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Jane Mundy

Jane MundyJane Mundy As the senior legal correspondent for Online Legal Media since 2004, Jane has interviewed over a thousand people—including plaintiffs and attorneys— about many issues for the company, from bad pharmaceuticals to labor law. She is also an award-winning freelance writer for a variety of international and national magazines and newspapers, including Scientific American, Readers Digest, the Globe & Mail and the National Post.

Jane has also written two Ocean Wise Cookbooks about sustainable seafood, the second having won Taste Canada's Gold Award. When Jane isn't at her computer or in the kitchen, she is hiking with her border collie Lizzy or traveling with her laptop. You can read some of Jane's travel and food articles at

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Suboxone Statute of Limitations

May 16, 2024.
Santa Clara, CA June 2024 marks the two-year anniversary of Suboxone’s statute of limitations deadlines and lawyers predict thousands more Suboxone tooth decay lawsuits will be filed against Indivior Inc., mainly failure to warn about the risk of dental injuries. It is crucial to file a lawsuit against Indivior or other defendants before the statute of limitations passes. If not, plaintiffs may be unable to proceed with a case.
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Ozempic and Wegovy Linked to Aspiration Pneumonia

May 15, 2024.
Los Angeles, CA Patients who have undergone surgeries and endoscopies and taking weight-loss Ozempic, Wegovy and other GLP-1 medications risk aspiration pneumonia. A study conducted by researchers in California found that patients who underwent the procedure were 33 percent more likely to suffer the complication, which can be life-threatening.
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Kanye "Ye" West Slapped with Two Discrimination lawsuits, and more

May 10, 2024.
Los Angeles, CA Kanye “Ye” West is facing a California labor harassment, discrimination and retaliation lawsuit – and more allegations – filed by Trevor Phillips, a Black man and former employee. Phillips, who claims West is anti-black, also included the rapper’s Yeezy company and his Christian private school Donda Academy. And last week Ye was hit with a similar discrimination suit in California state court.
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Philips Settles Respirator Case for $1.1 Billion

May 9, 2024.
Santa Clara, CA Philips Respironics has agreed to settle over 700 lawsuits for $1.1 billion. Since the massive 2021 recall of its faulty breathing machines and ventilators that released toxic and carcinogenic fumes into customers’ mouths, throats and lungs, more than 50,000 people have been involved in the litigation.
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Incarcerated People Work for Aramark Without Pay

May 8, 2024.
Alameda County, CAThe California Supreme Court has ruled in the lawsuit Ruelas v. County of Alameda that the state’s minimum wage law does not apply to people working for private companies while they are held in pretrial detention in California’s jails. The California labor lawsuit was filed by the ACLU on behalf of people incarcerated at the Santa Rita Jail who worked without pay for “private company” Aramark, a $16 billion for-profit corporation that provides food in jails and prisons, and more.
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NYC Workers Can Sue for Safe and Sick Leave Violations

May 6, 2024.
New York City, NY Earlier this year, New York City enacted a law that amends the city's Earned Safe and Sick Time Act (ESSTA) from 2014. Under Int. 0563-2022, “any person" has a private right of action to file New York lawsuits in court within two years of learning of an alleged violation. The law took effect in March, 2024.
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The Right to Disconnect

May 2, 2024.
San Francisco, CAA California State Assemblymember has introduced a bill which will give an office worker the “right to disconnect” from the boss after working hours. If passed, Bill AB 2751 would be the first law of this nature in the U.S., which is already in effect in several countries across the pond. (New York City didn’t adopt a similar proposal in 2018). And it would likely have tech companies up in arms.
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Bard PowerPort Bellwether Trial Process on Time

April 19, 2024.
Santa Clara, CA U.S. District Judge David G. Campbell has said that the Bard PowerPort lawsuit selections will go ahead as scheduled, despite the manufacturer arguing to delay the bellwether process. Judge Campbell is presiding over all Bard PowerPort fracture and migration lawsuits filed in federal courts nationwide.
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Ozempic Babies, Another Side Effect

April 17, 2024.
Santa Clara, CA Women on birth control or presumed to be infertile have been reporting surprise pregnancies while on Ozempic and similar medications. Referred to as “Ozempic Babies”, they add to increasing concern over the side effects of these diabetes and weight-loss drugs. Healthcare professionals, seeing an association between these medications and unexpected pregnancy on birth control, are warning that these drugs may decrease the effectiveness of oral contraception.
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Plaintiff calls for Appeal after Monsanto's Roundup Win in Philadelphia

April 15, 2024.
Philadelphia, PA After Monsanto's first Roundup trial win in Philadelphia, plaintiff Carl Kline claims that key evidence linking non-Hodgkin's lymphoma to the weed killer containing glyphosate was unable to be presented during the trial and he has appealed the ruling. A new Monsanto Roundup trial has been ordered.
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