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Chevrolet HHR and Cobalt Problems

The National Highway Transportation Authority (NHTSA) has received complaints about a potential design defect in the Chevy HHR (Heritage High Roof). The Chevrolet HHR problems reportedly include difficulty turning the vehicle off. Chevy HHR complaints have been filed with the NHTSA by vehicle owners, who say they incurred high costs repairing their vehicle.


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HHR Ignition Problems

Reports on the NHTSA website include instances of Chevy HHR owners stating that their Chevy HHR won't shut off or that their Chevy HHR key stuck in the ignition. In order to rectify the problem when the HHR would not shut off, some HHR owners reported disconnecting the vehicle battery to shut the engine; remaining in their parked Chevy HHRs until their vehicle runs out of gas, which can take several hours if not a day; and removing a fuse from the engine.

chevyhhrignition So far, model years affected by the ignition problem include the 2009 Chevy HHR and 2009 Chevy Cobalt. Various reports from Chevy HHR owners, including reader submissions to, indicate that this is a known problem among car dealers and garages; however, Chevrolet/General Motors has not addressed the problem.

Some customers, who have had to have their vehicles towed to a dealership while still running, have been informed that the repair is not covered under their warranty. Those customers say they paid up to $600 to repair the HHR ignition.

Chevrolet HHR Legal Help

If you or a loved one have experienced ignition issues or other problems with your 2009 Chevrolet HHR or Cobalt, please click the link below to send your complaint to a lawyer who will evaluate your claim at no cost or obligation.
Last updated on Aug-30-11


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Posted by
tim mcmurry
my dad has a 2007 hhr ,he has had all these problems ,on the noise in front end its the hut on the top of the strut that comes loose,sway bar bushings ,a arm bushings and whee beerings,on the misfire its a valve defect,are car had a burnt exhaust valve and 16 bad vlve guides,and faulty t chain tensioner, i was a dealer mech i fixed the problems,also he rear ended a car went to stop and car died and lost brakes steering and air bag did not deploy,this car has parts of low quality,gm doesnt care

Posted by
I purchased my 2008 HHR last June. One month ago, I filled up my tank and the gas gauge started messing up and I would watch as it want down to empty and then back up to full. Immediately after this gas gauge problem, my check engine light came on and has not gone off. Today, my remote stopped working, the power steering light came on and my car started sputtering. I am very nervous about this, as I have no money for repairs. What the hell is going on here? My car sounds like it's falling apart every time I go over the slightest little bump in the road. What am I to do about this?

Posted by
Russell Roig
I have a 2008 hhr and I've had to replace all kinds of things on it and now my hhr is hard to start and I don't know why wish I could find out why I like the car put don't like all the stuff that is going wrong with it

Posted by
Jessalina Rivera
I've had my hhr 2011 almost 3 yrs. now. It really drive me crazy ever since I got it from the dealer it was giving me problems and for the payment they gave the vehicle wasn't worth it. I told the dealer about the issue they said had to bring it to the GM cause they need it to deal with that. So second yr I had the car change spark plugs and started to act up check engine light on top to a Autozone they said misfiring and coil no good. So brough it to dealer they said coil and spark plug ok. I got that fix but it was still riding sluggish. Now this past most I was having a problem with it the check engine light come on stay on for few day then shut off then the traction light was on indicating traction off and the car felt like it wanted to shut off at times . To my car to the dealer explain the so they took my car for a few days and they figure few engine wasn't good 2 weeks in the shop. So I pick my car last thrusday didn't ride it for to long work home come Friday after work I realize the car was over heating. The problem is that the car is not mines yet and it's giving me a hard time. I truly wish I could get a better car but I have to wait until I finish paying. This vehicle from chevy suck. Thank you Bod from Milford in Ct. And a special s/ o to Chloe me jodistes God don't like ugly.

Posted by
Have had many problems with this car since purchasing first key got stuck in ignition had to have it towed ,after researching it on line discovered that the gear shift had a faulty part and my husband replaced this and that solved the problem ,then check engine light came on went and had problem diagnose and replace part ,light went out for a couple of hours check engine light back on and tire pressure monitor light also on took car and had it diagnosed now a different code is shown saying we need a different part ,car has also started to make noise like rattling when you go over a bump researched and found that it needs sway bars replaced purchased those and my husband replaced and did not solve problem also told by GM that none is these repairs are covered and can not be reimbursed for anything I lucky that my husband is able to do the repairs and we are only out of pocket for parts.

Posted by
I have a 2011 HHR. Since the beginning I have taken it to a chevy dealer because, while driving the esc, etc, shuts down the motor to what appears to be one cylynder. This has happened more than I can count. Every time I take it, they do not fix the problem, say they can't find it, the computer does not keep the codes, or say that it's something different then charge me. This has more than one time almost created an accident. Perhaps this is what they want as then the problem goes away. This is still happening. I believe it is the computer that is the problem.

Posted by
The front end makes a clunking sound when going over bumps. It is so loud that people stare when I go over the speed bumps on our street. It sounds like it is going to fall apart. I take really good care of my car. So, far in one year I have gotten to 2 recall notices. The rear hatch came down on my neck. one inch higher, I might not have been here. I have a brain tumor. My concerns are that this car is not going to be drive-able by the time it is paid off. I have had Chevy's most of my life, this one I would like to have it replaced. I see a lot of other folks having the same problem. We all can't be wrong.

Posted by
I have a 2008 Chevy HHR with only 60,000 miles on it. I took it in for the ignition, which I had to wait for 3 months to get, and noticed a noise coming from the front end. Since I have had numerous front end problems with this vehicle, I asked the dealership to do a free check up on it. They called back and said my Serpentine belt was cracked! Now, I keep my vehicle in the garage and always keep it maintained. Had I not asked for a free inspection regarding the front end noise, I may have ended up in an accident!

Posted by
My key is stuck in the ignition in the running position. I can't turn my car off!!

Posted by
Happened with a 2010 HHR with 40,000 miles. The car was purchased by me a week prior. I have been stuck at home without transportation for 2 days with car still in the repair shop. The Chevrolet dealership says these problems were fixed in 2009 prior to the manufacture date of my car so they are still trying to find out what is wrong.

Posted by
Car won't turn off with the damn key stuck in the on position while running- Also the computer is screwing up and throwing code and shuting off air-bags (dealer said it was a dirty contact) Next day after I get it back it the damn computer throws ANOTHER code to "Service Tire Monitor" All out of warrenty service work---and I am in the middle of the key thing right now!! So mad I bought this car new and it is a piece of engineering CRAP!


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