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Talc Cancer Attorney Has a Message for Johnson & Johnson

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Birmingham, ALVeteran attorney Jere Beasley, from the Beasley Allen firm, publicly called upon Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to post on its corporate website all the evidence presented in the Jackie Fox wrongful death suit that linked J&J’s Baby Powder product to ovarian cancer.

“This is important that the public see this information,” says Jere Beasley. “There are internal documents from Johnson & Johnson’s own toxicologist in 1997 warning the company about Baby Powder and cancer.”

On October 6, 2015, Jackie Fox, a 62-year-old woman and longtime user of Johnson’s Baby Powder, died of ovarian cancer in Birmingham, Alabama. After being diagnosed and learning about the possible link to the powdered talc mineral combined with perfume and known as Baby Powder, Fox filed a wrongful death suit.

“They took a deposition from her the month before she died,” says Jere Beasley.
“And they asked her if she was doing this for the money!” says Beasley. “She told them no. She wanted people to know what the risk was here. It wasn’t about the money.”

Beasley says he has never seen a jury listen as carefully as they did in this case. “When the trial was over, the judge told the jury they could start their deliberations in the morning,” says Beasley. “But they wanted to get started right away and five hours later at 10:30 that night, they came back and they awarded Jackie’s family way more money than we had even asked for!”

The jury awarded the family of the late Jackie Fox $10 million in compensatory damages and $62 million in punitive damages.

Beasley believes it was the company’s internal documents that convinced the jury. “The internal documents are as bad as I have ever seen. You look at those documents and they show Johnson & Johnson knew exactly what was going on,” he says.

“The company’s own toxicologist wrote to the company safety director in 1997 and said (I am paraphrasing now) that ‘you are not going to like what you hear, but you have a problem. The lion’s share of the evidence is against us and there’s more to come.’”

The firm’s website has had hundreds of thousands of hits since the verdict was announced, and Beasley says the firm already has 10,000 individual inquiries from people who believe they may have a cancer case against Johnson & Johnson and its Baby Powder product.

The scientific evidence connecting talc to ovarian cancer is mixed and far from conclusive. Some studies show a link and others do not make the same connection. The studies have been criticized for a number of reasons including “memory.” People may not give accurate information about how much talc they used during their lifetime.

J&J disagrees with the verdict and the claim baby powder poses a health risk. Its website says that “the safety of talc is based on a long history of safe use and more than 30 years of research by independent researchers, scientific review boards and global authorities.” It also says that “The U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC)…has not identified talc as a risk factor for ovarian cancer.” It also notes that its Baby Powder talc “does not contain asbestos” as is commonly believed.

Beasley says they are expecting that Johnson & Johnson will appeal the $72 million verdict.



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bottom line. talc has chemicals in it. if there is enough evidence to support that a powder with chemicals is causing cancer and in my opinion if it travels up the vaginal wall through, through the cervix, too the uterus through the tubes, are we missing chemicals going through the whole vaginal track? there was a study done in 1970? that you had 30% more chance of getting endometrial cancer from use. i do not believe all cases are linked too talc you have to go by conditions tumors etc. and facts of what what caused certain conditions.

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I cannot believe that it is legal for a Law Firm to string a person along for 19 months and then come back and say There may be a Statue of Limitations and your case does not meet our criteria.
No one will tell me the statue of limitations or the criteria that need to be met. My mom used Talc powder, J&J and Shower to Shower all her life. She was diagnosised with Ovarian cancer in 1998, had surgery and chemo and was thought to be cured. She continued to use talc powderand in 2007 she was diagnosed with recurrent Ovarian cancer. When I heard about the Talc powder in 2014 I got ahold of a big law firm, who had me sign a contingency letter, release of medical records and they strung me along for 19 months and then sent me a letter saying the above. Oh and by the way my mom did have the serous type of cancer. This is emotional abuse and legal malpractice . Something has to be done. Can anyone tell me the Statue of Limitations in the State of Washington?, no attorneys can. I have spoken to several.

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I have used j and j powder since the 80's I would use after a shower in p.e.
I now have stage 3 ovarian cancer and going thru chemo. If there is any lawyer that has contacted me I accidentally deleted emails so please contact me again thank u for all your help. This is wrong what j and j knew it was OK to take our money but not tell us about the harm of their products.

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Why would there be a statute of limitations on something that caused a death? That is ridiculous to think a persons loss of life from this kind of thing is worthless because of a time lapse. This news just became available to the public so if a family member died several years ago I guess they just don't count! The whole system of justice in this country is a mess. Are the dead expected to testify too? My wife died 30 years ago from ovarian cancer and she used this product. What does time have to do with it? She is still dead! After all the paper work was filed I got a reply from this law firm saying there "PROBABLY" is a statute of limitations so we are closing your case. Well ,, IS THERE ONE OR NOT?" There is no PROBABLY here! And if so.. WHY ? When do the Class Action Suits begin where plaintiffs will get a check for $1 in the mail ? I don't see what time has to do with this when the problem was not a known issue until just recently!

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I have been told that I can't file on behalf of my mother, who passed in January 1999 of ovarin cancer, becuse there is a statute of limitations on this type of case. The fact that the first time I heard of the link between J & J baby powder and Shower to Shower was in debilitating of 2013, on an infomercial has no meaning to anyone but me. I took care of my mother, bathed her, and yes, applied the powder to her gentilia as well as the rest of hr body, for the last 7 years of hr life. She was diagnosed with ovarin cancer 10 days before she died, it was found after she had complained of extreme abdominal pain. Her doctor had scheduled her for surgery to remove the cancerous ovaries, she was due in surgery the day AFTER she passed.
Am I at fault for using the powder on her? Did I cause my mother's death? If not, who should be held accountable, and why can I not get a public admittance of being in the wrong in contributing to her death. Am i supposed to go through the rest of my life feeling this debilitating guilt for having used this supposedly safe product?
I have consulted with a law firm, and was told that I missed he chance of getting compensation for my loss by 2 years. My mother would be 90 years old next month (Apr 2016) had she lived.

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What about the hundreds of thousands that are permanently injured from fluoroquinolones?! A drug made popular by J&J and advocated by J&J for doctors to push above all other antibiotics. On;y 10,000 ppl came forward about talcum powder POSSIBLY affecting them, but hundreds of thousands were hurt by fqs and thousands even died, and nada. They haven't even finished settling the lawsuit for that, and it started before the talcum powder lawsuit, and is a class action, not just one family! This is a god damn outrage! WHERE'S OUR JUSTICE!?!?!

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What about all the other makers and sellers of talcum powder are there products safe? I am a senior and have been using talcum powders all my life.


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