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Surgical Mesh Complications

Surgical mesh is a medical device designed to provide support for tissue and organs that have been weakened or damaged. Among the main types of surgical mesh that are used in different surgeries is abdominal mesh, which is used to repair the abdomen following a hernia. Surgical mesh lawsuits have been filed alleging the various meshes do not work as they were intended and are linked to serious complications.


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Abdominal Surgical Mesh

Transvaginal Mesh Surgery Abdominal surgical mesh is used to help repair issues in the patient's abdomen such as hernias. Mesh is used to reinforce a hernia repair or strengthen abdominal wall tissue. The mesh is made from animal tissue or synthetic materials and can be absorbable, non-absorbable, or a combination of both.

Absorbable mesh, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) loses strength over time and is not intended as a long-term reinforcement. As the absorbable mesh, which is made from animal tissues, degrades, the patient's new tissue growth should take over and provide strength. Non-absorbable mesh is made from synthetic materials and is considered a permanent implant.

Abdominal Surgical Mesh Complications

The FDA reports the common complications associated with hernia surgery involving hernia mesh are:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Adhesion (when the mesh adheres to the patient's tissue)

Due to serious complications, some abdominal mesh products are no longer on the market. Complications reportedly associated with recalled meshes:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Obstruction
  • Adhesion (when the mesh adheres to the patient's tissue)
  • Recurrence
  • Perforation

"In the FDA's analysis of medical adverse event reports to the FDA, recalled mesh products were the main cause of bowel perforation and obstruction complications," FDA notes.

Abdominal Surgical Mesh Lawsuits

Products that have faced or could face a lawsuit concerning serious complications linked to abdominal surgical mesh:

Composix Kugel Mesh

The Composix Kugel Mesh Patch has been voluntarily recalled multiple times after concerns were raised that a component in the patch could break under stress, possibly causing bowel perforations and/or chronic enteric fistulae. C.R. Bard, parent company of Davol Inc., has faced thousands of lawsuits alleging patients suffered serious medical problems linked to the use of the Composix Kugel Mesh patch.

In 2011, Bard announced it would pay $184 million to settle the majority of lawsuits filed against it. Bard had argued that problems with the memory ring were the fault of doctors implanting it and not an issue with design of the patch.

A Kugel Mesh lawsuit was also filed in Canada, alleging Canadian patients suffered complications as a result of the Composix Kugel Mesh Patch.

Ventralex Hernia Mesh

Bard also faces allegations linked to its Ventralex hernia mesh. Ventralex, made from polypropylene, was approved by the FDA in 2002. Plaintiffs allege it has an unreasonable risk of complications because it was not properly manufactured or designed.

Ethicon Physiomesh

In 2016, Ethicon issued a voluntary withdrawal of its flexible composite physiomesh, after unpublished data from two registries suggested the product had higher than expected recurrence rates. In announcing its withdrawal, Ethicon noted that the problem could be linked to product characteristics, operative factors, and/or patient factors. Lawsuits have been filed against Ethicon, alleging patients suffered serious health complications due to use of the flexible composite physiomesh. They further allege the composite mesh has a high risk of unreasonable side effects.

Atrium C-Qur Hernia Mesh

Makers of the C-Qur Hernia Mesh face allegations that the mesh is not suitable for its intended purpose. Patients allege the mesh "folded up" and caused pain, infection, and septic shock.

Alloderm is a skin graft used in reconstructive breast surgery and hernia repair. Complications linked to Alloderm include infection, pain, abscesses, and inflammation.

Surgical Mesh Legal Help

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hello I had my first ventral hernia repair done in 2013 and that failed so they had to go in and do a second surgery it was to repair the mesh from the first one that broke and they didn't even remove the first mesh so the second mesh was put into fix that, and they also repaired an umbilical hernia during that surgery. I now have issues and might need a third surgery. I think I submitted a callback previously however, I had phone issues I would like to see what can be done thank you

Posted by carol simpson on

My appendix ruptured in 2000, 4 months later I had to have mesh put in well it ripped loose so in 2001 I had a larger mesh put in. No they didn't take out first mesh well a few months later it ripped loose also. So then I had 2 meshes curling up on me until I had to have gallbladder removed an that surgeon took out both. I had the gortex mesh have there been any lawsuits against it an is it too late for me cause of how long ago it was?

