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Amusement Park Accident

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Although amusement parks can be fun places to visit or work, amusement park accidents can be serious events, resulting in permanent injury and even death to victims. Wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against some amusement parks, alleging amusement park accidents resulted in amusement park deaths. Other serious amusement park injuries include whiplash, neck and back injuries, heart attacks, broken bones and internal injuries. Visitors to parks, park employees or contracted workers can all be involved in amusement park accidents and may all be eligible to file a claim in the event of an amusement park injury.


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Amusement Park Accidents

personalinjuryamusementpark Amusement park accidents involve incidents that occur in all types of amusement parks. These include large-scale parks, such as Disneyland or Disney World, Six Flags theme parks, and water parks down to smaller, traveling carnivals, animal parks, state fairs and school carnivals. Accidents occur at all types of amusement parks, carnivals and fairs and can involve park guests and outsourced workers who maintain the grounds.

Such amusement park accidents can even happen at local events that supply amusement park-style attractions. One such incident occurred in New York, when a gust of wind caused inflatable bounce houses to become airborne with children inside. Thirteen people were injured, including one woman who suffered spinal injuries and was listed in critical condition.

The people who own and operate amusement parks have a legal responsibility to ensure the people who visit their parks are not involved in amusement park accidents. That includes ensuring the property and the attractions on the property are properly maintained and kept in a reasonably safe condition. If an amusement park injury occurs and that injury could have been prevented if the amusement park took reasonable steps, the injured person may be able to sue for compensation for any amusement park injuries.

Depending on the circumstances of the amusement park accident, legal responsibility for harm done to visitors could rest on the amusement park owner, the ride designer or manufacturer, the ride operator or a ride or a concession stand owner. Among claims made against defendants are wrongful death, negligence, slip and fall injury (premise liability) and defective product claims.

Amusement Park Accident Statistics

According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), there were approximately 1,343 ride-related injuries in the US in 2008. Of those, 80 injuries were reported as "serious," which meant they required overnight treatment in a hospital for purposes other than observation.

However, not all injuries are obvious immediately following the accident. For example, a person could suffer what seems like a minor neck injury while on a ride only to discover days later that she has whiplash. Or a person could experience stomach pain while on a ride but ignore it at first, only discovering later that she has internal injuries.

Theme Park Injuries

personalinjuryrollercoaster Theme park injuries can be serious and life-threatening. Roller coaster accident injuries and personal injuries sustained on other rides include traumatic brain injury, back and neck injury, whiplash, broken bones, heart attack and internal injuries. Injuries can also occur when park guests suffer falls from rides, such as an 11-year-old who died in an amusement park accident after falling from a ferris wheel.

Traveling carnivals and street fairs have their own risks. Many of them run electrical wiring on the ground, where people can easily trip over the wires or, in extreme cases, step in the wrong spot and receive electrical shocks or burns. Furthermore, the rides and attractions are put up and taken down regularly, leaving them open to the possibility that they might not be properly set up, resulting in injury to carnival goers. The continual setup and break down of rides can also lead to wear and tear on machinery and parts resulting in possible ride malfunction and injury.

Animal parks also come with their set of risks. Although the animals may look cute to touch or fun to ride, animals are unpredictable and can act out, causing injury to park employees and visitors.

Water Park Injuries

People can also suffer serious, life-threatening water park injuries. Water park owners and operators have a responsibility to ensure that guests are safe from preventable harm while at the water park. Preventable accidents include accidental downing, slip and fall injuries and injuries caused by improperly maintained water rides.

Water parks must maintain adequate staff to guest ratios--particularly on rides such as wave pools where crowd control can become an issue if lifeguards cannot effectively see swimmers. Lifeguards and water park staff also need to be able to stop the "wave" action of the wave pool in an emergency.

Lax adherence to or monitoring of minimum age and/or height requirements on water rides by water park staff can also lead to water park accident and injury. Some water park rides may require use of a life preserver or life jacket which, if not properly maintained by the water park--or if worn improperly or not worn at all--could lead to water park injuries.

