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Synchrony Bank TCPA Violations

Synchrony Bank has been accused of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Thousands of people nationwide who received artificial or automatic telephone dialing systems were involved in the Synchrony Bank TCPA Class Action Lawsuit and Synchrony Bank settlement. Since the settlement more Synchrony Bank lawsuits have been filed and attorneys are looking into recent Synchrony Bank TCPA violations.


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Synchrony Bank and TCPA Violations

Synchrony Bank Lawsuits Complaints have been filed by people nationwide accusing Synchrony Bank of violating the TCPA by placing robocalls (a call dialed from a computer) on their cell phones without prior consent. Plaintiffs said they incurred either phone charges or reduced cellular telephone time by having to retrieve the messages left by Synchrony.

The TCPA makes it unlawful to use an automatic telephone dialing system, or a pre-recorded or artificial voice, when calling someone’s cell phone. Unless consent is given, such a call violates the TCPA, regardless the purpose of the call. The only exceptions are emergency calls, including 911 calls, or the emergency line of a hospital, medical physician or service office, health care facility, poison control center, or fire protection or law enforcement agency. In other words, if an automated dialer (robocall) or pre-recorded or artificial voice is used to call or text message your cell phone, that call has violated the TCPA.

The TCPA also prohibits pre-recorded messages for calls made to residential telephone lines, but it only applies to solicitations from telemarketers/sellers with whom the consumer does not have an "established business relationship." It also restricts telemarketers from calling consumers who have registered with the Do-Not-Call Registry.

The TCPA provides for damages of $500 per phone call. And, if the recipient can prove the caller willfully or knowingly violated the TCPA, a court may increase the damages up to $1,500 per call.

TCPA Synchrony Bank Class Action Settlement

The Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank) settled a class action lawsuit in 2016 over allegations it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Lead plaintiffs Muhammed Abdeljalil, Richard Springer, Joseph Hofer and Bradley Moore filed the TCPA class action lawsuit against the bank after allegedly receiving daily robocalls from Synchrony on their cell phones without giving consent. Synchrony has set aside $7 million to settle claims for all or “all persons nationwide whose cellular telephone number, at any time on or after August 22, 2008 through June 16, 2016 Synchrony called regarding an account that did not belong to him or her and did not provide the number to Synchrony or is not a person who consented to receiving calls at that cellular telephone number.”

GE Capital Retail Bank denies all wrongdoings but agreed to settle the class action lawsuit to avoid the risk and expense of further litigation. The case is Abdeljalil, et al. v. GE Capital Retail Bank Case No. 3:12-02078-JAH-MDD, District Court for the Southern District of California. (All claims had to be filed no later than November 14, 2016.)

TCPA Synchrony Bank Class Action Lawsuit

Plaintiff Avroham Deutsch filed a TCPA class action lawsuit on April 4, 2016 against Synchrony Bank and Inc., claiming defendants made numerous calls to his phone on a daily basis. Case Number: 3:16cv1673.

Other TCPA Synchrony Lawsuits

Staci Watkins filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that Synchrony Bank harassed her with continued use of automated phone calls and pressuring her to pay a credit card debt from May 2014 through September 2014. The lawsuit claims that Synchrony debt collection practices violated the TCPA by:

  • initiating multiple automated telephone calls to Plaintiff's cellular telephone;
  • for non-emergency purposes;
  • without Plaintiff's prior express consent and, after August 2014, subsequent to Plaintiff revoking previous consent; and
  • with malicious, intentional, willful, reckless, wanton, and negligent disregard for Plaintiff's rights and with the purpose of harassing Plaintiff

Synchrony Bank counterclaimed, arguing it was entitled to a money judgment against Watkins for failure to pay the credit card bill.

Watkins filed a motion to dismiss the Synchrony Bank debt collection counterclaim. Her TCPA lawyer argued the breach of the credit card contract constituted a separate transaction or occurrence. The debt collection claim was not relevant to whether or not Synchrony Bank’s use of the auto-dialer violated the TCPA. Synchrony Bank’s debt collection claim arose out of a State law breach of contract, whereas. Watkin’s claim arose out of a violation of a federal consumer protection law.

