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More Unum Bad Faith Tactics

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Sandersville, GAApparently, the giant health insurer Unum knows more about medicine than Morgan’s doctors. She collected Unum long-term disability benefits after her doctors deemed her disabled due to degenerative arthritis, but she was cut off after two years. “Why did I ever pay into this Unum policy in the first place?” says Morgan.

Even though Morgan has reams of paperwork from doctors and an orthopedic surgeon stating she is disabled, Unum disagreed. To make their decision even more galling, Unum never sent Morgan to one of their own independent medical examiners. “Unum decided that I was no longer disabled, but how they can determine that degenerative arthritis gets better is beyond comprehension,” Morgan adds.

Morgan has a university education and she taught in public schools. Her condition got to the point where she was no longer able to stand for any length of time and teaching required her to be on her feet almost all day. Unum told her that she could get a desk job. “They said I could do something like filing papers but nobody will hire me because I am overqualified,” she says. “Besides, why should I be forced to accept a job at minimum wage?”

Unum was paying Morgan $1,500 per month because she opted for a premium that only paid out that maximum amount. She was cut off in September 2011, with just one month’s notice. “There wasn’t a job that I could go to and I didn’t have any prospects,” Morgan explains.

“I looked for tutoring work, and finally in May 2012, I found a job tutoring math at college level; I worked 20 hours a week and made about $1,000 per month. After Unum cut off my LTD, I bumped into an insurance agent who wrote policies for the school system. He said, ‘You are still getting your benefits, right?’ He was surprised and said that Unum had no right to cut me off. He told me to write Unum and reopen my claim, which I did.

“Unum gave me the run-around for nine months. They kept stringing me along, asking for more reports, more doctor’s notes, back and forth until I was sick of it. I believe they did all of this on purpose to wear me down, one of their bad faith tactics. I don’t think my Unum representative ever intended to reopen my case. It was a complete waste of time, for me and my doctors.

“I finally called an attorney and I sent him my policy. He asked me to get more information from Unum, everything in my files that pertains to my disability. I sent him 25 pages of information regarding the rider to my policy and I signed a letter giving him permission to get all information necessary from Unum. Now I am waiting for Unum to send me everything else.

“Here is another interesting fact: I dealt with one Unum agent for those two years that I was getting disability benefits. They kept asking me for follow-up reports and I always sent in everything they requested. Then in July of 2011, another agent called and said they were looking at my policy and they were going to close it; I figure he was the close-out specialist. They sent me two checks, my final payment for August and September. Why did they give me two checks at once? Did they think that would just make me go away? That tactic was just too obvious. It is disgusting, considering all that money Unum makes off people, and they probably spend millions of dollars training their staff in bad faith tactics. I’m glad to have this opportunity to tell the public not to buy into a Unum policy.”

Morgan is seeing her Unum attorney next week and will start the appeals process. She will report back to LaywersandSettlements - stay tuned.


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Its the same in the UK as well. Sorry for the fake email I really am that concerned about my LTD being removed from me by unum as they say having a hobby shows I can go out to work. So I'm not allowed a hobby I have to sit in bed or on the sofa and rot??? Shoot me now

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After reviewing legal actions against CIGNA, a pattern of repeated violations of the federal ERISA statute became apparent. CIGNA could be found to have conspired to commit fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1341, 1343 mail and wire fraud which makes a federal crime to devise a scheme to defraud another by using mail or wire communications in the furtherance of the scheme.

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Most people who are insured by UNUM for disability are aware of their surveillance services provided by the HUB, etc. Recently when the "HUB" was ordered to UNUM employee Christopher A to spy on an insured, the company brought in Bryabt with the HUB who thought he was following the insured person. Instead he was following a young teen who had only had her license 1 year and was driving. He tailed her too closely, almost causing her to slam head on into another car. Lucky, she had a friend who got a picture and a video with her iphone. The friend also called the police, but the van sped away before police arrived. Since Bryant had notified local police of what he was doing in the area, the police helped the family track down the perp. Bryant and the HUB and UNUM have been reported to various groups, including the state DOJ who issues Bryant's license as a PI.
UNUM will stop at nothing to try to get a picture or video of an insured. They will also hire the HUB to check out your children's facebook pages as this was recently documented by an insured to see if they can find "activity" by the insured.
Somehow, without permission, UNUM uses INTELLISCRIPT to find out about all of your prescriptions for the last 10 years or so. INTELLISCRIPT should be prepared to be sued. That is a gross HIPPA violation. Pam K. a lead disability specialist with UNUM ordered such investigations including a medical canvas, calling hospitals in a given area to look for an insured.
UNUM needs to be brought down on a federal level. Their tactics are the most disgusting and they need to be called out again and again.
A lawyer has been hired. More to come.......
THE PICTURE FROM UNUM's Facebook page is the biggest LIE of all. There is no comfort, just harassment and more harassment for people who are disabled.

