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Woman Says Prescription Drug Caused Brain Injury

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Crystal Falls, MIAmy spent 10 days in a psychiatric ward after she was given two shots of Lupron Depot. "I would never have known that this drug caused my brain injury, had I not read my discharge report," she says. Amy has been diagnosed with dementia—she is only 41 years old.

Amy was given Lupron Depot, a drug typically used to treat prostate cancer, to shrink fibroids on her uterus before she had a total hysterectomy. Lupron Depot works by suppressing the production of the hormone testosterone, and the two shots put her right into menopause. Amy says the drug also suppressed her short-term memory and caused her mind to "go blank."

"Before I had these shots, I could work double shifts and work circles around some people," says Amy, who was a cook in a nursing home. "I had perfect attendance for five years before my hysterectomy and never got sick. When the flu went around I was the only one standing. I was a long-distance runner and a picture of health and now I can't even function because of so many issues with my cognitive functions—it is so hard for me to accept the fact that I have suffered a brain injury from this drug, and I don't know if I will ever recover."

Amy's problems first started last August, when her boss sent her home on medical leave. "I thought I had a brain aneurism, I just couldn't function," Amy says, crying. "I went back to my gynecologist and he put me on hormone replacement therapy, which helped for three months, but the symptoms came back. He doubled the dosage but that worked for about a month. The symptoms became more severe.

"I switched my job to housekeeping, thinking it would be a slower pace but my co-workers noticed my forgetfulness and made fun of me. They pulled pranks on me all the time, like hiding my keys, and I couldn't handle it anymore. I had a nervous breakdown and had to see a psychiatrist."

Some people might chalk up Amy's cognitive problems to menopause, but that wasn't the case.

"When I got home from the psych ward, I read my discharge diagnosis," Amy explains. "It said, in order of relevance: Lupron Depot-induced dementia, followed by Lupron-induced bipolar disorder, then anxiety. The doctor said my anxiety was at such a level that my brain cannot process memories. One of the doctors said my brain cannot process memories." (At this point Amy kept repeating herself.)

"My last day of work was January 4, 2012, the day I went to Marquette General Hospital. Now my doctor is pushing for me to get onto social security benefits—he believes that my brain has been damaged and I am totally disabled. Thankfully, my husband looks after me but it is so hard for my 17-year-old son. I have to be reminded of everything.

"I just can't accept this, how could a drug that causes brain injury stay on the market? A local attorney told me that I cannot sue the drugmaker because I live in Michigan."

Amy's husband explains that a law passed in 1989 said that a resident of Michigan cannot sue a pharmaceutical company. "This attorney said that, because the shots are approved by the FDA, he cannot help Amy," says her husband, "even though he acknowledges that Amy has a brain injury."

"It feels good to talk to you, it feels good to let it out," says Amy, as she takes a deep breath. "This dementia, this brain injury is devastating. I don't want to leave the house and I am embarrassed to be around people. I've lost some friends [at this point Amy is sobbing]… My family understands and that is most important.

"Tomorrow I have an appointment with my neurologist and they are talking about sending me to the Mayo Clinic. Meanwhile, I am taking Seroquel and Risperdal for bipolar disorder, another med for anxiety, Adderall for ADHD and hormone replacement therapy. I have never been depressed in my life but now it is crippling me because I can't see the future.

"I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else—this drug shouldn't be on the market. I did some research and found that other people have suffered dementia. It is uncommon but their brains have been damaged from Lupron Depot. If an attorney could just help get my medical bills taken care of I would be happy. It has been so costly I could go crazy just thinking about it.

"Just think—I would never have known this drug caused my brain injury if I hadn't read that discharge report."


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This is such a horrible drug. I was administered this drug around 2012. It changed my life forever. I tried to tell my doctor that the drug was causing more added problems but he insisted that I take the second dose of the injection. This made maters worse. I was sent into menopause and my memory has been scarred for life. I think everyone who has been administered this drug should be compensated for what we have endured from this drug.

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I had anterograde amnesia for two months after I got the Lupron injection. I didn't "wake up" the same person. I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia (via EMG testing for those who are questioning the DX) and essential tremor when I woke up from the event as well that has twisted my spine. I now have very severe depression as well which has been treatment resistant to no end.

There are studies that show that estrogen deprivation may kill dopamine receptors, which would explain why all these systems were affected, and the extreme lack of motivation.