Ski Park Injury

Ski Parks, including ski and snowboard hills, are very popular in the winter months. But because they involve traveling downhill at fast speeds, often with very little protection, they can also be dangerous. Ski resort injuries can result in traumatic brain injury, paralysis and even death. It is up to the owners and operators of ski resorts to ensure the ski hill, including the lift facilities, chalets and cabins, are safe for all guests and employees. Although it is up to skiers and snowboarders to remain in control while skiing on the hill, ski resorts may be liable if ski resort accidents are caused by poor maintenance on the slopes or property, unmarked hazards, negligence or improperly trained employees.

Cruise Ship Injury

In winter months, many tourists flock to warmer climates to escape the cold. But if guests are harmed while onboard, the owner and operator of the cruise ship, as well as those responsible for maintaining it, could be held liable. This includes incidents such as slip and fall accidents, food poisoning, theft, water slide or swimming pool accidents, accidents at ports of call, physical or sexual assault by crew members, medical negligence, or any other injuries that might arise from improper maintenance or operation of the ship.

Spa Injury, All-Inclusive Resort Injury and Resort Injury

Just as tourists may visit cruise ships in the winter, they may also visit warm-climate resorts. Those resorts and tour operators have an obligation to ensure guests are safe from undue harm while onsite. This includes serious injury, contaminated or improperly cooked food, physical or sexual assault from staff members, slip and fall injuries, swimming pool accidents and accidents while on a sponsored tour. Resort and tour operators are responsible for ensuring that their operations are free from hazardous conditions and have proper emergency care and procedures in place to protect their guests.

Amusement Park Accidents Involving Workers

Many workers at amusement parks and carnivals are outsourced workers who maintain the grounds or operate the rides. Such amusement park jobs include ticket attendants, concessions workers, ride operators, game operators, costumed characters, cleaning staff, and repairmen. Contracted amusement and theme park workers, however, are susceptible to injury and even death while working on the grounds and may not have the same workers' compensation coverage as regular employees. Outsourced workers who are injured while working on fairgrounds may be eligible to file a lawsuit if their injury was the result of negligence on the part of the carnival owner or operator.

Employees at animal parks are also at risk of injury. Even the most seemingly tame animals are unpredictable and can act out, causing serious, life-threatening injury to their caregivers and groundskeepers. Last year, a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando was killed when an orca whale grabbed her and dragged her under the water, showing how vulnerable trainers can be to sudden harm.

Amusement park owners and operators have a responsibility to ensure that employees and other workers have a safe working environment. That means ensuring that workers are properly trained to operate machinery, that there are adequate safety controls and measures in place, and that rides and other equipment are all properly maintained and functional. Failure to do so can make the amusement park owner and/or operator liable for any injuries sustained as a result.

Amusement Park Accident Attorney

Depending on what state the amusement park is in and depending on the type of lawsuit being filed negligence, personal injury and so on the statute of limitations varies. An experienced attorney can help determine the statute of limitations in your situation and help ensure you receive proper compensation for any harm done to you or a loved one.

Amusement Park Accident Legal Help

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Posted by

I was on the anaconda roller coaster King dominion last u had a stroke because of it

Posted by

I was injured at a Amusement park but in the water section .
So I got on a water slide which required to ride a tube thru inclosed slide . Weight limit was 250 pounds and I was around 215 at fhe time . Seems these tubes arwnt blown back up at close or before opening .And you can imagine more riders more tube loses air .
And the water was pushing thru tube quite heavy , enough to send me to top of inside of tube and knock me out , but i was concious by hiyting the pool water at bottom .I knew i jad a golf ball knot on my head but gnd life guard said sir come herr your cover in blood .Wrll it required 5 stitches above eye in the ER.
So stupid me settled with one of the main office people way way to cheap snf thought nothing of having the hodpital bill paid
Well that was about $18,000.00 for 5 stitches and about 3 hours there .
Figured it would be to much hassle in court and many years . But iinstead i sued the hospital cause they charged me 5 to 8 times charge master raye cause i was uninsured at time . So class action was filed cause 48,000 others over 5 yrs were also .Come to find out a insured person there bill between 3 and 5K but no insurance they iver charge these people to make up loses for breaks they give these insurance companies .
Judge wouldnt certified the bill cause he said i didnt pay enough into it or on it .

