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Could Statin Use Such As Crestor Indirectly Trigger Heart Attacks in Men?

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Washington, DCWhile statins have been shown to reduce the incidence of heart attack (and new treatment guidelines suggest there will be a lot more statins prescribed than previously), it remains that statins such as Crestor come with baggage: read, Crestor side effects such as the potential to trigger diabetes in some patients, and in rare cases, rhabdoymylosis.

And yet, one indirect result of taking statins such as Crestor, for men in particular, could actually be an increase in the risk for heart attack.

How is this possible?

A syndicated health column appearing in the Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington; 11/26/13), penned by Joe Graedon, MS and Teresa Graedon, PhD, raises some issues over the use of statins that normally fly under the radar - discussion for which was founded upon the innocent questions of readers who write in with health concerns.

Included in this particular column was a question from a gentleman with regard to a diagnosis of borderline low testosterone. His doctor had suggested medication, but the potential side effects concerned the author of the letter. The man revealed he was 66 years of age, exercised on a regular basis and was prescribed Crestor. He did not identify any specific Crestor issues.

But the Graedons, in their response to him, did. They revealed that a statin-type drug such as Crestor has been shown by studies to lower testosterone levels in men. By itself, this would not be a problem unless the patient was adversely affected by the diminished levels of testosterone and thus required testosterone replacement therapy.

But here’s where it gets back to indirect Crestor side effects: A new study published in JAMA (11/6/2013) suggests that testosterone replacement therapy increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

It’s a domino effect that can begin with the use of Crestor in men.

Common Crestor side effects include bouts with lethargy and muscle aches. A much more rare and more serious complication in the basket of Crestor issues is Crestor rhabdoymylosis, a condition that impacts both the muscles and bloodstream. To wit, muscles fibers are broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. In serious cases, and in rare situations, this can be fatal.

A more common side effect, although still less common than mere joint pain, is the potential for Crestor to trigger diabetes in some individuals. The latter is often the foundation for a Crestor lawsuit.

Crestor issues identified in the foregoing could only increase in scope once the changes to treatment protocols reverberate through the healthcare community and are reflected in patient care. To this end, statin therapy has until now been reserved primarily for individuals who are at risk for heart attack or stroke. The new guidelines suggest the widespread use of statins for healthy individuals, in an effort to prevent them from getting to a point where they are at risk for heart attack or stroke in the first place.

As statin use increases exponentially, it’s reasonable to assume we will see an increase in the emergence of Crestor side effects. For men, a decrease in levels of testosterone stemming from statin use and treated through testosterone replacement therapy could very well lead to a heart attack Crestor was meant to prevent. In the words of Alanis Morissette, “isn’t it ironic?”


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I SAY FRAUD PRODUCT the reason I say that is because in 2009 after suffering heart attack I was given Crestor 40 MG ok 6 months later in 2010 I suffered another heart attack while taking Crestor 40 MG one year later I suffered yet another heart attack while still taking Crestor 40 MG and a blood clot with it ' in my right wrist so in short this product did not do Jack but cause me pain grief loss of work for 3 years so everything it was to prevent Crestor Failed to do on top of all the pain side affects after last heart attack I stopped taking Crestor no problem since this product should be taken off market .

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HI after a heart attack in 2009 I was given Crestor 40 mg six months later 2010 #2 heart attack I was Seen by same doctor ok . 2011 #3 heart attack and broken stent in my chest along with blood clot in wrist the whole time I took Crestor I had sharp pain in left arm and chest along with muscle problems after 3 heart attack I quit taking on my own this stuff is CRAP and dose no do anything the company said it did not prevent heart attack or blood clots so I say false advertising I also had to take shots in stomach to reduce blood clot they should pay me for all the loss I suffered I lost my business my income and almost my life but they don't care OH my heart attacks were at age 36-37-38

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Sounds like you are living from the placement of there anymore room for another? You sound like me. I started with one big stent in 2008. Now recently as 2013, two more a small one and another big one for my main artery. When do the makers of statins and the heart doctors stop promoting our deaths? If you are a heart patient but was fine before taking these statins...enough said...our lives are limited without a doubt! The makers need to just accept their wrong and pay US!

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I have been taking Statins & Crestor for many years. I have had a silent heart attack in 2005, then two more heart attacks in 2007(3 stents installed), 2011(1 stent installed) and many trips to the ER for angina chest pain. This 2014 year I have been admitted to the hospital twice- January 1 more heart stents installed, the early February I had 2 more heart stents installed. Per doctors request, I am still taking Crestor & RosuStatin at this time. I have all medical records, if needed. Bill


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