Synchrony Bank Debt Collection Dismissed

In Watkins v. Synchrony Bank Case No. 4:15-CV-00842, the Court stated that allowing debt collection counterclaims by creditors would discourage victims of collection agency abuse from filing consumer rights claims in court.

In 2015 Fred Horenburger complained to the TCPA that Synchrony Bank and Bank of America repeatedly called his cell phone, although he doesn’t have accounts with either bank and he told them repeatedly to stop. He filed lawsuits against the banks in United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. (The cases have been assigned numbers 9:15cv80034 and 9:2014cv81600). He is seeking at least $500 for each call he alleges violated the TCPA.

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Posted by
Justin Klinger
This is regarding a different type of issue that I have with synchrony bank. I am a former employee of synchrony. I was terminated for violating the personal illness policy. Basically, they have an overly complicated system for personal illness and I made some errors interpreting that system. However, about a month and a half before being terminated for violating the personal illness policy, I spoke with my then supervisor and discussed a situation involving FMLA. To sum it up, my wife has a condition which would have qualified me for FMLA. Furthermore, the FMLA states that once an employee discloses a possible FML qualifying situation, any and all future absences must be treated as FML and it is then up to the EMPLOYER to verify whether the absence is or is not FML. Being terminated (2 days after thanksgiving, after working 56 hrs over the holiday) was a violation of the FML Act, which means I was wrongfully terminated. I discussed this with the HR manager who terminated me, and she basically scoffed and swept me under the rug. To top it all off, I had won an Echo Dot in a raffle while working the holiday, on Thanksgiving, and even received an email the day I was terminated stating that my prize would be mailed that day. Instead, Synchrony kept my Echo Dot and refused to admit that it was rightfully mine when I inquired about the prize a month later. But that's just a sidenote. The main thing is the wrongful termination. I don't really know how to go about taking action against Synchrony for wrongfully terminating me, so if any lawyers want to reach out to me and possibly represent me in a potential lawsuit, feel free to email me at Thanks

Posted by
Hignett Carolyn
I have 3 accounts with Synchrony, all of which I have always paid on time by bill pay. My Amazon account began calling me 6 months ago. They claimed to have run my credit and found negative info causing them to close my account. They also claimed that I had missed payments that I promptly printed and sent to them. They demanded larger phone payments, which I made? I asked for copies of the last years statements three times before getting them..I found over $250 of charges of services that I had never before seen, nor was even aware of the purpose. They were also charging me $35 each month in late fees although I was never late?
My second card, a car care card I had used for an emergency $400, I had paid off, yet they are now
telling me my new balance is over $350, and will not explain why? I am trying to purchase my first home, but they have pushed my credit down with their claims of “late payments”! I am fearful of going over my Care Credit Statement again. I have been so careful with
My payments. I was not aware they were owned by Synchrony. They could ruin my life!
Please advise

Posted by
Christina Jackson
Synchrony bank allows me to have a credit with limit with gap for the amount of $300 and also care credit. Both of my accounts were in good standings paid off never late and recently they close my account when I called they stated it was closed due to the fact that Trans Union reported something negative on my credit report which was false. I contacted Trans Union asked where there any of my accounts in bad standing was there anything that I need to be aware of that would allow Synchrony Bank to make a decision to close my account. I was advised to dispute both of the cards to be removed off my credit report immediately for being closed. I also am requesting an explanation for where they were receiving that information from. A class action lawsuit needs to be filed against synchrony bank after reviewing views of other people with the same complaints. I was advised to dispute both of the cards to be removed off my credit report immediately for being closed. I also am requesting an exclamation for where they were receiving that information from. Our class action lawsuit needs to be filed against Synchrony Bank after reviewing other people such as myself experiencing account being closed which ruins your credit score they are fraud they are aware of what they’re doing and it is unfair that they need to be sued because they never notified me of any derogatory things on my credit report that they felt they have to write to close both accounts ruining my credit score that as Americans work so hard to keep in good standings. Please if there is any attorney out there that can represent all of us who ever experiencing this bank doing these acts please contact us or let us know who we should call they need to be shut down immediately thank you .