Posted by

My family and I visited this resort in July 2016. The night before we arrived we went online to their site to book a room for 6 people. We paid $435 for this single room, which by the way look much bigger online then it actually was. The actual room was was maybe 10 feet long than a typical hotel room. So when we arrived in the Dells, we checked the website again and found the price for an identical room was going for $270. As you would expect, we asked for the cheaper rate. A trip to the "backroom" was made and the hostess returned with a firm no. We were informed that the penalty for cancellation within 72 hours of arrival was one full day payment. Obviously we were not pleased, but we soldiered on, and checked in.

One of the perks of being a guest is supposed to be the extra hours in the park both before and after normal hours. This sounds like a great idea, however when you close the outdoor waterpark during that extra time, it kills the bonus.

And lets top it all off with the two entrances. One is located at the top of a hill near the hotel and the other is completely on the other side of the parks. My family and I decided to find a place to eat and then go to the park. We parked at the distant entrance and entered the park for a little while. The roller coasters where good and all, but as we worked our way to the other side of the park, I decided to shift our vehicle to the other parking lot for convenience. I would meet up with the family, about 3/4's of the way through the park. Good idea, right? As I arrived at the other parking lot, it was discovered the other entrance was closed. There was not even an attendant there to allow hotel guests inside.

I returned to the lobby to find out what seemed to be the problem. Again I was met with apathy. At this time it was explained to me that I would have to park back at the top of the hill and walk all the way down the hill to the indoor waterpark entrance, about 1/4 of mile in total. I stated that this was completely unacceptable and that my family was still inside the park.

To appease me, they decided to give me a yellow parking pass which would allow me to park closer to that entrance. This was fine and all, does every hotel guest have to jump through these hoops?

My family was so upset with these issues, we decided to leave first thing in the morning instead of enjoying the park for the second day, which we were entitled to.

Another quick point on the hotel. It is laid out over a large area and in different buildings. You might luck out and get right next to the park or not be so lucky and be a mile away. And in my particular building , the security door to enter the entire un-manned building was broken and anyone could enter the building.

We will never return to this park again and recommend the same for everyone. Although they are a fixture in this area, that does not give them the right to manipulate the prices the way they do. They need to greatly improve their system, but I doubt they will.

Posted by

Emotional distress from this one ride to the point that we had to leave the park as I was so nauseous we couldn't stay. All rides have some kind of warning with regard to back problems, or pregnancy. We have never had either issue so we felt completely safe to get on the ride. It wasn't until the doors were locked and the REAL WARNINGS came through; do not close your eyes, look straight ahead and do not turn your head or you would suffer from extreme disorientation or nausea, then they explained where the air sick bags were. By then I was truly terrified and wanted off. The G forces were brutal and I resorted to "Lamaze" breathing to get thought it. This ride should have been banned years ago.

Posted by

My son, myself and a personal friend were at a carnival where the ride opened up while in operation and my son was on it.
He suffered a slight sprain to his right ankle and toe. I believe the carnival ride operator and grounds manager did not act according to Missouri State law regarding this incident. I have video footage that can be enhanced that shows when the cage opened up and how he strained to pull it up until he got to safety while hurting his ankle and hitting his head. We were not offered medical attention on the carnival grounds nor did the carnival officials report the incident.

Posted by

Broken skull, eye socket, nose & a large, deep cut down forehead took 13 stitches I believe. Also have an undiagnosed hand injury & panic attacks when I remember the accident.

Posted by

While riding the Zeus roller coaster, it jerked straight up and down after a drop I immediately felt extreme back pain.
Left park immediately. Injuries included a fractured vertebra and neck injuries.

Posted by

Atfer talking to the EMT I was virtually ignored because it was thought I was only there with heat problems until the EMT was able to make the park officials realize i was on the ride. I was off for three days (wanted to return as soon as possible) and was only offered reimbersement for the prescriptions I obtained for pain and mucscle relaxer and was not contacted till the third day -while trying to work- as to how I felt and wanting me to talk to NO_ONE. Still suffering severe back and neck pain and nausea across front of stomach area.


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