• SA FARMER November 14, 2009 at 9:58 am

    HPV vaccine. Plus contraceptive?

    Check further into the contraceptive Yasmine (drospirenone). Merck and whoever "actually" produces Gardasil – heaven knows in what country – could be including an injectable form of Yasmine in the Gardasil inoculation. Maybe that is why Gardasil injections are so painful. Our Dept. of Homeland Security passed a mandate in 2008 to give all female immigrants age 9 – 28 one injection of Gardasil. Some American girls get their periods at age 9. By age 28 a majority of women in America have produced children. These immigrant girls and women cannot file papers for citizenship "until" they have received one dose of Gardasil (enough Gardasil for "that" particular type of Gardasil, according to Merck's own study – in another country.) Merck had been stating that Gardasil must be given before girls become sexually active in order to prevent the particular virus which can lead to cervical cancer. Age 28 seems a little old nowadays for women to not be sexually active. (I doubt that nuns in the U.S. get inoculated with Gardasil at "any" age.)

    Check the side effects of Yasmine against side effects being reported by recipients and recipient survivors.

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