seafood, the second having won Taste Canada's Gold Award. When Jane isn't at her computer or in the kitchen, she is hiking with her border collie Lizzy or traveling with her laptop. You can read some of Jane's travel and food articles at

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ER Charged $1,200 for Nosebleed

November 30, 2021.
Kansas City, KS Tony woke up late Saturday night with a nosebleed and not knowing what to do, his son drove him to emergency room at St. Lukes South Hospital. When Tony got the bill in the mail he almost had a stroke--a doctor had simply inserted into his nose a cotton ball sprayed with decongestant, which took a few minutes, but he was billed $1,200. There had to be an error.

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Turning Points 'Not' for Children

November 29, 2021.
Philadelphia, PA The largest Philadelphia child welfare agency, which returned three girls to their sexually abusive father who continued to assault them, has settled with the girls for $6 million. This tragic incident isn’t the first involving “Turning Points for Children”. In fact Turning Points has been named in at least three negligence complaints. Perhaps it should be named Turning Points NOT for Children.
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Physician Billed Exorbitant ER Overcharges

November 28, 2021.
San Diego, CA “Not only are these inflated ER overcharges unethical – I don’t understand how medical professionals can charge exorbitant fees for such little work,” says Michael Cutler MD, an urgent care physician. “People were ordering tests before the doctor even came in the door.”
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Cleaning Processes Blamed for Defective CPAP Devices – Scapegoat SoClean Files Lawsuit Against Philips

November 26, 2021.
Peterborough, NH Being Philips’ Scapegoat has resulted in SoClean filing a lawsuit against the CPAP sleep machine manufacturer alleging unfair and deceptive practices and “causing it to suffer at least $200 million in damages”. Philips suggested that SoClean was to blame for its 15 million faulty CPAP and BiPAP machines.
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Former HP Employee’s Poaching Complaint Needs Proof

November 19, 2021.
San Diego, CA Two Ninth Circuit judges have asked former Hewlett Packard employee Bryant Fonseca to show more evidence in his allegation that HP and 3D Systems Inc., had cut a “no-poach” deal that resulted in diminished wages. The judges questioned why this third amended complaint should be revived – plaintiff’s attorney answered that Fonseca’s California labor lawsuit identifies which executives were allegedly involved in the deal when it went into effect and the actions each company took to maintain the anti-competitive agreement.

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Patient is Charged ER Fees Without Being Seen

November 12, 2021.
Atlanta, GA After waiting in the Emory Decatur Hospital ER for seven hours to treat a head injury, Taylor Davis couldn’t wait any longer and went home. She later received an emergency room bill for $688.35. Are you familiar with the old English proverb that “Children should be seen and not heard”? Here’s a new American phrase: “Patients are charged for not being seen.”
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Take the Super out of El Super

November 10, 2021.
Los Angeles, CA Not once but twice has the California Labor Commissioner’s Office fined Bodega Latina (doing business as El Super) grocery stores for not providing or delaying supplemental paid sick leave or other benefits to 240 workers affected by COVID-19. In July Bodega Latina was fined $447,876 for similar California labor violations that affected 95 grocery store employees. Being fined twice begs the question: will conscientious consumers boycott El Super?
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Cannabis Workers Retaliated Against?

October 29, 2021.
San Jose, CA Three sisters—former cannabis farm workers—alleged they were fired for complaining about California labor and employment law violations. Retaliation is a serious labor law violation. However, litigation ended October 18th when a federal judge signed off on a dismissal motion filed by the Montelongo sisters after reaching a settlement agreement.
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Navy Veteran Claims PFAS Firefighting Foam Caused Testicular Cancer

October 28, 2021.
Spring, TXA former U.S. Navy firefighter has recently filed a civil action against about 18 chemical and safety equipment manufacturers claiming PFAS in firefighting foam caused his testicular cancer. Defendants, the Defense Department and more knew of the dangers but chose not to inform the public.
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Boy Scouts of America Sex Abuse Settlement – For and Against

October 25, 2021.
Los Angeles, CA Voting a settlement of almost $1.9 billion to compensate over 82,000 Boy Scouts of America sexual abuse victims has begun with a December 14, 2021 deadline to vote for the Plan. But many survivors and their attorneys oppose the current proposal.

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