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Truckers Hauling to Trial Against J.B. Hunt for Alleged Wage and Hour Violations

July 20, 2018. By Lori Prapas.
Truckers Hauling to Trial Against J.B. Hunt for Alleged Wage and Hour Violations Los Angeles, CA A group of 11,000 truck drivers filed a California unpaid wages lawsuit back in 2009, alleging that one of the largest trucking and logistics companies in the United States violated California wage law. The parties fought about whether California state law was pre-empted by the more industry friendly federal law. In a victory for the truckers, the U.S. Supreme Court denied J.B. Hunt’s appeal, leaving in place the District Court’s ruling that California law is controlling. As the parties prepare for a fall trial, J.B. Hunt has moved for summary judgment and to decertify the class. Plaintiff truckers have just filed an opposition to that motion, saying that the claims of all 11,000 truckers are similar enough to justify class action status.
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Anthem Refuses to Cover Emergency Room Care After the Fact

July 18, 2018. By Anne Wallace.
Anthem Refuses to Cover Emergency Room Care After the Fact Sacramento, CA Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield denies emergency room coverage for patients whose symptoms later prove to have been non-life threatening. This has been a long-standing practice, but it is now official policy in six states. Are California patients protected under California insurance law?
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Court Orders Unum Doctor to Reveal How Much He Was Paid for His Opinion

July 17, 2018. By Lori Prapas.
Court Orders Unum Doctor to Reveal How Much He Was Paid for His Opinion New Orleans, LA Unum Group has come under scrutiny yet again for alleged deceptive practices. This time the insurance giant has lost a battle in the Wittmann v. Unum Life Insurance Co. litigation. Plaintiff attorney Anne Wittmann, who alleges that she was wrongfully denied disability benefits, subpoenaed financial records from James H. Bress, M.D., who Unum hired to review her claim. Unum Group fought back, by moving to quash the subpoena. On July 11, 2018, a Federal District Judge in Louisiana Ordered that the records be turned over so Plaintiffs can ascertain whether his opinion was swayed by a financial dependence on the insurance carrier.
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