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I was given a "MASSIVE" 22.5mg dose of this POISON,
in MAY. '3 = months worth", ALL AT ONCE.
WHY, 3 months? And not a '1 month trial period to see what 'reactions' I have??? 'Just like Amy, I had/have 'memory blanking' going on all day. 'Short Term Memory loss", My bones & joints are 'killing me'. I cannot sleep. I have "wild hallucinations' when my eyes are closed, and 'fits of RAGE'.
The, 'treatment' for my Prostate Cancer' is WORSE than any 'issues' I had ""BEFORE"" they INJECTED 22.5 mg OF POISON LUPRON, into me.

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I was prescribed Lupron depot in 1995, and that was the most deadly medication I ever injected in my body. I am doomed.
I could hear my bones cracking in back of my neck and to this very day. I have severe osteoporosis all over my body for that, though I was drinking so much milk to avoid osteoporosis I gained weight, but milk and workout no help. I cannot even walk, my joins are in pain and swelling up. In Michigan we cannot sue a pharmaceutical company. Many people died from medications, and our Politicians are completely stupid!
I am looking for treatment other them dangerous medications, for I don't trust them! I don't trust the Doctors either, because they only serve the pharmaceutical companies and not their patients. The new Drug pushers in our neighborhoods.

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I read your post and offer you this:
I believe you will find this site very informative and educational; you and your family are not alone.

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Hi my name is Emily Crouch and i am 19 years old. I have a beautiful mother that is 56 years old and is diagnosed with dimentia, and other types of disorders the doctors say she has. She was the most compassionate mother any daughter could ask for. Ballet, Soccer, Softball, cheer, you name it and she was there, front and center with the best support. She was my hero. She had an amazing job, ownded her own beachouse, and was a single mom to two kids. Enough said she always had a lot on her plate. But thats what made her my hero. My mom loved going to church. She was invloved in the singles groups and always made it a must that we go to church. None of this was expected at all. My mom became very depressed and felt as if swallowing questionable perscription pills was the answer. She never slept at night so she got perscribed lunesta. She didn't understand that she couldnt deal with her problems buy taking pills. Her doctor never cared about her, always giving her bags of free samples, not knowing what it was really doing to her. but then again they do know whatr it does to people, but they love making there profits off peoples suffering. After taking lunesta and other pills for years, it finally caught up to her and none of us saw it coming. She got admitted to a detox program 2 hrs away, then transferred to austin state hosptial where god knows what happens in that nasty place and now she is in a retirement home classified under not capable of pretty much anything. She is my mom, my other half, and i treat her as that. Imagine having a simple life with the people you love around you, then it just gets ripped away from you and you have no say at all. she doesnt talk a lot, is paranoid all the time, but when me my brother and i are with her, our mom shines again. What has happened i need to be heard some how. My mom deserves better and deserves her voice, not a doctors diagnosis.

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Dear Maria June 24,
As you say you long loving spill about your child . That was quite nice. So my question is to you how dare you discredit another woman and her own personal experience with what she went through with this drug because it wasnt the miracle it was for you!
As you shame Grace and say she is disgraceful , I ask you to look in the mirror and that beautiful child your so flip and bragging the power of Lupron enough to " BULLY" an adult WHo didn't attack you. I truly hope your blessed angel isn't a bully of rude mean attack dog like you!
I have got ton deathly ill over this shot, not like your Fairytale ending love. Hope you sleep well and no harm befalls your perfect world as you made fun of others. There is Karma. Your gonna be pushed up front for your "disgrace" hail Maria full of grace ! Watch the stones you throw. Technology lets everyone see hate. And you commented like an over privileged brat.
I'm very ill, if I should pass on this is something that truly made me hurt for grace, YOUR THE BULLY ! The need laws against shots like you, saint Peter will love how you hurt someone for no reason. I'm sure your not new at it sleep well. And if this gets censored. She was wrong, I pointed it out. If I do not se justice for poor grace. If I pass away from Lupron, my politician husband will continue this, on my grave! The world is about bragging and hurting! How do you feel now Maria!
Another victim of Lupron