Posted by
Iam not sure that I was subjected to the violation TCPA , however I have credit account with Synchrony bank , and I have had a great deal of difficulty dealing . For example I requested to have automatic payment setup . I made arrangement with the supervisor . She walked me through the setup process . The following month when I called to check the account , and make inquiries about the autopay . The agent told me that no such arrangement was made . I was asked to go the the synchrony web site . Zero results. Absolutely the worst banking institution I ever worked with . Why do I have to call a foreign country to pay on my account ?

Posted by
Tracey Williams
I was on medical leave from work. At first they worked with us. When I started a new job due to medical reasons All was good until I had to work-part time on a new job for the same medical reasons.
I got tired of Synchrony Bank. I got the runaround. They said the phone calls would stop but I needed to keep in touch, which I did. The calls did not stop and I got a certified letter saying I made no attempt to contact them. I got tired and went directly to Care Credit. I found out that $139.00 of my actual payment was going to ACC Security Insurance to cover the bill if we got sick. When I contacted the ACC Security about it. They said they could help us and trying to keep the money. We are trying to get our money back. We have paid in three times the amount of our actual bill. Only $10.00 goes towards the principal.

Posted by
This bank closed my accounts with them because they say that my credit score dropped, and my credit had excessive inquires and derogatory Mark's and derogatory Mark's, this is after they lowered my credit limits with them from 13,000.00 to 7200.00! To now close those accounts! But I checked my transunion report (because they state In the letter that the info they have is from transunuon) and I have a 647 credit score wich they said I have a 521 and I dont have a single late payment or derogatory mark on my 3 credit reports! Please help me, I have worked on my credit and still continue to. Please help me because the limits changing was so hurtful to my credit also 20-25 points and now the closed accounts?? Please help me I want to sue!!

Posted by
Hi my is Marcos, and I defaulted on my Walmart account by synchrony bank. I finally paid it in full but the strange things that they were doing was giving wrong info on my credit report. there was two months in which they said to have returned two of my payments for nov2017,and dec2017 but according to my credit karma report they have that I paid those two months on time

Posted by
Bought a Bowflex home gym a in April of 2017.

Received a bowlfex credit card in the mail from synchrony but no bill as of april 26th 2017.

Worried about the lack of a bill and paying on time i went to their website and set up an autopay through their site.

Synchrony sent an email outlining that bill pay had been set up for the following 11 months then began sending regular emails saying bill had been paid and statement was ready.

I never opened these emails or bothered to log on to the account at this point, thinking everything was fine and the bill would be done paid in full at the end of the 11 months.

A few weeks after the last payment i began receiving the phone calls.

Seems that Synchrony had set the bill due date for 1 week earlier each month from the date that i had set up on the autopay and had charged me a fee every month for the last 11 months plus interest.

All said and done i stilled had a balance of $460 after the last payment was made.

I paid their blood money to preserve our excellent credit and will be going to the district court house tomorrow to initiate a lawsuit.

Posted by
Cosette Wiebe
My husband and I recently paid off the two accounts we have with Synchrony Bank on 2 Apr 18... one with Haverty's and the other with Lowes. Then my husband called a few days ago asking why our credit report did not reflect the correct amount. My husband requested for the bank to notify the credit agencies ASAP. In stead the bank lowered our available credit limit to $100.00 and never reported the fact we paid off the accounts in full. In fact, the bank owes us money... 0.14 (cents) on Haverty's and 0.03 (cents) on the Lowes account. My husband called again today (19 Apr) and they stated they pulled our credit report, are sending a letter, and stated we missed payments (we never have missed a payment, not even late) and for other reasons undisclosed. Even our credit report shows no payments missed or late, EVER! Then we look up complaints against this company and then this... class action lawsuits... multiple class action lawsuits. How is this company authorized to even operate? This is defamation of character and fraudulent. Not to mention, my husband just retired from the U.S. Army having served 35 years in uniform... what a way to say thank you for his service but to only try to hurt him / us! Well, now he is seeking help so if anyone (attorneys) are willing to help us please contact us ASAP as we are ready to sue this bank. We want Synchrony Bank to be brought to justice!

Posted by
Shaina Saelee
My husband and I have several accounts with GE and have received so many harassing calls from MANY unknown numbers. Numbers with different area codes calling consistently regarding our account, to silicate services etc. we have a strong belief that they sold our numbers and information to multiple calling centers. We reguarly screen our calls because of this.

