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If you have a legal problem in Oregon, you can file your class action, personal injury, unpaid overtime, defective product, insurance fraud, dangerous drug etc., complaints, for a free case evaluation by a Oregon lawyer.

Our lawyers have recently evaluated complaints from Portland, Salem, Eugene and more.

Oregon News Alert! A leading law firm is investigating several class action lawsuits for citizens of Oregon against the makers of ADHD drugs and other medications. We have received several complaints from consumers - adults and children - who have suffered from Adderall, Strattera, Ritalin, Prozac, Paxil, and Zyprexa. [Submit your ADHD case!


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  • Securities/Stocks alledging false statements and stock fraud lead to financial losses.

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A Tale of Two Unum Lawsuits
A Tale of Two Unum Lawsuits Gibsonia, PA: Tucked in amongst a seemingly never-ending barrage of positivity stemming from the Unum camp with regard to investment, expansion and financial performance are the ever-lurking Unum insurance lawsuits alleging bad faith insurance and similar frustrations after an insurer that happily accepts monthly premiums suddenly does an about-face and pulls that plug when it comes time to pay up [READ MORE]

Disabled Pediatrician Sues Unum for Denied Long Term Disability
Disabled Pediatrician Sues Unum for Denied Long Term Disability Portland, OR: A medical doctor who carried Unum insurance for long-term disability has launched an Unum lawsuit against the global supplier of LTD insurance after the insured’s benefits were abruptly stopped, and his LTD claim denied. The benefit to the plaintiff, according to claims made in the Unum disability claims lawsuit, amounts to $12,500 gross per month the plaintiff asserts is owed to him pursuant to the terms of his disability policy [READ MORE]

Abdominal Mesh Agony and Advice
Abdominal Mesh Agony and Advice Bend, OR: Since undergoing abdominal mesh surgery four years ago, Dale has experienced more pain than he did before the mesh was used to repair a hernia. “I get severe pain in the area of my hernia repair and sometimes a burning feeling but I never knew what was causing it, and neither did my doctor,” he says. These symptoms and more are similar to other abdominal mesh victims who needed revision surgery to remove it—or some of it [READ MORE]

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