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Wow you need a new name. Like disgrace. It is so unnerving that you could say what you did! You are showing your advanced signs of ignorance. Please don't comment on things that you are obviously clueless about. My mind used to be like a computer file. My husband used to tease me about storing all his information he needed in my brain. Immediately upon taking Depo Lupron, I had extreme mental difficulties. I was not sure where the bathroom was at my work location, I could not recall what the next road was going to be on my way home from work. But I dealt with it because I was trying to be able to get pregnant. After the 2nd injection I told my dr I could not continue, it was so terrible..depression, mental incapacity, senses of touch were all messed up, etc. He asked me if I was ready to commit suicide yet? And I said no, then he said well stay on it. After finishing the prescribe therapy, I got pregnant and had a wonderful baby boy. I never regained my intelligence or memory strength. At first I thought well I''m pregnant so that is why I am so stupid now. Then after I had the baby, I thought well I am am so tired and busy with the baby, and trying to work that is why my comprehension and memory is so bad. Excuses went on for year, then the next year and on and on. My son is now almost 19 and I still never regained my normal brain functioning. It was so hard with the many health issues I had, fibromyalgia, etc..that I quit my full time career to raise my son and worked part time writing grants. I went back to work a few years ago full time. I cannot tell you how hard it has been to have to learn and take training with half a brain. I rec'd my MBA 25 years ago when I had a brain, so I was able to learn at one time and do well at it. I work in the logistics area in the government now. I have to spend about an hour learning something new when before I could do it in 10 minutes. Then I forget it and have to keep relearning it. It feels hopeless. My husband told shortly after my son was born, that now he sees me as just one of the normal mediocre people as far as my mind goes, whereas I used to be his computer system...being able to recall and process almost anything. This drug has stolen my life. 20 years later and I still am on the journey from doctor to doctor trying to get some help and relief from pain and depression..I have just given up on the memory and sharp mind thing..I've had thyroid levels that are abnormal but drs have ignored them. Now I just read that is another bad side affect of lupron, which I did not realize. Tell you go ahead and get on lupron for 6 months and then get back with me. Sometimes when I just have to sob and want to give up, I think of my son and the miracle he was to me. We tried to get pregnant for over a year, then because the dr found a cyst, I had a lapraoscopy and found out I had stage 5 endometriosis on my organs. It ended up being major surgery to remove it with laser along with 1/2 of my ovary, but the dr said I needed the lupron to get rid of the little stuff still in there to get pregnant. Eventually later that year, I was able to get pregnant. So I always have to feel blessed to have my son. I have to remind myself that he is worth it. I look forward to when I will be in heaven with my creator with a new body, soul, and mind that does not hurt anymore.

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I have a 28 y/o daughter that is mentally disabled. She is very functional and a great person however she has rage and aggression issues that are hormone related. Her neuro-endo suggested our last resort before taking her ovaries would be Lupron. After her first 2 shots she started acting different. Non-functional during fluctuations of hormones. We gave her the shot for 3 more months and by that time her brain is fried. She wont leave the house. She won't take a shower and let me wash her. She pees and poops in her pants and will sit in it for days (like 5-7 days at a time). She's 200 lbs so it's hard to force her into the shower. She stays awake for a week or more with not even 10 minutes of sleep. I've called her dr's. They don't believe me that it fried her brain. Her Dr's keep telling me it's psychiatric. During this time I've taken her to the emergency room 4 x. All of those times I told them about the Lupron. Nope they don't think it is. I then took her to an different emergency room. I wanted them to admit her to a psychiatic facility. Nope, they say it's not psychiatric and that I need to contact her Dr's. Oh and during this time she had blood work done. Hormones were within normal range. So if that's the case what part of her Pituitary did this drug work on? Because it clearly did not work of the part it was supposed to. I am at my wits end. I so regret having her get those shots but you should see what she would do during her rage episodes. I've had so much hair pulled out. My arms have been scratched so bad they are covered in blood. She has attacked me while driving the car. But I miss my sweet daughter.

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@Grace, Do a simple google search for brain injury. There are several different kinds (i.e. short term memory loss). "Brain injury" doesn't mean she's sitting there drooling and staring at walls.

You can copy and paste the word "google" from my comment if it is too difficult for you to spell, but alas, you'll have to rely on your own limited brain power to read.

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What brain injury? If you knew what a discharge report was & you were able to comprehend it your brain works as well as my, and I didn't even have the drug...I already forgot the name of it...who can I sue?

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I have had several brain injuries, try the cleveland clinic in ohio it as awesome. Dr. Mark Luciano is the best.


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