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Effexor Side Effects Can Include Life-Threatening Syndrome

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Washington, DCThe rash of potential health issues that have been associated with antidepressants has concerned physicians around the world, and Effexor side effects are just another example.

While Effexor is considered a selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI)—different from Paxil and Celexa, which are SSRIs—the medication and others like it have still been linked to side effects for patients as well as birth defects.

In fact, such issues have been known for a number of years, as a 2004 release from the US Food and Drug Administration indicated that the federal agency, along with manufacturer Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, had notified health care professionals about specific safety issues related to the drug.

According to the release, newborn children exposed to Effexor or other SNRIs toward the end of the third trimester of pregnancy were found to be more susceptible to developing complications leading to hospitalizations. Later studies have determined that the use of Effexor in pregnancy has been linked to heart defects in the newborn in some cases.

In addition to the potential for birth defects in pregnant women taking Effexor and other SNRIs, the FDA release suggested that patients suffering from major depressive disorder could experience a worsening of their conditions when taking the medications.

Likewise, a more recent alert from the FDA suggested that combining SNRIs like Effexor with triptan medications can potentially lead to the development of life-threatening serotonin syndrome, based on reports from patients.

According to the Mayo Clinic, serotonin syndrome typically develops when patients take medications that cause high levels of the serotonin chemical to accumulate in the body. Symptoms of the illness can range from mild issues such as shivering to more serious problems like fevers and seizures, the Clinic says.

Just as these side effects are concerning for patients taking SNRIs, the FDA has also warned that there have been reports of overdose associated with patients taking Effexor, often with alcohol or other drugs.

In a release from 2006, the FDA pointed out that studies conducted following Effexor's introduction to the market found that an SNRI overdose may lead to a more elevated death risk than an overdose of SSRIs.

As such, the FDA advised doctors to prescribe Effexor in the lowest quantity possible, according to the release.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that there are a number of other less serious side effects associated with Effexor use. Such issues can include drowsiness, weakness, stomach pain, ringing in the ears or sweating.


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I just don't understand why I can't find that anyone has been able to file a lawsuit. Why aren't any lawyers taking on a lawsuit regarding effexor? I don't get it at all?!
Doctors are probably still just prescribing away....

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I was given effexor by a hateful stepmother who was given boxes of samples from her neighbor, a nurse practicioner friend taken from her clinic in Portola Ca. She never met me or gave a perscription she gave the drug to me thru my stepmom for about a year, and after a disagreement between mom and myself she cut me off. I went thru major withdrawls, so bad I became mentally disabled, from then to current im on social security disability, became scitsophrenic, social anxiety disor. Etc.before I had only a slight problem with anger, acording to stepmother my father thought as iI did.. Whst can it hurt? A Doctor (I was led to believe) gave them to her for me.. N ow I find she wasnt a doctor, gave me a perscribed drug not even knowing me, and my life has been turned upside down, ive gotten worse and my stepmother turned my family against me, this has been her M.O. for 30 years, I could write a book. I would like to find a way to get the parties that helped me lose my mind, become responsible for taking advantage of her medical background and my ignorance to give a prescription drug without a precription or even knowing me, I being a lab rat, and paying an awful price. Can someone please point me in the proper direction for legal assistance.

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I tapered off of Effexor beginning in February of 2010 and by June 1 was done. I still have zaps when I am tired, sick, or stressed. What scares me is the lack of hot flashes after my total hysterectomy in December of 2003. I took estrogen for only 6 months and have only had a handful of hot flashes in the last couple of years. I experienced none while on Effexor and it was still over a year after the discontinuation was complete that I had even one hot flash. I have no ovaries!
I also still have trouble focusing and the weird "swoosh" vertigo (all of which began the day dater I took my last Effexor bead. Yes, I said bead! I am currently on no meds. I know these type of meds effect the hypothalamus but does anyone know to what extent, and how? I think 4 years is a bit long to still be having issues with the zaps, etc.

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Well I would like to answer all of you. The only real and true help is Jesus Christ and God! The lord put plants that are natural on this planet to help us not pharmacueticals. I was totally disabled in 2002 due to so called drugs passed by our dear FDA. I tell you it has been a horrible ride and to this day I still have to take some of thier drugs to function. But thanks be to GOD I was healed from several things in my body and I believe I will continue to be healed! It is sad that the doctors just hand stuff out without having to know the side effects of meds. That is why pharmicist have to go to school thier entire life! I still have trouble with spelling, math , pain, nausea, memorary loss ect.., Thanks to the good ole FDA. It is a shame Englands FDA is much better than ours here in the land of the free! They at least look into meds before they pass them through. Look at the real statistics on how many people actually are tested on meds passed here, it will scare the hell out of you and if it doesn't now one day when you ae in our position it will!!! GOD BLESS and be with you all. just call me hottie for short!

