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Stock Broker Fraud and other Investment Losses

Investors who lose money as the result of careless mistakes or intentional fraud by their stock brokers or financial advisers may be eligible to recover their losses through a process known as stockbroker arbitration. Stock broker fraud and other unethical acts on the part of a stockbroker are a violation of the stockbroker's duties to his clients.


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Stock Broker Violations

Some types of claims that may result in financial awards to investors include:
  1. Churning of account: Churning is excessive trading of an investor's account in order to generate broker commissions. Essentially, the stockbroker makes unnecessary—or even harmful—trades on an account to generate more commissions for himself.

  2. Suitability violations: These claims arise from recommendations by a stockbroker or "financial advisor" that result in losses in your account from investments that were not appropriate for your risk tolerance, overall financial situation or investment objectives. Suitability claims frequently involve recommendations by stockbrokers to invest all of an investor's money in stocks, to borrow money from the brokerage on margin or to invest heavily in a single stock or mutual fund or a small group of stocks. They may also involve an investor's money being put in a risky investment when the investor's portfolio, age or financial situation makes the risky investment unsuitable.

  3. Negligence: A stockbroker has a duty to manage accounts and carry out customer instructions with reasonable care. Investors may have claims for recovery where stockbrokers, "financial advisers" or brokerage firms do not exercise reasonable care.

  4. Options "Exercise and Hold" /Failure to Diversify:During the height of the technology stock market boom ending in 2000-2001, many stockbrokers advised employees who held substantial amounts of options on employer stock to exercise the options by borrowing money from the brokerage, and to then hold the stock for at least one year to qualify for long-term capital gains treatment. This strategy was in most instances very unwise because it exposed the investor to the possible loss of a substantial portion of his or her net worth in the event that the company's stock share price fell. Additionally, many brokers overlooked or failed to recommend strategies known as "zero cost collars" and "variable prepaid forward contracts" to investors whose investments in employer stock could have been safeguarded via utilization of these strategies. Many investors suffered substantial losses because of brokers' poor advice to "exercise and hold" and/or failure to recommend diversification and/or appropriate hedging strategies.

Stock Broker Arbitration Claims

stockbrokerArbitration claims can involve all types of investments, including stocks, bonds, annuities, and mutual funds.

Most customer claims against stockbrokers and financial "advisers" or "consultants" are required to be brought in arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) rather than in court. The cases take about one year to complete and are decided at a hearing before either one or three arbitrators, depending on the size of the claim. The arbitrators are people who are knowledgeable in securities industry disputes.

An arbitration award is final and binding, meaning that there is no drawn out appeals process before the investor receives his or her award, if an award is handed out. Hearings are held throughout the United States.

Stock Loss Legal Help

If you have suffered stock losses as a result of stock broker negligence such as listed above, please click on the link below to send your complaint to a stock lawyer who will evaluate your case at no charge.

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Morgan Stanley Ordered to Pay $8.6 Million
Morgan Stanley Ordered to Pay $8.6 Million
June 7, 2016
Washington, DC: Morgan Stanley has been ordered to pay $8.6 million in a stockbroker arbitration claim that alleged unauthorized trading. The award was given to Denis Doyle, who filed the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration after his accounts experienced a drastic decline in value. Although FINRA typically does not comment on its rulings, according to The Wall Street Journal (6/3/16), the panel cited financial elder abuse when it awarded $2 million in punitive damages. READ MORE

FINRA Bars Two Stockbrokers
FINRA Bars Two Stockbrokers
February 17, 2016
Washington, DC: The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has barred two brokers from the securities industry after finding the brokers guilty of fraud related to their sale of the Prestige Wealth Management Fund, LP. The brokers reportedly consented to the entry of FINRA’s findings but neither admitted nor denied the claims of stockbroker fraud. READ MORE

FINRA Orders $1.9 Million Paid to Victims of Stockbroker Fraud
FINRA Orders $1.9 Million Paid to Victims of Stockbroker Fraud
December 10, 2015
West Palm Beach, FL: A FINRA arbitration panel has ordered a securities firm, the founder of the firm and a broker to pay almost $2 million to investors who alleged they were victims of stockbroker fraud and churning. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued the ruling after investors claimed the firm, its founder and a broker violated the Florida Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. READ MORE


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