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Kugel Mesh One Helluva Mess

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Appleton, WI“If I knew that some Kugel Mesh had been recalled, I would have insisted on having it taken out sooner,” says Ann. “This mesh had 10 years to seriously damage my body.”

Ann had a recent physical and her doctor thought she might have another hernia. Fortunately, she had the mesh removed before it could cause even more complications: the FDA had designated some lots of Kugel Mesh X-Large Patch as a Class I recall, which means a product is so dangerous or defective that it could cause serious health problems and even death. Ann is lucky to be alive.

“The surgeon looked at my records, determined that I had Kugel mesh implanted 10 years ago for a hernia repair, and it would have to come out to repair this new hernia,” Ann explains. “But when my surgeon got in there, the mesh had expanded into my colon and at that point, he couldn’t even repair the hernia; he had to cut into my colon and remove it. With everything else being such a mess, he said in about one year I would need another surgery. All around the mesh it was like jelly - he didn’t even know if the stitches would hold after the surgery.”

To make matters worse, Ann wound up with peritonitis, a potentially fatal inflammation of the abdomen's lining, which usually develops when an injury or infection in the abdominal cavity allows infectious organisms into the peritoneum. After the ileostomy surgery, which usually involves removing the whole of the large intestine or in Ann’s case, the colon, she had to wear a drainage bag but it leaked into her body.

“I was back in the hospital but this time for four months because this bag kept leaking,” Ann says. “My surgeon explained that he was waiting for the hole in my intestines to heal and then he could take out the bag and stitch me up again. The nurses had to change the bag several times a day - it was horrible.

“Thankfully I have a great surgeon - this poor guy was cleaning up the other surgeon’s mess! My first surgery to repair the hernia was last April and on Mother’s Day, I had the second surgery for peritonitis. I ruined my family’s plans; they spent the day visiting me in the hospital - I am also thankful to my family for their support.” Last August Ann endured a third surgery to repair the hole in her intestine.

“I insisted on going home and my doctor reluctantly released me,” says Ann. “My sister stayed with me and my brother-in-law drove me everywhere. I am usually the caregiver in my family; I never expected to need help.”

Ann, age 67, wasn’t planning on retiring anytime soon but these surgeries were the deciding factor. She was out of work for almost seven months and when she returned, Ann knew she couldn’t work any longer. In the hospital she was so sick that she couldn’t even get out of the bed and walk to the bathroom without help. At one point Ann thought she had Crohn’s disease but now that the mesh has been removed, she is “back to normal.”

As for a Kugel mesh lawsuit, Ann says her nephew called some attorneys but so far no one has taken her case because her mesh isn’t on the recall list. “After I got my medical records I found that the stuff I had wasn’t recalled but I still want to get my story told - the public should know that this mesh is a helluva mess.

“One attorney asked me if the Kugel Mesh memory ring broke but my surgeon couldn’t even tell if it was broken, he was just concerned with removing everything. He certainly was not prepared for the mess he saw! I don’t have a belly button anymore: My incision starts two inches above from where my belly button was, and about seven inches past. And I have a scar going the other way from the third surgery. No wonder I couldn’t get out of bed some days.”


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My 'hernia' was caused from BLUNT FORCE trauma. The Dr. originally indicated a direct hernia injury, but changed to an inguinal injury following a kugel composix mesh implant. The Dr. indicated that I had punched a "hole in your abdominal wall". I had considerable swelling, right groin, very low, on my right side. Laparoscopic surgery. I have had continuous aching, jabbing pain, numbing and sensitivity to the mesh area. I now have tumors, cysts, a 'twisted colon and continued swelling (slight) in the same area. This mesh issue overrides EVERYTHING I do, period. Laying flat results in less pain, but I cannot spend my life on my back. Over the years, the discomfort has increased, and increased and increased. I am continually told by my VA doctors that there is "no problem". There is some sort of problem. Seven years of discomfort. This issue effects all that I do. What is the best recommended way to actually 'see' the mesh (MRI, CT, etc?)
Bard/Davol said no issues with my mesh have been reported, however they are 'open for discussion'. Implanted Sept. 2009. ALL Kugel/Composix meshes have been pulled. Bard/Davol indicated out of 184 implants - no complaints have been submitted. I said I was #185 - with a problem.

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I had two surgeries in the 2000s one in 2004 and they are the Kugel Patch that was on recall. From 2010-2013 I went through HELL as it was at that point that the doctor removed all the work that was done in my abdominal area. At this time I spent seven days in the ICU unit. I had Wound Vac, IV Therapy, House Health nurses and my precious husband, Will, at my side. It took a year to bring me back to semi normal and I had to retire from my Bookkeeping Job at a local Middle School. I worked through the District and school for over 21 years, but I could not do it anymore. I had a TIA afterwards and several hospital stays. I spent so much time at doctor offices as well, Surgeons, Gastro doctor, Oncologist, Neurologist, you name them I was with them. Well, I made it through all of this, but it was not my fault, it was not my time so here I am. Davol/Bard/Kugel should take responsibilities for what I went through and my family. I pray that out there is someone who can take this case.

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I had a hernia surgery with this mesh. product in 2005. Can someone contact me?


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