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Too much debt? Bankruptcy may be a solution

Every year, more than a million Americans file for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can be a major, life altering decision, affecting your future credit and limiting your ability to apply for things such as credit cards or a car loan, that need a good credit rating. It can be a scary prospect. However, with the help of a bankruptcy lawyer, filing for bankruptcy may be the best decision to make and may be the best way out of your situation. Rebuilding your credit may not be as difficult as you may think.



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Bankruptcy Debt Help

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • A medical crisis has you drowning in medical bills
  • You are unemployed or have been laid off of work
  • You are facing a divorce
  • Your credit card balances are out of control
  • You are faced with unmanageable debt from credit cards, personal loans, or mortgages
  • You are unaware of your bankruptcy options, including Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

    bankruptcyWith legal help, you may be able to qualify for bankruptcy.

    Bankruptcy lawyers can stop wage garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures, bankruptcy lawsuits and creditor harassment. We can evaluate your credit card debts, loans, and mortgages with comprehensive debt and bankruptcy consultation.

    Bankruptcy solutions can help you keep your home, your car, and your wages.

  • Bankruptcy Legal Help

    The new bankruptcy law took effect October 17, 2005, so if you are curious as to whether or not bankruptcy could be an alternative for you, click the link below to complete this FREE legal evaluation form.
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    Posted by

    Pregnant is how I start this story. I had just been removed from my parents plan and not even a day after I find myself pregnant. I call multiple insurance companies, stating that I would throw money at them to cover me. No dice.

    I go to my medicaid office, find out I make to much and end up having to quit my job to get medicaid. So everything goes fine untill 6 wks after my pregnancy.

    At my 6wk appointment they discover tumors on my cervix and in my left breast. They pass me off to a good specialist who sees medicaid paitents.

    I go in in Jan. 2007 Everything checks out, but they still want to do a hesterectomy to spare me monthly check ups and a lumpoctomy to make sure I'm ok. Before I have a chance to schedule that, I am in the ER with gut renching pain and I am bleeding like I ripped out my insides. They run blood work and mulitiple body scans. 6 tests later, no results, couple of insults from the ER doctor, and an billing person comes in and says my card is no good. Hasnt been since Dec. I was never notified.

    So now I am several thousand dollars in debt. But still I make enough for insurance. But low and behold, since I may have cancer and I am Bipolar. I can't get one lousy company to accept me. I can't quit my job again to get on medicaid because I have to feed my daughter.

    My father the bankrupcy lawyer states that I should just have everything taken care of and file for bankrupcy at the end of the year. I shouldnt have to do that. It would ruin everything I have tried so hard to build up. Bankrupt at 20 and I don't even have a credit card.

    Posted by

    I am a 46 year old female whom was married happily, thought things were great and never expected to hurt my back excercising-well after 3 back surgeries and living in chronic pain, my husband's verbal and mental abuse to its toll, we divorced and he ended up filing for Bankruptcy, so now I am being hasseled by all creditors.

    He had our cars repossessd. I being on disability have very limited income, I have been trying to save up to pay for a lawyer and have talked to 2. It's so expensive that I can't even afford to file! I am in need of things like a decent car and such but am no sure how long it will take to ever be able to try and start fresh, it is a very low feeling and very scary being alone with no one or any resources.

    I will keep on trying and never give up! I can't never have been quitter, I won't start now.!

    Posted by

    Well i was 20 years old married, happy and expecting our first child. Unexpected I went into preterm labor and was on bedrest my last 3 months.

    I did not have short term disability at my work at the time and my husband did construction. It was winter so he did not work alot of hours. We went from 2 incomes to 1/2 income like that.

    My family helped but there is just so much someone else can do with bills of there own. I went to every credit counseling and HUD counseling service there was. Our mortgage company would not work with us at all. I was so afriad i was not going to have a home for my son to come home to.

    Everyhere i turned companies would look at me, young and pregnant and assume i deserved what i was going through. Noone wanted to help or cared. I have never felt like such a failure in my life.

    I was forced to file chpt 13 to keep my house. I was in backruptcy court young scared and 8 months pregnant alone filing bankrupcy. When my life was just beginning i was already at the bottom.

    After about a year the $1295 a month payments were too hard to make and my whole paycheck was garnished. We only had 150 a month to live on for groceries gas and ulitites. We ended up having our attorney take us off the bankrupcy and we are now moved and renting a home.

    Although we are trying to get back on our feet...this past still haunts me when someone has to find out i was on bankruptcy.They automatically assume i am irresponsbile.

    It still haunts me and i feel i have wasted money and should have just let my house go. I was trying to do the right thing and got screwed. I dont think you should have to pay forever for somehting that you couldnt control.

    Everyone assumes when you file it was because of something you let happen. It has done a number on my self esteem and my pride as a mother, I know we will eventually get through this i just wished there was a group or support group for people who are going through this so you know you are not in this alone and bad things happen to good people.

    Posted by

    Well I was a divorced mother of 3. Two boys and a girl 14, 8 and 6 my daughter is the youngest. When my ex husband moved out that is when bad, went to really bad.

    the boys went out of control. To make a long story short I could no longer control them. I had no assistance from their dad and the boys were deemed incorigable by the courts.

    Both were put in a boys school. Not at the same time. And not at the same place. Both were wards of the state while they were in the school. It was a good thing that this happened because if not they would have been in jail.

    But each time it cost cost about $45,000. I can't affort this. I filed the first time and included the first son's cost. But didn't think the2nd son would have to go. Well he did.

    So he court took me to court to pay the $45,000 for his costs. I have lost everything. The second time I filed I filed my home . My lawyer told me I couldn't file the school charges. Is this true? If not please let me know.

    I thought that when I filed th would be better but I cannot affort 24% intrest on a car loan. I don't want credit cards. Will I ever survive this mess?

    I know that they are my children but I can't help them if I don't have anything or anyplace. I am a nurse and I work hard and I am a respect the law. You never know until you live it. Well this is my story.

    Posted by

    My husband and I were forced into bankruptcy.

    We filed at chapter 13 and after trying to keep our home while paying the court set payment, but we just couldnt survive.

    We ended up having to re-file a 7. We kept trying to keep our home, finally the second mortgage basically "tricked" the first into foreclosing.

    We were taken to court for unpaid debt and we tried to reach an agreement with them also, but a judge gave it to them.

    Our 3 children were torn from a modest house in the country to an apartment. They had to change schools, leave friends, and get used to walking out the front door into a hallway and not their backyard.

    We even had to get rid of our pet. We tried to tell the judge what they were doing about not trying to reach an agreement, but it fell on deaf ears. We felt no one cared that we were trying, but they wouldnt let us.

    A lot of people, like us, are left with no other options. Credit card companies havent lost any money. They charge unbelievable amounts of interest.

    Unbelievably, after going through all this, we get hundreds of offers telling us we are pre-approved for a new credit card.

    Now, if my husband and I cant pay cash for it, we dont buy it. We made a mistake, but we have learned from it.

    I would give anything to be able to be back in our house, and not have to listen to my kids missing their old friends.

    It is devestating to live through the shame and embarassment of a bankruptcy. I hope my kids never have to go through it.


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