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Kugel Mesh Litigation in Canada and the US Ongoing

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Sherman, TXWhile more than 2,600 Kugel Mesh victims have settled claims from C.R. Bard, the parent company of Davol, people are still filing Kugel Mesh lawsuits claiming the medical device manufacturer failed to adequately design the hernia patches and failed to warn doctors and patients of known problems with the mesh.

The tort product liability suit filed in Rhode Island District Court resulted in a $184 million Kugel Mesh settlement that dates back to December 2005, when Bard began to recall its product. (The recall was due to reports that the memory recoil ring, which opens the patch after placement, breaks and/or buckles under stress and causes serious complications.) The settlement came about after just two out of approximately 3,600 Kugel Mesh hernia lawsuits had made it to trial.

Bard settled an individual case one year previously. In 2010, Christopher Thorpe was awarded $1.5 million in damages due to a sepsis infection and severe internal injuries after the Kugel Mesh patch broke inside of him. Along with sepsis, Kugel Mesh victims allege a number of serious medical complications including bowel perforation, intestinal fistulas and abdominal abscess formation.

Twenty-four women filed a product liability lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman Division, in September 2013. All the women were implanted with the mesh to repair hernias and they all allege serious injuries from Kugel Mesh defects, including pain, infections, sepsis, abscesses and chronic intestinal fistulae. The lawsuit further claims the mesh products, including Composix Kugel Mesh Patch, the Composix E/X Hernia Patch, the Composix L/P Hernia Patch and the Ventralex Hernia Patch, is inadequate or insufficient to maintain its integrity during normal use after implantation in the patient.

One month later, another Texas woman filed suit against Davol and Bard Inc. in the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division, according to The Southeast Texas Record. Alicia Daniel was implanted with the mesh to repair a hernia. She is seeking damages for medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, physical impairment, medical and pecuniary losses, and court costs (Case No. 6:13-cv-00747).

And in March 2014, Casey Oppenheim filed a tort product liability suit in Rhode Island District Court against the Kugel Mesh makers.

Another class-action settlement was reached last November in Toronto. Although the deadline for filing a claim in this class action has passed, Kugel Mesh attorneys in Canada and the US are still investigating claims.


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I had a left direct inguinal hernia repaired with bard plug along with on lay mesh and I have sooo much pain.
I also had a massive ventral hernia repaired with bard composix and marlex mesh and this also causes me extreme pain and suffering.
I believe I would have been better with the hernia's than this crap they have put in my body.
Any suggestions you have to offer will be taken seriously.
Thank you

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I had partial hysterectomy 5-14 I just under went more surgery 8-15
Herniated bowel, organ prolapse, inner seal repair. Dr left fallopian tubes n they was coming through my uthera.

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Hello...7 years ago I went for a hernia surgery and the mesh had ripped..this happen in 2010 in got it repaired again which my right side .they noticed my left side had also a hernia and they repaired both hernia's
..5 months later my right hernia had ripped the mesh again..were in 2015 and I never got it repaired again ..I still have it....let me know if I have a lawsuit on my hands ..thanks

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I,m not sure if I had the Kugel mesh implanted for my hernia in 2010, but I have severe abdonable pain. How would I know if I have the kugel mesh in me.

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I too live with massive pain after kugel mesh broke into pieces in late 2012. Have not found any attorneys to help me? Don't understand?

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Didn't know I was getting this mesh. Never wanted it. Received on 10/29/12. Supposed to be only for Incisional hernia repair. Instead he did a mesh insertion and exploratory, pulled out my intestines through laparoscopy repair. He said covered a cavity with Mesh(polyproplyne-goretex) mesh. Got surgical report. Kugel. complained on 3 week visit. he said he would make it right. Never wanted to do ct scan after. Got my neurologist to do it. Found another hernia by rectal sheath. called Spigelian hernia. Surgeon went across my 110 lb body pelvic area to put this in right side. He said size of a quarter maybe. I have been to ER Hospital visits several times in PAIN. I have urine retention, Bowel problems, Hurts at mesh site. Abdominal pain,. Unusual and unexplained intestinal symptoms, bloating, and he said there was fluid where the cavity is, where he put this mesh in. now I have pain in my cervix, bacteria infections in pap smears. He said previously said we will make it right. Later by 2 months after surgery he asked me what did he mean by that. I couldn't even get out of bed. I still have spells of pain, tenderness, and bowel problems. He covered the liquid filled cavity with the mesh. Bacteria breeding ground. I am scared for what might happen. and tired of surgeries. And physical headaches and body pain. Wish I just had the Prior surgery was partial hysterectomy taking out right ovary and uterus.LSH which I found out later GYN doc left in my fundus of my uterus. That surgery was 9/4/10. with Dr. F. I felt the incisional hernia the same day. He told me it would go away. but never documented I asked about it. I did tell his nurse who is an acquaintance of my sister. I don't want to die or live in this pain, tenderness, not being able to wear my own clothes, bloating. 5 days of constipation. Tried everything. Please help.

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J&J Physiomesh failed in hernia repair after six months. I now have a 27 inch scar, chronic pain and still carry a piece of it in me after plastic surgeon spend 5 1/2 hours taking it out of me and repairing what he could. It adhered to my bowel.
I filed it with the FDA as a failed medical device. Have not been able to find an attorney handling hernia mesh cases.


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