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Whistleblower Lawsuits

A whistleblower can be anyone who witnesses and reports misconduct to people or entities that can take corrective action through whistleblower policy. Whistleblower cases can involve a violation of any law or regulation. Under the whistleblower protection act, whistleblower laws protect and compensate the whistleblower, including the corporate whistleblower.



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Who is a Whistleblower?

The term "whistleblower" stems from the English police officer, who would blow his whistle and alert other law enforcement officers and the general public of danger. Today, a whistleblower is typically an employee, former employee or member of an organization, including a corporation or government agency, who reports wrongdoing either internally (ie., to other people within an organization) or externally, including lawyers, the federal government, local and state agencies, watchdog and law enforcement agencies, or the media.

Whistleblower Laws

WhistleblowerWhistleblower Laws are designed to hold public entities accountable while protecting and compensating the victim(s) and/or the whistleblower. Whistleblowing cases can involve stock/securities fraud, money laundering, health threats, safety violations, tax evasion, malpractice, corporate corruption, and more. Whistleblower cases that take aim at federal government corruption are known as Qui Tam Whistleblower lawsuits.

Typically, the whistleblower receives a percentage of the lawsuit settlement funds. Whistleblowing is legally protected according to the subject matter and sometimes the state where the case arises from employer retaliation, but many whistleblowers still lose their jobs or are harassed and ostracized by other employees.

Whistleblower Lawsuits

Each year, hundreds of whistleblower cases are filed and they are increasing every year. Many whistleblower suits are settled for millions of dollars.

Whistleblower lawyers bring qui tam Pharmaceutical and Medicare fraud cases and cases involving other types of fraud under federal and state false claims laws.

The federal Fair Claims Act allows private citizens to sue on behalf of the government and get a portion of awards in cases where firms defraud the government.

In July 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act went into effect, and contains increased incentives for securities fraud whistleblowers. It authorizes the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to reward those who expose fraud at public companies with from 10 to 30 percent of the amount it recovers over $1 million. The SEC is anticipating a significant increase in complaints, such as of securities fraud including manipulation of a security's price or volume, Ponzi schemes, insider trading, theft, bribery of foreign officials, and more.

Once a tip is received, attorneys in the SEC enforcement division evaluate the information and decide if enforcement action is necessary, then the SEC has nine months from passage to implement rules governing the process. And the new law provides that information received prior to rulemaking will be included in the reward program.

Laws and statute of limitations for whistleblowing cases vary. For instance:
  • Employees or former employees may have up to 300 days to file a discrimination case against their company.

  • Environmental whistleblowers have only 30 days to make a written complaint to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

  • Federal employees complaining of violation of civil rights laws have only 45 days to make a written complaint to their equal employment opportunity (EEO) officer.

  • Those reporting false claims against the federal government may have up to 6 years to file a civil lawsuit and may redeem 15-30% of the recovered funds under the U.S. False Claims Act.


Whistleblower Cases

The most noteworthy whistleblower case involved a former FBI official who leaked information about President Richard Nixon's association with Watergate. The informant's identity was kept secret for 30 years until he identified himself in 2005.

In 2001, Vice President of Enron, Sherron Watkins blew the whistle on Enron's major accounting cover-up. The company and its auditors, Arthur Andersen, hid billions of dollars in debt, lied to their shareholders, and avoided paying federal income tax for years.

Depicted in a Hollywood film, The Insider shows the real-life story of how CBS reporters uncovered the malpractice and corruption of the tobacco industry and attempted to push past the corporate politics to have it aired on 60 Minutes.

Other whistleblower cases have involved misconduct in the FBI, the failure of government officials to protect the environment, illegal storage of hazardous waste, dumping of raw sewage and wastewater violations, nuclear accidents, corporate cover-ups, and more.

Pharmaceutical Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawsuits:
  • Pfizer Inc. paid $1.8 billion to settle a qui tam lawsuit involving off-label marketing of Bextra. Pfizer paid an additional $500 million to settle five other qui tam lawsuits, bringing the total settlement to $2.3 billion.

  • TAP Pharmaceuticals paid $875 million to settle criminal charges and two qui tam lawsuits, including one brought by Dr. Joseph Gerstein and Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization.

  • Cephalon Inc., a pharmaceutical company, paid $425 million to the federal government and states to settle criminal charges and qui tam lawsuits filed by three whistleblowers.


Whistleblower Legal Help

If you have identified illegal behavior by individuals or groups from a corporation or a government agency, please send your complaint to a lawyer by clicking on the link below. All your information will be kept private and confidential, and will only be sent to a lawyer who specializes in Whistleblower cases. There is no cost or obligation to have an attorney evaluate your whistleblower claim.