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I started Effexor in 2000 before all the warnings and was not told of the rare dissociation side effect. I took Effexor for seven years I became tolerant to the drug and had withdrawal even though I took the med daily. After a four years taking Effexor I had serial infections bleeding issues became ill to a point of disability. I quit cold turkey after a failed taper that was too fast and not working. Withdrawal is ongoing I am three years off and still have brain zaps when I have an illness my immune system is now very low bones are in trouble.
If you want info about personality changes that were severe check marriages destroyed by ssri at topx.
To taper off see taper Effexor at topix
sign the effexorpetition search it on google.
I survived cold turkey because I did not know any better it is horrid and took years from my life I don't recommend it.

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For depression it is curable with exercise and nutrition try eating tukery balance amino acids it will go away also hbot is useful it cured my depression stay away from scripts or "you will die! Big pharma nearly killed me american medicine is pure garbage

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I too am suffering with depression and I am on 75mg once a day. I tried weeing off of it because originally it was prescribed for postpartum depression. I need help either getting off or being prescribed something safer.Please help!

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When will the exploited recipients, told that effexor is safe and non-narcotic, be helped? I have been on effexor for 14 years and take 450 milligrams per pay. I started with 75 m. and the dose increase is due to head pain and the feeling that the brain is skipping (like an old LP) rather than a disorder like depression. Originally prescribed for moodiness accompanying menstrual cycle. I can not wean off of this; I have tried (even with Dr.'s help). My brain starts to shut down and the pain is unbearable. I have been told that it might kill my brain to stop taking effexor because over time the neuroreceptors have been significantly reduced to compensate for the increases of SNI's and my natural neurotransmitter chemical production is very low. They (experts) do not really know what happens when a brain is forced to operate with out the big 3 transmitter chemicals.
Wyeth is worse than big tobacco ever was. They duped millions in to taking a drug that causes physical dependency while telling it us it was safe and had no side effects ( back in the 1990's). I now have a $700 a month drug habit, which does nothing mentally or physically to help my life and well being. I have to buy the drug to function normally; as I did before my doctor convinced me to give it a try.
Please find a way to at least make the drug free for the duped. Living in fear of losing prescription coverage is awful and stressful. Especially since one could go into a comma and/or die without it; accompanied by lots of pain first.
I also think they should pay for hospitalization costs associated with effexor withdrawal and recovery over the life course.
These guys are monsters. In there rush to ever greater profit they destroy dreams and lives.

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I am now 34 years old and was put on effexor back in 2008. They started me on a low dose and by 2009 they had me on 225mg per day. I felt completely numb, my emotions were all but dead. The only thing I could feel was depression and pain. Shortly after being put on effexor I started cutting myself. It started out being once a month and by the time I took myself off of it in October 2009 I had been hospitalized for a suicide attempt. The cutting escalated (I believe that was due to abuse I suffered because of the suicide attempt.)

In October of 2009 I went off to the meds cold turkey and after about 2 week I was such a wreck and constantly getting what felt like little zaps in my brain. I was put back on Xanex but at a high dose and explained that what I was suffering were essentially mini seizures, which to this day I still get from time to time.

Due to what happened when I was on effexor I will not try another anti-depressant though I currently suffer from PTSD, Major Depressive disorder, Servere Anxiety, Chronic insomnia and that is just the tip of the iceburg. However due to what I felt like while on anti depressants I will not be taking anymore!!!

I was never warned of ANY of these side effects... I was hesitant to take it in the first place but was told they would help me. :(

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My Dr has me taking 300 mg a day. The ins said they need her to send in something saying its medically nessesary. I have been severely depressed, but I figured its just the stress. Maybe im wrong

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reading this only adds to my dislike of pharmacueticals

i have been taking effexor for about 3 yrs, constant
ringing in the ears, every single morning i have to fight
myself to keep from shooting myself in the head-- the
doctors just have you take more pills with worse side
affects-- is there any real honest to god help out there???


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