Posted by Jim on

March 2015 How do you know what type they used, I had a horrible recovery which should of been quick because it was a laparoscopy. I could not sit up and I felt it pull while in the hospital they said was normal. They kept me overnight for watch. Since I still am not feeling right. Sorness and pain on my top left of my stomach, my periods are not normal as my stomach muscles don't seem right and the pain gets worse during that time. I had it so bad just recently that I called them and they said I had to see my primary. I've been sick feeling like I am being poisoned. They did an ultrasound and I go february 10th for results, but my bloodwork shows I have an infection so I was taking amoxicillin till then.. I am having the difficulty with bathroom issues and yes intercourse sore the next day.

Posted by Danielle Laird on

hsd ventral hernia surgery on 3/15/2015, incision did not heal properly, was treated with antibiotics wit no positive results.on 10/20/2015 i had surgery for infected surgical mesh, had to have open wound treatment for weeks to check wound for healing, still have non healed spot on belly button. mesh used was GORE DUALMESH. Please advise

Posted by fred kelley on

I've had two Inguinal hernia surgeries a little over two years ago. I hate to eat due to bowel problems. The testicules pain is unreal, stabbing pains and ache terribly! The doctor used Bared 3DMax mesh. I finally see a doctor to start I pray is a fix. I've given up two great jobs due to the lack of being able to stand a work.

Posted by Keith McGuire on

i had hernia operation aug 2015 ened up having 3 more and gallbladder taken out last one was aug 2016 still have drainage brown puss and blood daily they used DAVOL MESH THEN VENTRALIGHT THEN BARD MESH STOAMCH IS SO SWOLLON TO THIS DAY I WA SIZE 32 WAIST NOW HAVE TO WEAR 44 ANY LAWYERS TAKING CASE LIKE THIS

Posted by kenny hix on

I feel some stabbing pain in abdomen area.hernia surgery May 24,2012.

Posted by Khyweikiya Fielding on

I had failed lap band surgery and three hernia repairs afterwards. Last one with mesh. I had surgery November 11/8/2016 to remove my pancreas, gall bladder and spleen. I have a stone in my pancreas. Due to a frozen abdomen - scar tissue, adhesions and mesh over all organs. Doctor stopped the surgery. Only able to remove the gall bladder. I still have an open wound and a wound vac that is pulling mesh out of my abdomen. It smells awful. I am hoping you can help.

Posted by Elizabeth Jacobsen on

3 years of horrible testicular pain and numerous other health issues from a mesh hernia repair,,,, as well as loosing my job and quality of life.... Read this part!!!!!!! I found a doctor in Las Vegas named Dr. Kevin Petersen whom does a special surgery to remove the mesh and repair the hernia ,, no mesh!!! After the surgery my nightmare was over, I finally woke up with no more pain down there !!! It took some time and I'm not 100% but I feel as if my life was given back to me,, please if you suffer like I was check this Dr. K.P. Out, he saved my life,, God bless, James Clark

