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Family Blames Monster Energy Drink on Uncle’s Death

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Taylor, MIDiane’s uncle blames Monster Energy Drinks for her uncle’s untimely death. So far two Monster Energy Drink Death lawsuits have been filed: both victims were in their teens. But Diane’s uncle was 59 years old.

Diane says that her Uncle Rickie and her mother were drinking “Jager Bombs,” a drink made popular with Red Bull but increasingly common to substitute other Energy Drinks such as Monster, just before he died.

“My mother was sitting with Uncle Rickie at the kitchen table - they both lived in my grandmother’s house,” says Diane. “She told us that our uncle leaned over the table and she thought he just passed out. When she checked on him a few hours later, he was gone. They were both drinking Jägermeister mixed with Monster - which they did just about every Saturday night. I don’t know how many jaegers he drank that night but he likely drank two or three of the big cans - either the 24-ounce or the 32-ounce Monster Energy BFC.”

Proponents and imbibers of the Jager Bomb, a caffeine-alcohol combination, say the cocktail creates a unique “high,” or at the very least, a counteract to the depressant of alcohol. They claim it makes you “more aware, more energetic, and more active.” It can also lead to Monster Energy side effects such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations, cardiac arrest and death.

“My uncle Rickie was a machine operator and worked five days a week, and often six days a week including Saturdays,” says Diane. “He didn’t have a drinking problem and I would have known if he had any health problems. Rickie was a hard worker and drinking Monster was his way to relax, to wind down.

“It was really a shock to all of us, especially my mom. She phoned me just after she called 911. I didn’t believe her at first because I had seen him earlier that day - he was fine. The medical examiner said his heart stopped. The reason I filed a Monster claim is because Rickie had no heart problems, and there is no history of heart problems in our family.

“Saturday was always Rickie’s day to hang out with family at the house. He only drank Jaegar and those stupid Monster drinks. I know for a damn fact that he died from drinking too much of that Monster Energy drink.”

Meanwhile, a California judge at the end of May ordered Monster Beverage to mediation this November 2013 in Anais Fournier’s wrongful death Monster Beverage lawsuit that alleges Monster drinks were to blame for the 14-year-old girl’s death.

Anais’ parents were hopeful that a trial date was going to be set at the hearing. “They are frustrated that Monster continues to sell thousands of energy drinks to young people every day,” said Kevin Goldberg, the Monster Energy Drink attorney representing the Fournier family.

A coroner’s report agreed with the lawsuit’s claim that Anais Fournier died of “cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity.” The girl also had an existing heart problem, but not one that was severe enough for doctors to limit her activities or to warn her away from caffeine. Uncle Rickie had no heart issues.


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Sad that her Unc died but u can't simply blame a product,wich by the way I use both by itself or with alcohol. I started drinking em when I was like 15-16 but I always had in myhead to this day that it says no more than 3 in one 24hr period. Here in Vegas we have alcohol mixed with energy drinks like water but we know the limit of 3-4 yager bombs is enough then swithc to another drink without the energy drinks. So sorry for the loss but it can't be blamed on a company that did its job by labeling what and what not to do. We are all aware even if we don't use it that too much of everything is a no-no. Keep to game tight and don't over do it by blaming someone else for what a person brought on themselves.

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Everybody that drinks the Monster Drink need to read the label - it is not the Companies fault that People, stupid as they are, drink the stuff in access or with liquir, knowing that it is loaded with caffeine. What is this world coming to?
I would be ashamed to be Diane and tell the world my Uncle drank on a regular basis but it's the Monster Drink that did him in. Now I'm trying to get money out of his death? Is she nuts or just so low down - get a job and make your money that way. Layers are already the scum of the earth - but someone like Diane is even worse. Her uncle was 59 - he shouldnt be drinking every saturday and who drinks an enery drink to relax? Are you stupid? I dont drink the stuff myself but I think this suing is a sickness that is spreading through our great country.

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Monster Energy makes a great product. It has a great label. For the most part, the it has a great bunch of sensible customers.

Suing a company for a consumer's abuse a product that is clearly labelled for a specific purpose and a specific maximum dose is shameful.
It's also a profound insult to the memory of the person who died. It's like saying "sure, you're dead, but at least I can try to profit off it."

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your uncle 59 he shouldnt be drinking what teens drink jager drinks are not meant for adults. guess he wanted to go out, and then you sue monster to make quick millions because you keep hearing news articles about drinking these drinks then they end up dying.

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Yeah, that's why kids drink Monster, to relax! lol
They were taking a stimulant and a depressant at the same time, Why????The depressant drug tries to slow the brain/central nervous system down while the stimulant tries to speed it up risks your body shutting down altogether. You run the risk of increased heart rate and blood pressure, muscle tension, excessive perspiration, nausea, psychosis, and disorientation, among other things. Taken separately, both alcohol and stimulants are hard on your internal organs, particularly the liver and kidneys, and can cause permanent damage. Combined they are even more likely to incite organ failure and, in some cases, death.


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