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Welcome to UNUM! I was one of the executives that hired UNUM for my company. Imagine my SHOCK when they denied my disability. They claimed I was NOT disabled even though I had boatloads of docs claiming I was and it's been 20 years now and I'm still disabled. But now I get to die of cancer instead!

I too had truckloads of documents from UNUM including the one that prompted so many lawsuits in New York, the one where the underling claims adjusters were told to deny all claims that were greater than a liability of $3000 per month. Since my claim was just over the $3000 mark, it was denied out of hand, but they played the games very well just trying to keep the clock (the one that sets how long one has to file claims) moving, and they kept the clock moving very well, all the time denying my benefits. There is nothing that can be done to help me, but I will say as I get closer and closer to my own death, I find other options showing up now, and it's clear that UNUM is still cheating people. Guess the fines, penalties and settlements in New York only helped a few people. It never helped me or anyone outside that state and it's clear that UNUM sure never learned any lessons. This is a company that will never learn, and so I suggest that any of you with money in this company unload your stock and get the company that you work for to fire UNUM and hire a real, trustworthy disability insurer. Going after their money just might be the answer in getting them to deal fairly, but until they begin to fire the top 20% of management, they will never change. Yes, I know the figures as I have studied this company for years and used to be hired by companies in trouble. So, I do know how to "fix" them and what it will take. It may not be exactly 20%, but 10% is not enough and it will be closer to the 20% mark. For the next legal settlement, this should be one of the deal breakers. That this company needs to hire and retain a business specialist, one who has tons of experience in turning companies around. Good Luck as I won't be around to see it, but I sure hope it happens. TW

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Also one might want to phone record all calls from any insurance company and agent. I joke when i say you can always tell when a insurance company representative will be telling a lie their lips will be moving.

But not really, I use tow work for 4 major companies, and they all will tell half truths. Look at the agents e-o insurance, Errors and omission. The norm is 1 million. They are the first stop to justice. They know they are selling, a product that will not pay out. They say oh its the Main office, but they do have a fiduciary responsibility as well. This will stop them from selling, junk. I would ask they if they have the policy they are selling to you. If not this is such a huge red flag, run out of their office. And tell 2 good friends and hopefully they will tell their friends.

Most States allow recording your own phone calls, that can be used later in court. You don't have to tell the other party they are being recorded.

Companies that I think, should be looked into by the feds.


Trans Wold Assurance Fl, TWA, sold mostly to military they target, this company was sued years ago, for earnings of 10% they said to pay out for years, and they did, but understand their is no investment on the face of the planet in bonds that pay 11% so the company is using the old have peter pay Paul investment theory. Sound familiar it should, a page right from Bernie Mac.

AMS, American medical Security. for their so called $25.00 a month lobby fund fee every one pays on top of their premium that goes to lobby against you, the insured. The other half goes to one of the owners pocket and no lobby is down at all complete rip off.

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I know your story. I use to sell this stuff and this company and others know the game of wearing people down. Many companies have intentions of only paying out 30% of their claims The rest they take a chance on getting sued. I was in a top meeting at Ing, and they knew they could not handle the business of paying out claims in a timely manor but they boasting about the billing they where making in the annuity department. When asked why not spend more money in the call center they laughed and said, yah, that's not going to happen. Good luck, they allowed to steal, and are open liars.

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I am in fact going through the same thing with Unum, waiting for my cut off in March 2014. I have been getting paid but it's a threat all of the time. I myself with enough Medical Documents got Social Security Disability without a Attorney but also have been told that I can find gainful employment at two years with a desk job. Since when can Unum over-ride your physician and S. S. Disicission saying you are able to work when Your Physician and SS. says no. Keeps me sick to think I at anytime can get my check from Unum cut off. It's bad enough that they subtract my SS. from the amount that they pay me and although I only get $150.00 a month I earned it and it pays the Electric Bill. I will go round and round with Unum if I have to take it to the Supreme Court I will ! Some things are just not fair. I have seen Unum's dirty tactics on the computer. They are not looking out for their insured People. And every time I turn around, I have a new Unum Rep. trying to trick me up with the questions. Shame on Unum... See you in Court when the time comes. Donna


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