• Jacob P. Creasman February 28, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    This is really a very sensitive issue that needs to be discussed further. I don't agree on forced drugging on kids because they have their rights too. On the other hand, there are times that it is really necessary. I think instead of this, parent should think about rehabilitation that helps in some cases.

  • Jack August 17, 2013 at 2:50 am

    There was a book published by a psychologist, Margaret A. Hagen titled "Whores of the court" that detailed the controversy and extremely poor reproducability of psychiatric testimony in court.

    "In every state, a child can be taken away from a parent on the strength of five minutes of 'neutral' testimony from a social worker. A criminal suspect's freedom or incarceration can depend on a superficial psychological examination performed by an incompetent, overworked, or, at worst, paid-off psychologist."

    To be honest, psychotropic drugs jump directly into the middle of pathways which are closed systems that self regulate with feedback. The result is both acute brain dysfuction as a mechnism of action, and far more severe brain dysfuction as feedback mechnisms try to overcome the effect of the drug and begin to become non-uniform from neuron to neuron (E.g 'Tolerance', 'Drug Dependence') and disrupt timing mechanisms (ciruicts) absolutly required for information processing to operate properly.

    There is no scientific grounds whatsoever for chronicly adminstering psychotropic drugs forced or otherwise. All long term use of ADHD drugs (beyond 6 weeks) are exclusivly OFF LABEL, and the endemic practice stems soley from illegal marketing and fraud campaigns by pharmaceutical companies.

    And big pharma loves to commit felony illegal marketing and fraud aparently, as hedge fund investors take control of their companies and create a dawinian situation where anyone who won't commit illegal activity to increase profits at any cost are fired and replaced by the share holders with someone who will.

    (5.5$ billion in fines were paid in the last year alone)

    It's tragic, but greed runs the world, and subjective professions like psychiatry and psychology are exploted as the easiest of prey. Personal knowlege is all there is to protect yourself.

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