Posted by
George L Bohrer
I don't know what is going on with Synchrony. I opened a Discount Tire CarCareONE account with them when I bought tire at Discount Tire. After doing so, I never heard from them again. I never received any monthly payment invoices. Nor did I receive any correspondence as to the reason why they where not being sent. I did visit Discount tire several times and called a number they provided. However, Synchrony did not address my concern. It seem as if they had forgotten me. Soon or later, I expected tem to get their act straight. I work in Customer Service and know that sometimes "things happen". To my dismay, I learned that Synchrony charged off my account to a company named Midland Credit Management who is now suing me for non payment. This situation is absurd. I was never given any opportunity to make kind of payment to them. They sold my account without giving me any chance to rectify the adverse situation that was totally caused by their negligence. I am livid. This matter has caused me great harm to my credit score. This in turn has caused me to delay sorely needed home improvements, dental and other medical procedures. ANYONE OUT THERE EXPERIENCE THE SAME PROBLEM ??

Posted by
BARBARA A Thompson
I am having the same issues as Amanda, Amy,Cassandra and there posted above. Also discovered that sychrony bank is directly related to debt collectors underdifferent names. They also went into my bank account unnathorized and took thirty dollars under a false name but when I called the number she said she was trying to satisfy a loan on sychronybank. Is that a legal move. Looking over my credit report which I pay to have monit- ored , sychrony and some credit agency has been ticker in with it since may 2017. My care credit first payment was due Feb 19,2017. Made payment by phone on Feb 17th and it had a late charge that even the csr couldn't explain. I was given a special financial arrangements and they are not honoring it from the beginning. I have asked to be put on auto pay and have it payed on the 6th not 19th. Told had to go online to set up no good. As to talk to ac outing dept,all we get is csr and robocalls. I suspended my bank acCT. Dont know what to do.

Posted by
Lorraine Dusak
I don't understand how this bank can get away with what they do. They are basically loansharks. They are currently and systematically ruining my credit. They need to be stopped. when you call them they don't even want to talk to you. I don't understand how they can do this to people and continually get away with it.

Posted by
Ryan Brown
I went inside the store and applied. I was approved but then my account was restricted until I proved my identity. This is the repeated cycle for Synchrony Bank. They continue to approve accounts. I receive my card but they wont even activate them or I will use them once and they restrict them. I have mailed proof of my identity via overnight and certified mail but they continuously claim they haven't received it. This seems like some sort of fraud.

Posted by
Casandra Jackson
I have issues with Synchrony Bank related to how they have handled the credit limits on my accounts. I have never been late on either of my accounts with them. I would like to discuss with an attorney, if possible. After doing some research, there are A LOT of people that has the same issue.

Posted by
Greg C
Angelina, I am curious if your problems stem from what was an HHGregg bill. I have just discovered what I think may be some illegal practices by Synchrony in an effort to have me default on my payments, thus incurring full 2 years worth of interest when the loan should have been paid off using their automated system.

I type all this out because I cant imagine I am the only one dealing with this.

Posted by
Ami Waldron
I have received numerous phone calls from Synchrony bank in regards to my Jc Penny and especially my care credit account when I have discussed the acct with them and disputed the amount owed because they won't take off a late charge on a payment that is NOT seven due yet they state they can not take any late charges off unless I'm paying then acct off in full, when asked to speak to a supervisor I'm told they can NOT call me backs because they can NOT call OUT

Posted by
Angelina Ramirez
I have other issues related to Synchrony Bank which I would like to discuss with an attorney if possible.

Posted by
Felicia Wilcox
I receive excessive calls from suspicious numbers daily then when I answer its Synchrony Bank harassing me. Now that I have refused to pick up calls because I can detect when the call me I have given the various numbers names no I get a letter in the mail from various attorneys stating that they want to help me because a lawsuit by Synchrony Bank has been filed against me, although I have never received a letter from them.

Posted by
Melissa Page
I revoked permission for them to call my cell phone after receiving calls multiple calls for being 1 day late. In turn, my credit limit was dropped and a pending purchase pushed me over my limit. In trying to make a payment, they demand I give them my cell phone and agree to take robocalls or I cannot make a payment.


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