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More AMS Transvaginal Mesh Settlements Expected for 2015

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Houston, TXSince Darlene had an American Medical Systems transvaginal mesh implanted, she has undergone two painful surgeries in an attempt to remove the mesh. “I’ve been in so much pain since having this mesh implanted that I’m now addicted to the Fentanyl Patch,” says Darlene, a 35-year-old mother of three young children.

Darlene suffered urinary incontinence after her third child was born. “It got to the point that I depended on Depends [adult diapers] whenever I went out,” says Darlene, laughing. “Oops, there I go again. Every time I laughed, coughed or sneezed it was embarrassing. My doctor told me that this transvaginal mesh was the ticket. How wrong he was.” And her urinary incontinence problem returned.

Doctors once considered these mesh implants the “gold standard” of treatment. But that was before more than 50,000 women reported serious transvaginal mesh side effects, from infections to punctured organs to permanent nerve damage. And about 50,000 transvaginal mesh lawsuits have been filed. To make matters worse, a number of doctors who easily implanted this mesh are unable to remove it.

“I can’t even count how many times I went back to my doctor complaining about this mesh sling,” says Darlene. “My complaints just fell on deaf ears. I believe he wasn’t being honest with me because all he said was that I would get used to it. But it shouldn’t take two years to get used to anything.”

Darlene says she finally found a surgeon to remove “this mesh mess” but the sling eroded into her vagina and she still has pain during sexual intercourse. “Not only has my health suffered; my family has also been negatively affected by this nightmare mesh,” Darlene adds.
“My husband and I can’t enjoy sex anymore and I don’t have the energy to spend much time with my kids. If I’m not in pain, I’m in a Fentanyl fog.”

And it has been a financial burden. Darlene has insurance but her co-pays ate into the family’s vacation savings, so they had a “staycation” last year and will probably do the same for this coming summer vacation. “It’s really not fair on the kids.”

Darlene is hopeful that she will be included in the next round of AMS settlements. Fortunately for Darlene, American Medical Systems (AMS) and its subsidiary, Endo, have agreed to settle cases, unlike other transvaginal mesh manufacturers such as Ethicon. (In 2013, Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon said it would “request dismissal of meritless claims, including claims with no compensable injury, claims barred by the statute of limitations, misfiled claims, and improperly filed claims,” according to Bloomberg. The company still refuses to discuss a blanket settlement.)

In 2013, AMS estimated liability at $159.8 million in 2013. By mid-2014, however, the company agreed to settle some cases for $54 million and then agreed to an additional amount of $830 million. By August, AMS was the only mesh maker that had reached a settlement: It involved approximately $1.6 billion to be paid out by Endo International, the manufacturer of AMS devices.

Recently, U.S. District Judge Goodwin requested a joint status conference for all multidistrict litigation involving vaginal mesh devices on January 29, 2015.

More cases are expected to go to trials in 2015.


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I commented at one time but never saw my story published but I just applied for disability and did not know that all this time I could have ? like Gina she started her lawsuit in 2005 and I had that surgery @ that time and then the nightmare begins and it's what 10yrs later maybe 11 before ya know it and my life has never been the same and I'm also waiting to hear what is going on as Gina said what are they waiting for us to die? I also have had 4revision surgeries and multiple problems, same with the sex as well an the rest of the mess that is going on to enhance it, bring on depression and emotional an mental Duress and physical, this seems like such a long wait for compensation as gina has said this should be by severity and I understand its alot of women but take the ones who filed before the landslide happened ?

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My lawsuit was started in 2005. I have been abandoned and no longer have a husband, home or anything I enjoyed before these implants. I just went thru the fifth surgery with more to come. Mesh eroded and cut my cervix so bad I cannot stand the pain. The pieces were removed in March of this year and the surgeon found that I actually had three implants inside me. God help anyone that has been thru what I have and still am. I get letters telling me everything in the world about settlements about to happen. I'm 58 and just hope I see restitution before I die.

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My surgery for an AMS implant was performed in December of 2009. The implant lasted without problems until the Summer of 2013. Since then I've had 3 revision surgeries as well as multiple test procedures to try to correct my issues. I have the same problems that other women state. I do have additional issues, though. I can't walk down the hall at work without wetting myself. I have to use pads 24 hours a day. most of the time at home I can't make it to the bathroom. It comes out without any warning. It's so embarrassing. I can't have sex with my husband with out severe pain and when I do, I urinate all over him. We have reframed from having sex. It has been several months since. I can't work a full time job because of this as well as having to take off of work so many times to have surgeries performed. My last employer would not allow me to have enough time off due to the 90 day policy that is in place as a probation period. I will be undergoing my 4th revision in May 2015. There will be one additional one after that. That will bring the grand total to 6 total surgeries. My original doctor was uncomfortable removing the mesh so I was referred to the top specialist in this field at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA. Each surgery that was performed revealed a torn urethra due to the erosion of the mesh. It has also torn both sides of my vagina as it now sits in a tilted position. I am very frustrated with this issue. Manufacturers need to be paying out more money than they are. This is a huge problem that needs more attention that it is getting.

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We been waiting on confereance meeting for over 2 years . The metting never take place no matter how much the judge ask. The FDA is the real reason why we are still in court fighting Doctors and Corporations that Butched women!!!! When did you all stop loving women!!!! The federal government will take these Doctors and Corporations to court it's just a matter of time ,they always do . Anyway who going to foot the social security bill because all these women are disable . 100,000 x 723=72,300,000.00 a year , thank you social security and the United state of America , what would we do without your investments funds!!!!!!


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