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If you have a legal problem in Georgia, you can file your class action, personal injury, unpaid overtime, defective product, insurance fraud, dangerous drug etc., complaints, for a free case evaluation by a Georgia lawyer.

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Georgia Insurance News Alert! Health and property insurance companies receive billions of dollars each year in policy payments but continue to cut consumer benefits. If you have a complaint against your insurance company over denied coverage or denied claims, hidden fees, discrimination, insurance fraud, or coverage disputes, you may qualify for compensation in an insurance lawsuit. Submit your insurance complaint now!


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  • Georgia Employment Law alleged violations of Georgia labor laws including overtime pay, harassment and discrimination.

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Consumer Advocate Blames both Manufacturer and FDA for Dragging their Heels
Consumer Advocate Blames both Manufacturer and FDA for Dragging their Heels Washington, DC: Public Citizen is an internationally-recognized consumer advocacy group founded by perhaps the original consumer advocate, Ralph Nader. He’s the guy who railed over the safety of cars, and advocated for seat belts. And today, the organization he founded holds, amongst other things, the feet of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to the fire over safety and efficacy. Whenever an endoscope lawsuit, for example, appears on a court docket you have to know that Public Citizen is watching in the wings. They have even launched lawsuits themselves, taking both manufacturers and the federal regulator to task [READ MORE]

Georgia Widow Sues Hospital for Bedsores
Georgia Widow Sues Hospital for Bedsores Atlanta, GA: A Georgia widow has filed a Medical Malpractice lawsuit against an Atlanta hospital group. She is charging that negligent care caused her husband to endure fourth-degree bedsores during his stay at the facility and resulted in unnecessary suffering that ultimately lead to his death [READ MORE]

Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit Alleges Defective Product
Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit Alleges Defective Product White Plains, NY: In spite of a product recall of the troubled Ethicon Physiomesh last year, lawsuits brought by hernia patients negatively impacted by the failed medical device continue to be filed. To that end, a surgical mesh lawsuit was filed this past September by a plaintiff in US District Court for the Southern District of New York [READ MORE]

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