• Dave September 29, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    I have an ’06 that I bought a year ago from my sister in law to help her out of a bind. She claims to never have had a problem and if something came up she was at the dealership to rectify it and her stack of paperwork confirms it. It has 125k, is a 2.4 and Lt trim. My wife uses it as her primary car. I’ve replaced inside door handles….no biggy, they’re plastic, they break. Months ago my wife said the dash lights are going haywire. I drove it, nothing. Later she says it’s happening more and more. The lights go crazy, AC and radio shuts off and it steers hard. Oh, and key stuck but can stop engine. (Did the ignition recall). This week she called from work “it’s dead. No start, no lights, nothing”. I figure since the ‘puter is shutting things down, it’s prolly low voltage. Yes, the battery was shot – new battery (almost $200). Started the car. It ran for five minutes and shut down. Started again, die. Start again, die. Alternator? Another test with volt/ohm meter. I get no charging voltage back to battery so the ‘puter shuts down? Ok, new alterator ($125). What a horrible pain to get at, but today that task is complete. I start the motor and watch the meter. Good juice even with air on. I shift to reverse then into drive. Ok, no drop in voltage, sweet. No crazy light show on the dash. Man, I soo rock. I shift back to park, it dies. Start it back up, die. Start, die. Start, die. The car is still sitting in my wife’s Employer’s parking lot where I did all the “repairs” in between rain showers. Why doesn’t it go bad when it’s near the garage where all the tools are? Now I’m stumped and will have to pay for a tow and shop rates for diag and labor. Can’t wait to hear what they want for parts. Being retired and budgeting has it’s drawbacks. I haven’t even touched on the front end trouble we’re experiencing such as steering wheel wobble when braking hard. I inspected the brakes and it all appears in good shape (recent brake work performed according to sis in law’s receipts). I have replaced all four hub bearings and it still doing it.
    There are so many probs on this thread, has anyone got any solutions? I’ll try to be diligent and follow up with fixes.

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