Posted by James Clark on

had surgery 2years ago drainage is still draing will not heal

Posted by william skiles on

I had a mesh implanted for my hernia 2 years ago this month. I had a horrible recovery with pain and swelling and as well had terrible pains when I ate almost anything. Since the implant, a year later I had a 2nd Cat scan to make sure my pain was not from the mesh failure. I had the 2nd scan because I could easily tell I was having scar tissue build up and it was pressing down on the bowel and not allowing my bowel movement to pass through as easily as before the operation and causing immense pain. I had to draw a picture of this theory of mine to show my doctor and to prove I needed that 2nd Cat scan. Sure enough, the radiologist reported that "the wall had thickened." Ok, I was right, so what, I kind of got from my doctor. So, now I have adapted and feel better, not great but much better. My wife, as well a nurse, began to re-adapt my diet. She made me each morning an unbelievable vegetable, fruit and plant based smoothy. As well my wife put soluble and non soluble fiber in the mixture and that made sure the bowel was soft and easy to pass without much pain at all. That alone changed my health, but as well, made sure I was getting all the nutrients I needed to feel better and live well. As for as lunch or dinner, I eliminated eating meats other than chopped baked chicken or fish with additional vegetables. I am not back to where I was before the surgery, and will never be, but I believe the change in diet has minimized the problems with mesh implants.

Posted by Jackson Womack on

I need a lawyer definitely after reading all of this omg I have been through so many surgeries related to this the mesh failed gave me another hernia on top of the one I had I got infections and had horrific pain and was hospitalized several times. I still have symptoms today I have pain that is in my abdomen that I have just learned to live with I have a giant piece of mesh holding it together and I feel nothing but worry and panic knowing some day that will have to be dealt with and because of all the prior related surgery I've already had I wonder what can really be done without severe injury or everlasting perpetual pain to me just to keep my organs in my body and my muscles together etc. I have been so deeply affected by what has happened to me with this experience I can't lift anything I have to be careful of everything so I don't injur my abdomen do I don't get another tear I just have to over think everything all the time and have had to for a few years now I can't pick up my grandkids I can't play certain games with them you are just so limited in what you can do because you're terrified your belly is gonna pop or tear or split and it drives you crazy all the time it is mentally taxing all the times you have to say no to friends and family to not having fun.

Posted by Janet Gaetke on

I continue to have constant pain in stomach and back bulging in hernia area and some bowel problems

Posted by Audrie McKinnie on

I have a hernia and I'm scared to death of having surgery!

Posted by Dawn Hall on

!)Had a colonoscopy at the Atlanta, (Decatur) VA Hospital on 5/21/15. Was admitted to Kennesaw Wellstar emergency on 5/23/15 with perforated bowel and torn rectum. Heart went into defib 19 times and had gangrene in three places. Had a total of 5 surgeries thru 7/20/16 including two incisional hernias with mesh. They had to rebuild my rectum and remove approx 4" of large intestine.

Posted by Gary Aylett on

I hate to eat no matter how enjoyable. The pain after is far worse

Posted by Deborah Edwards on

I had hernia surgery for two of them and two days after, hernia came have all the pain I had before...need another surgery. It was hard enough building myself up to do First surgery. While waiting to have surgery there was a older man across the hall asking why he had to have another hernia surgery, that they just supposedly fixed it.

Posted by Sherry on

After having two failed abdominal surgeries the first surgery the mesh totally disappeared within less then a few weeks, The second surgery similar timing, the mesh has failed again causing me to have to schedule a 3rd surgery to repair and correct a large mass that has now formed about the size of a cantelope, which has caused me to feel intermittent stabbing pain, burning sensations, nausea and sometimes vomiting. The frequent radiating pain being felt on the left side of the mass causes me to have to lay down pressing the area, holding to get temporary relief.

Posted by Pam Fantom on

i have had 2 surgeries and i still feel pains in my abdomen when im just simply walking i feel shooting pains and now im afraid im going to have to get a 3rd surgery! im scared!

Posted by chris on

I had 4 hernia surgery with mesh and still hurting bad

Posted by Kathy tisdale on

Had a bard ventralex hernia patch placed for an incisional hernia had severe pain and had surgery to remove it.

Posted by Gina Wynn on

I have had both abdominal mesh and the bladder sling mesh. I am very concerned as I've heard horror stories from both of these since my surgeries.
I have pain unexplained in my abdominal area that comes and goes. I also have pain during sexual intercourse and a history of unexplained bladder and kidney infections.
Could this be a result of the mesh in my body?

Posted by Angela Wilson on


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