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If you have a legal problem in Florida, you can file your class action, personal injury, unpaid overtime, defective product, insurance fraud, dangerous drug etc., complaints, for a free case evaluation by a Florida lawyer.

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Florida News Alert! Have you been injured while working on a boat or cruise? You may qualify for compensation occurring to Maritime Law or the Jones Act. Learn more and submit your case now!


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  • Florida Employment Law alleged violations of Florida labor laws including overtime pay, harassment and discrimination.

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Healthcare Whistle Blower Awarded $351,000
Healthcare Whistle Blower Awarded $351,000 Tampa, FL: It did not take long for Kathleen Siwicki to notice something was very wrong in the Florida cardiologist’s office where she was working. Siwicki, an experienced Certified Cardiovascular Technologist, immediately began to see the services the doctor was providing did not match the billing statements he was submitting for payment. In November 2014, after just six months working for Dr. Arthur Portnow she quit her job and shortly after filed an action under the False Claims Act [READ MORE]

Florida Premises Liability Case Comes Down to Rule of Law
Florida Premises Liability Case Comes Down to Rule of Law Ocala, FL: A Florida premises liability lawsuit that stemmed from a slip and fall incident in 2011 came down to the weight of the evidence, together with the legal definition of the plaintiff as a visitor to the premises – an issue that had a bearing on the unsuccessful bid to have the finding of a lower court stayed, and a petition for a new trial denied [READ MORE]

Toddler Loses Leg and all her Fingers in Pressure Cooker Explosion
Toddler Loses Leg and all her Fingers in Pressure Cooker Explosion Miami, FL Two-year old Samantha Gonzalez was grievously burned in 2015, when her grandmother’s Tristar “As Seen on TV” pressure cooker malfunctioned. The damage will last as long as Samantha lives. Exploding pressure cooker injuries have been the source of many lawsuits. But this is not the kind of case that leads to a tidy legal resolution. Like life, it’s messy [READ MORE]


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