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U.S. v. Academy Mortgage Corp., Episode Too-Many-to-Count, “The Whistleblower Strikes Back”
U.S. v. Academy Mortgage Corp., Episode Too-Many-to-Count, “The Whistleblower Strikes Back”
August 28, 2022
There’s a new twist in U.S. v. Academy Mortgage Corp., a whistleblower lawsuit brought by former underwriter, Gwen Thrower. In 2016, Thrower filed a claim under the False Claims Act (FCA), asserting that Academy Mortgage was making mortgage loans that did not meet established Federal Housing Authority (FHA) credit requirements. The FHA insures the mortgage and pays the lender if the homebuyer defaults on or fails to repay the loan. Only lenders that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) approves can participate in the program. READ MORE

U.S. v. Academy Mortgage Corp., the Whistleblower Lawsuit that Will not Die
U.S. v. Academy Mortgage Corp., the Whistleblower Lawsuit that Will not Die
July 27, 2022
 Academy Mortgage Corp. has asked the Northern District of California to dismiss a whistleblower lawsuit brought by a former underwriter, Gwen Thrower. The lawsuit, which was initially filed in 2016, accuses Academy Mortgage of writing shaky FHA-backed mortgage loans to boost the company’s profits. In 2020, the federal government unsuccessfully sought to the lawsuit dismissed in the Ninth Circuit. In 2018, the Northern District had denied a similar motion. READ MORE

The Big Story of UBS Whistleblower Lawsuit
The Big Story of UBS Whistleblower Lawsuit
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After nearly seven years in court, Trevor Murray prevailed in his whistleblower lawsuit against UBS Securities, his former employer. The latest flurry of activity is an after-the-fact attempt by UBS’s attorneys to reduce the firm’s financial liability. No harm, no foul. It’s simply what diligent lawyers try to do. READ MORE


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major problems with the medical establishment, abuse, fraud neglect. concerning a very serious disease morgellons. have been untreated, untested and forcibly made to go to phyciatric care and forced to take drugs that were unnessisary and harmful on at least 3 occasions. fraud to medicare, myself and to taxpayers. tens of thousands of dollars and still with the daily debilitating condition is there and they expect me to pay them for abuse, of their medical and law enforcement corruption.

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I have Morgellons and I have been documenting my disease for awhile now.I want to be part of the Morgellons lawsuit if there is one?

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I am being persecuted, and bankrupted by a local legal service non-profit attorney and everyone from the small claims court to our local district court are allowin ghim to do it. NC State bar which is only another non-profit and noone here cares whether you complain to them says they can only put sanctions on the lawyer once he is done committing the crime, my lawyer can only put sanctions and meanwhile we move forwards while the attorney brakes countless code of ethics laws and continues to cause thousands in damages to my business and he plans on keeping us in court with bogus claims until we brake and we have the extortion letter and the last 7 months to prove it. The NC DOJ says they can only investigate the complaint but no one seems to be alble to stop him from bankrupting me even though everyone agrees that what he is doing is wrong and unthical and even illegal. i can't press charges and no one will help me or his own clients who also have a claim against him but he won't let anyone tell them and he won't let them get their own representation so far he has cost me $52,000 and the number keeps going up and in another month or so of this he will have cost me my business which I purchased for $750,000. This lawyer braking all the rules to come after me clearly show how they are able to railroad anyone because they are above the law or they are doing this to me especifically because I am a disabled hispanic female. I am going to have to put 24 families out on the street because of what these people are doing to me. I have evidence of all my claims in the form of documents, video, complaints to every office I can think of documenting not only this case but another case that they were trying to come after me with that when they saw I would not just let them take what was mine from me so easily the other lawyer backed off so I wouldn't fight him as hard as I am fighting this lawyer, otherwise they would have bankrupted me out the gate the first year in business without having done anything wrong, in fact I am like mother teressa around here, I help the poor and they are SUPPOSED to be doing the same thing but they get rid of the small landlord that can't pay them off and all that is left is the big corporation that can pay for lawyers on both sides which is what they are around here on both sides, everyone in a 200mile radious couldn't help me because of a conflict of interest!!!! THEN WHO IS DEFENDING THE LANDLORDS??? I have done nothing wrong which is why I can shout what they are doing to me from the roof tops and why they have not been able to easily bankrupt me, please help there are so many other landlords in this area with THIS SAME STORY!

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I am a Registered Nurse in Florida. I have been fiercely trying to help, along with Dr RW, CC RN and Dr SK, Patients who have been diagnosed with Morgellons Syndrome, aka Delusions of Parasitosis. These People are not Delusional and the US Government is trying to Cover up this Now Global Pandemic. Fox News has covered this in the Body Bugs Part 1 and Part 2, I am predicting this next Global Event.

I have 30 people in Maryland with this that we know of.
I am in Contact with hundreds of people with this.
I have researched this extensively and know that It is through the mismanagement of Genetically Modified Crops that this is Occuring.
We can Blame Monsanto for this Disaster and the misuse of Pesticides and Toxins.

Go to and to see what has been done with Expermental Spraying on Humanity. Certichem is trying to take down plastics because we have all been hormonally disrupted for 40 years.

We need to stop all pyrethines, Deets and go to TRUE Organics.
Antibiotics are not helping these people and they are Broke.
Look at Bt and its use in Genetically Modified Foods, in the Seeds of Destruction.

This is Causing more Disease than we will ever begin to comprehend.


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